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Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh, well hello there!

Well, I decided to FINALLY make a blog after a year and a half of stalking others' blogs. I really wanted to wait until I got pregnant before I started one of these, just so I had something worth talking about.
So, here I am, knocked up (finally) and entered into the blog world. This is weird people!
My husband & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary this past August 8th, and that was the month that we decided we would starting trying for a baby. I was quite naive to think that "oh we'll just try once at any time of the month & it will happen." Pssshh, yea, right. After two months of no-success and no ovualation, my Gyno put me on Clomid, I was quite optomistic to be honest. Well after the first cycle (6 or so days), I began to get extreme abdomonal pain & ended up going to the Dr. for an ultrasound to make sure I didn't develop any cysts from the Clomid. All was clear, and on with cylcle 2 of Clomid about a week later... my optomism started to dwindle, but we stayed postive & kept persistant (if you know what I mean)... ahem, well skip to last Wednesday, December 23rd. I bought some pregnancy tests the day before just for shits & giggles and decided to take a test the following morning. I did my business, sat the test on the edge of the bathtub, waited the dreaded three minutes; and to my surprise, there were TWO PINK LINES ON THE FREAKING TEST. I thought for sure I was seeing things because the second line was quite faint. But, as I have read & researched, there is no such thing a "kind of pregnant" and a line is a line. 5 days & 5 tests later, sure enough, those lines are darker & I am pregnant.
So, follow me along our journey to growing this sweet miracle.


  1. Laur & Dall we are SO excited for you guys! Your going to be amazing parents and a couple we look up too! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Congrats again!! :]

  2. Congrats! I'm a new follower -- We have the 8/8 anniversary in common (though we got married in 09).

    We recently just started trying and haven't had success in the past two months, too... What did you mean by "no ovulation"? I'm wondering only because I'm not sure if I should see my doctor as well. I know for some couples it takes time... so I wanted to hear more about your experience if you dont' mind sharing?