Monday, July 25, 2011

Because I could use extra cash for my baby's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY.

What is this? Installment 3 of Raid My Closet? Am I desperate, or what?! Ha!

This is just more STUFF that's taking up room in my closet, that I don't use/wear, and I could definitely use this money to put towards CLAIRE'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY.


e-mail me if you see something you just can't live without!

*Prices are negotiable*

*I ship anywhere in the U.S & Canada*

{click on picture to make bigger}

"Sunrise Shoulder Bag"
With tag still on it, but does have a tear inside the bag
Purchased for $89
Selling for $25.00 

Pewter Purse
 New With Tag
Purchased for $40.00

Red kitten heels
Size: 7.5

Cream & Brown UGG Boots
Practically brand new
Size: 8 (very snug fit!)
Purchased for $185.00
Selling for: $75.00

Red Abercrombie & Fitch Sweatshirt
Size: Small

American Eagle Capris
Size: 4

New in box Juicy Couture "teardrop" earrings 

New In Box Juicy Couture Heart shaped Earrings

Blue Tattoo Burmuda Shorts
Size: 28

Sage Green Sundress 
Size: Medium

Floral Tank
Size: medium

Red Vans
Men size 4.5
Women size 6

Denim Shorts
Size: 5

Zebra Print Wallet

Juicy Couture Dog Carrier
Purchased for $300.00 (i know, right?! I used to be a priss)
Selling for $70.00

 Lucky Brand Zip up Hoodie

Navy Blue American Eagle Hoodie
Size: Medium

Cream Colored GUESS Purse
(has a small tear on the inside)