Sunday, April 18, 2010

A hodge podge post.

Happy Monday ladies! I love Mondays, don't you?? (insert sarcasm)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It was absolutely gorgeous weather here & we took advantage of it!

On Thursday, D & I broke out our grill & bbq'd for the first time this year. It was so fun! We grilled the usual- hot dogs & burgers & I got a sudden craving for bell peppers, so we grilled those too! YUMMM!!

Friday after work, I met my momma at the convention center where they were having a children's consignment sale. It was a total bust. There was hardly anything there, but we did find a cutr Pottery Barn changing pad cover that was brand new. So mom got me that! At the other end of the convention center, they were having the annual "What a Woman Wants" expo, so we checked that out & I got these adorable little baby loafers for Claire. They were $8 & they kill me. So cute.

Saturday, me & hubby woke up bright and early (ermm, 10am), packed up the puppy & headed out to a local trail. It was so gorgeous out & I actually got a little color (read: sunburn)! Oh how I despise my pasty skin. After that, we went out for some pizza; to you know, cancel out the workout we just got.

Sunday, we went to our fave. breakfast spot, ate entirely too many calories & then I went shopping. We ended the weekend with a bbq at the in-laws. It was great!

I will leave you with a few (hundred) pictures. D scrounged up an old cord that worked with my camera, thank goodness; & I finally uploaded the pictures from when my BFF Heidi & Gianna were here. yay! So, enjoy!

Claire's new kicks. HAHA!

The Dr. Suess onesie I picked up at Dillard's
thanks to Mrs. G!

I love!

Puppy enjoying the gorgeous weather

My husband being...himself. I promise we don't live in
the boonies, he just dresses like it.

Like his outfit?? hahahaha!!

Me, Mrs. F & Gigi

Gianna trying to play with my puppies.

Cute girl!

Being a flirt. Good thing her daddy wasn't there!

Getting ready for her nap!

Walking with Momma

Look at that face! ::dies::

Ah! she's not old enough to be drinking out
of a sippy cup!!! (ok, she really is)

Being silly at lunch

Feeding sweet baby her bottle.
I love her!! (don't look at me, I look weird)

Hope you enjoyed my very random post! Have a lovely day!!


  1. Those little shoes are adorable! & I love the Dr Suess onesie. So cute!

  2. It looks like Claire is going to be really well dressed! Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  3. OMG where did you get those beautiful shoes?!?!

  4. That little Giani is such a stinking cutie! Also I absolutely love the new shoes for your little miss. So cute.
    I'm glad you all had a good weekend. Oh and don't feel bad, My hubby has some pretty interesting outfits when I'm not around to say "Um no way honey" :)

  5. Those shoes are Wayyyy to adorable!! LOVE them!

  6. Thsoe little loafers are to die for!! And Gianna always makes my day :)

  7. Great the dr seuss onesie...i just found a dr seuss onesie for my son and a matching dress for my daughter dying to go pick it up !!!!!

  8. cute babies and consignment sales (when they are not a bust) make me happy!

  9. Love the onsie and shoes! Too cute :)

  10. New follower...just wanted to say hi and congratulations on your pregnancy! Those little shoes are adorable :)

  11. New follower here too...great blog! I'm right behind you in pregnancy!

  12. I love the Dr. Seuss onesie... Umm mind if I steal the idea?!?

    ohh and my hunny... yeahhh he wears his black work socks with his work out shorts when he gets home!! What we put up with huh?!?

  13. Adorable pictures! I love Giana and read Mrs F's blog too. Gigi is too cute.

  14. I miss you!!!! And those shoes??? OMG... I die.
    And just so you don't feel bad that is Hubb's weekend outfit too. It's so sexy LOL But I guess we have an excuse since we live in the south ;)

  15. Ahh, love the Dr. Seuss onesie! You look very natural with little Gianna :) Won't be long until your baby girl is here!