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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

17 weeks

Happy Wednesday folks!

Today, I am 17 weeks pregnant & feel bigger than ever. Not pregnant, just fat. There's a difference. I'm still waiting to pop and make everyone in the world aware that I am in fact, pregnant, not just 10 lbs heavier than normal. I constantly have a headache & my face looks like a snake's skin shedding. It's so dry!

This week has been quite uneventful. However, we're going through some things regarding my husband & his health, so please keep him in your thoughts & prayers. We're both pretty sure he's going to be fine, but we're going to get him evaluated just to be safe... This is me trying not to worry & stress :)

He's going to Moab today until Sunday for work, which means he won't be here for the ultrasound I scheduled; which means I can't decide if I should go. He's perfectly fine with me just going with my mom since he wanted to wait until our 20 week Anatomy Scan anyway, both for money reasons & "personal preferences" he says. Damn him being the rational one. My girlfriends say I should just go & get it done since it's pretty much just confirming the baby is a girl. So, I'll probably go. But that's how I feel today. Who knows how I'll feel tomorrow. HA! Either way I'll let you know what I do & won't just leave ya hangin'.

This is random, but I snapped this picture while D was packing. Our puppy has this obsession for socks. So when she saw him putting socks in his suitcase, she took them all out and rolled on her back doing this:
Silly pup!

Ok survey time:

How far along?: 17 weeks
How big is baby?: The size of an onion!
Weight gain?: crossing my fingers it's still under 10 pounds. pshh. wishful thinking.
Stretch marks?: nope nope
Maternity clothes: exclusively pants & still wearing reg. tops
Sleep?: I was sleeping like a rock with my Snoogle until last night when MY HUSBAND SNORED ALLLLL NIGHT. I finally just went on the couch at like 5am.
Best moment this week?: Probably laughing so hard with D until I peed my pants. Minus the peeing part. That was weird.
Food Cravings?: Still anything spicy!!
Gender?: Girl? Hopefully finding out tomorrow.
Movement?: Little teeny movements here & there. But it's probably just gas. hmph.
What I miss?: not peeing every 30 minutes & my skinny non-flaky face & MY LONG HAIR
Belly button: in but wide. Like, you can see the indentation through my shirts. That's gross.
What I'm looking forward to?: Possibly finding out the gender tomorrow & having Heidi & G coming next week!!!!! I can't wait.
Milestone: almost 20 weeks??
Excuse the ugly face & hair. It was early & I didn't sleep

Oh & I was going through the pictures on my phone & saw this one from last year when I had very long hair (for me) and it made me miss it! I look so much older I think. You may beg to differ.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sometimes, I think men were born yesterday.

Well... my man at least.

We went to Babies R Us on Saturday to pick me up the famous Snoogle (wow, that thing is amazing). While we were there, we browsed a bit at the carseats, strollers & cribs. I wanted to show him the ones I liked & get his opinion.

Well, let's just say he loved the car seat & stroller I picked out, but when he saw the price tag of $189.99, he about died. I tried telling him that that's actually a great price for a travel system, but he wouldn't listen. He just kept griping on how expensive baby stuff is. uh, derrrr.

I'm not even going to tell you his reaction to the $400.00 cribs they were selling.

I ended up finding an espresso color crib & changing table/dresser on JcPenny's website that he liked, so I suppose we're making progress?? ::crosses fingers::

Now let's just see how long it takes him to put that 62" fugly big screen TV up for sale, which is in our child's room & he insists it needs to stay in there.
"What if the baby wants to watch TV?" He says.

I'm really diggin' this Safety 1st Travel System, very simple & gender neutral.

But I love this Chicco Travel system that sits at a pretty $299.99. Maybe our family that really loves us will pitch in?? (HI MOM)!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

16 weeks

Yesterday I hit the 16 week mark & was obviously so pre-occupied with what sex baby D is that I didn't do my weekly post!

As most of you well know, I went & had my 16 week appointment yesterday where my doctor would attempt to determine the sex. Well the baby was so difficult to see & couldn't quite get a clear view of the parts. From what he did he did (&didn't) see though, (and us too) his suspicion & guess was that it's a girl. Which was what I also thought. But, I'm no expert.

I scheduled my 20 week Anatomy Scan for April 21st, which in reality isn't too far off but it seems soooooo far away. So, me being the anxious type I am, scheduled an U/S for next Thursday at a fetal studio to determine the sex. It's nice because if they can't tell on the first visit, they let you come back the next week for free!

I left the dr's. office feeling good. I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I'd be not knowing for sure. All that really mattered was that I have a healthy baby growing safe & strong inside of me & I thank God for that everyday.

Sorry so much rambling, yesterday was eventful, you know. ;)

Survey Time!

How far along?: 16w1d
How big is baby?: The size of an avocado ::runs to make some guacamole::
Weight gain?: The scale at the Dr's yesterday indicated I gained another 2 lbs within 3 weeks. So... 9.5lbs? YIKES
Stretch Marks?: I am religiously rubbing my oil & lotion all over my midsection & thighs & have been lucky thus far...
Maternity Clothes?: I'm slowly accepting the fact that I just can't wear my normal adorable designer jeans anymore. I'm pretty much exclusively in mat. jeans/leggings & regular tops
Sleep?: Absolutely awful. My lower back aches all. night. long.
Best moment this week?: Obviously seeing baby on the u/s machine & sort of finding out it could be a girl!!
Food cravings?: anything spicy & turkey subs
Gender?: pretty sure it's a girl!!!! We'll hopefully know for sure next week. But I ain't holding my breath :)
Movement?: A couple of days ago I was sitting at my desk & felt a little something... it was like a bubble popping. It happened twice in a row. But who knows if it was baby.
What I miss: again with the wine... still missing it. & my skinny face
Belly Button?: Innie but getting wider...ew.
What I'm looking forward to?: Next Thursday for my u/s!!
Milestone?: inching further to the half-way mark!!

16 week belly
Slowly looking pregnant, I hope?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And the verdict is in... kind of.

Ya, I said kind of. The doctor couldn't quite see baby. It was being naughty & stubborn.

BUT, he did see three lines & nothing else, so he is almost positive it's a GIRL.

He didn't want to tell me for sure since he was questioning himself. But the technician that was in there with us was very convinced I've got a tiny dancer in there. ::squeeeaaaaa:::

My mom, sis, and mother-in-law all came in with us & they saw the 3 lines as well & are pretty convinced it's a girl. How could it not be, right? RIGHT??
MIL gave us a sweet little pink teddy when we left the doctor's office since she's so sure it's a girl.

Hubbs & I are going to probably go to a Fetal Studio next week & find out from them for sure. Since I just want to know for SURE!!

In the end, I'm a tad disappointed. But more than anything, I have a healthy baby that's safely in my ute :)

EDIT: I just made an appointment to find out the gender next Thursday at the Fetal Studio place. Yes, I am THAT impatient.

Monday, March 22, 2010

In about 48 hours...

We will be finding out if Baby D is a BOY OR A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is if s/he cooperates

In case you can't tell, I am beyond excited/anxious/nervous/scared. My heart is racing as I type this.

If you would like to let me know what you think Baby D will be, please, feel free to chime in!

As I have stated before, I have thought GIRL since day one. I don't know why. It's just a feeling I have & I'm probably completely wrong. HA!

The old wives tales may be telling me something:

Chinese gender chart: girl
High Heartbeat: girl (at the very beginning, it was very high...)
Craving sour things: boy
Carrying high: girl
My husband has put on weight, right along with me: girl
Round face in pregnancy: girl
Ring test: girl

So, there you have it. Who knows if these OWT prove any truth.

What do you think baby D will be?? Let me know!! There may or may not be something in it for the girls to guess right :)

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

15 weeks

Happy 15 weeks to me & happy St. Patties day to you! I hope you all are wearing green, if not; I am going to come through the computer & pinch you really hard :)
I'm slowly movin' towards the mid-mark in this pregnancy & am so excited about that! But that doesn't mean my worries & anxieties have gone away & that's a hard thing to deal with. I think once I start really showing & feel baby moving, things will feel better & more real. Until then, I'll keep worrying myself sick & having dreams of miscarriage (fun stuff).

Ladies & gents, one week from today we will find out if baby D is a tiny dancer or a little line backer!!!! I AM PEEING MY PANTS WITH EXCITEMENT. I absolutely cannot wait for this day & have a feeling this next week will for by verrrryyyyy slooooowwww.

Tonight, mom is having her annual St. Patties day dinner at their house complete with corn beef, Irish soda-bread & lots of green beer & she's going to buy me O'Douhls non-alcoholic beer so I can get in on the fun too! Also, my sis gets in to town tonight & cannot wait to see her!

Survey Time!:
How far along?: 15 weeks
How big is baby?: according to The Bump, baby is the size of a naval orange. Whatever that is.
Weight gain?: gosh, I hope still about 8lbs. That's so much!
Stretch Marks?: no thank you.
Maternity Clothes?: no. I wear my ON jeans once in a while, but still just my reg clothes that are slowly shrinking on me
Sleep?: I have my good nights & bad nights. Last night was a bad night. D was snoring & I couldn't turn my mind off.
Best moment this week?: probably getting my hair done. I feel like a new woman.
Food cravings?: MEXICAN!! I cannot get enough of the cheesy goodness.
Gender?: still feeling girl. But we will find out in 7 DAYS!
Movement?: still anxiously awaiting that part :(
What I miss?: my freakin' libido! I'm waiting for that "second trimester friskiness" to kick in & still really missing wine! I can't get over that for some reason!
Belly Button?: innie, but looking different.
What I'm looking forward to: finding out the gender!!!!
Milestone?: I guess making it another week :)

Looks like my butt is growing right along with my belleh :/

(15 wk bare belly) I seriously look smaller than last week. What's up with that?

Hope everyone has a happy St. Patties day today/tonight! Drink a couple brewskies for me!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I think I have a problem

Oh who am I kidding?? I know I have a problem.

Guys, I'm talking about food. I am 100% completely, positively addicted to food. I'm talking horrible-for-you-clog-your-arteries-&-form-cottage-cheese-on-your-legs-food.

I realize that when you are pregnant, you get away with eating a little bit worse & a little bit more. But I have taken it to the next level. I eat the most horrible things. Cheesy, spicy, yummy things like this:


I must eat this at least 3x a week in order for my ever growing self to be satisfied. Don't even try to get me to eat my veggies. Just thinking about healthy food makes me want to vom. And that is a problem, for me, my wee one & my husband. Because let's face it, he's gaining weight right along with me.

My little child is going to morph into a smothered burrito with cheese if I don't change soon.

HELP! How do you healthy ladies make sure you get a balanced diet. Because I don't know how to change! ::runs off to get a smothered burrito while I wait for answers::

Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's talk about these pregnancy dreams.

They are CRAZY!! For the first 10ish weeks, I wasn't having any out of the ordinary dreams; well dreams are weird anyway...but the past few weeks have been, well, interesting to say the least.

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night from a very pornographic dream. It was very inappropriate for me, like; I can't even dicuss it. I felt guilty for having it. Even though it involved hubbs, I still felt like a freak for even thinking those things.

Then we get to the good stuff. The baby dreams. Which I have been waiting to have ever since I got pregnant. Last week, I dreamt we went to the big ultrasound & they told us we were having a girl! EEEE! I woke up & unfortunately realized I was dreaming.

Then 2 nights ago, I dreamt that we brought our baby girl home from the hospital. I went into her room in the middle of the night, nursed her; changed her diaper & I kept calling her Claire. Which is what we are naming our baby if it is a girl. How weird is that?!? Then next morning, I went into her room & she was standing in her crib talking to me, but she was only 2 days old. What the hell? That was creepy.

But I do wonder if these dreams really do mean something. Like, maybe I AM having a girl??!

Did any of you have dreams about what gender your baby was & it turned out to be true?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

14 Weeks

Well, here I am, another week down! I can't say that things have been very eventful in the last week. The nausea comes & goes sporadically, my head aches more than ever & my boobs are growing at a rapid rate (which I can't complain about, but they itch constantly).

2 weeks until the big ultrasound & I pray that the doctor is able to determine the sex! Eeee!

We got our taxes done last Friday & I'm happy to say that we will be getting a lot more back than what I had originally thought. So, we will be putting a good chunck of that into the "baby" savings account & I will be purchasing a doppler (finally!)

Survey time!

How far along?: 14 weeks
How big is baby?: the size of a lemon!
Weight gain?: hopefully still sittin' at 7.5lbs
Stretch Marks?: nope!
Maternity Clothes?: I wear my Old Navy jeans every once in a while, but besides that, nope.
Best moment this week?: hmm... probably buying my diaper bag? yes, it's been an exciting week. OH & getting my girl scout cookies finally. Those will be gone in about 3 days.
Food Cravings?: Mexican food, turkey sandwiches & lemon water!!
Movement?: none yet, but I can't wait until I start feeling something!!
Gender?: I say girl, but we will hopefully find out in 2 weeks!
What I miss: My Chardonnay & beer :/
Belly Button?: Still in, but getting weird...
What I'm looking forward to: spring! finding out the sex! getting our $$ from our taxes & my little sister coming home!! Exciting things :)
Milestone?: Making it this far!!

Ok, here's the pictures of the week. I think I look a lot bigger than I really am. OR I am just in denial. I'm smiling funny in the bottom picture because hubbs was poking fun at me for always looking pissed in the other pictures. So, this one's for you toots :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was catching up on my blogs this morning & one of the blogs I follow, she was pregnant with twin baby girls.

Last week, she went into pre-term labor & doctors could not stop it. She delivered the babies at 20 weeks & they essentially died in their parents' arms.

I cannot imagine the heartbreak & pain they must be going through. Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers.

It really puts my life in perspective. It's really not as bad as I may think sometimes.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm stoked!

First of all, I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty un-eventful but we went & saw Alice in Wonderland & it was awesome.

So... today on my lunch break, I was wandering around DSW. I had a $20 off coupon that expires at the end of the month so I was trying to find something to spend it on. I really didn't see any cute shoes I just had to have, so I walked over to the purses & stumbled across this beauty:
Is that not so adorable?! I immediately thought of using this as a diaper bag! It's big, it has my birds on it that I am in love with & it has that shiny lining on it that's easy to clean! It just says "diaper bag"!
I had to have it!! (this is the inside of it... )

anddd... the back of it....

And another front view, in case you're not completely bored... but I am just so excited! Besides a few little onesies, this is the first "bigger" item I have bought that's baby related.
The department store price was $99.95. The DSW price was $69.95 & with my coupon, I got this baby for $53.00. That price makes it even better!
I think I'm overly excited about this...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our puppy is going to be such a good big sister!

Last night, we had our friends over for pizza & to watch The Office (which by the way was hilarious & so real). They have a 1 & 1/2 year old little boy who is so adorable. D & I were nervous how our little doggie would react to this little person. She has never been around people that are her size before. We knew this was the ultimate test to see how she would be with our baby.
When they walked in the door, she had a little bit of a barking fit & not really sure what was going on. But after about 20 minutes, puppy & baby were best friends. The little man kept saying "puppy, puppy, puppy" & "B, B, B" (our dog's name is Belle) and throwing her toys for her to go get. He would tap his tiny hand against his leg to get her to come to him. SO CUTE! Puppy followed him around everywhere & visa versa. It seriously brought tears to my eyes. I was so dumb for not capturing any of these adorable moments, but I was in awe.

How could you not want to be friends with this little guy??

Yes, Belle will be a great big sister & that makes me very happy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Um guys??

I'm 13 WEEKS PREGNANT TODAY!! Helllooooo second trimester! If you want to get technical with me, you will say I won't be in the second tri until Saturday, but I'm saying today; because that's what my doctor says :)

I feel like a whole new woman! I have my energy back & feel great (most of the time!).

We had our 2nd pre-natal appointment today. My appointment was scheduled at 9:50 & we didn't get back into our room until 11:15!! I guess that's what you have to deal with when you see the baby doctor. After waiting all that time, we only saw the dr. for 10 minutes or so. Thank goodness he didn't make any smart remarks about me "still being pregnant" or I would have flipped! Basically all he did was listen to the heartbeat, which was considerably lower than the last time we heard it (145bpm). But he said that is very normal, so I'm not worried.

He said I can come back in 3 weeks to get an ultrasound and (he will try) determine the sex!!!!!!
3 WEEKS!!! Hubby & I are so excited! My little sister just so happens to be home for spring break that week, so she will be able to come with us!! PERFECT!

Shall we do the survey?

How far along?: 13 weeks!!!
How big is baby?: the size of a peach. Yummy!
Weight Gain?: I'm up 1.5lbs from a month ago, so... 7.5 lbs. Scary.
Stretch Marks?: NO, PLEASE!!!!
Maternity Clothes?: I just went yesterday to Old Navy & found some ADORABLE skinny maternity jeans! & some boyfriend style capri's for $19!! I tried on a size 2 first. They fit perfectly, but I figured I should get a 4 since I will be growing! I'm wearing my jeans today & they are SO comfortable. I was so done with the BeBand.
Sleep?: Once I finally GET to sleep, I'm good. But man, my back is seriously KILLING me lately. I think I pulled a muscle or have a slipped disc, because I am in PAIN!
Best moment this week?: Hearing baby's heartbeat

Food cravings?: nothing really special. Food in general.
Movement?: not yet, that I can feel :(
Gender?: we will find out on the 24th! I'm still saying girl...
What I miss?: Being able to sit & walk & sleep without being in pain. I better get used to this!
Belly button?: still in but it's getting wider.. is that normal??
What I'm looking forward to?: Finding out what sex baby D is!
Milestone?: Reaching the second trimester. I am so thankful :)

I didn't have time to get a picture this morning, so I have to enlist my lovely co-worker to take this. Hence, the creepy awkward smile, but, I do it for you guys ;)

Monday, March 1, 2010

So THIS is what nesting feels like

First of all, I want to thank all of you who left such wonderful & sweet advice for me on my last post. It really did make me feel a lot better. I also want to make it very clear that we would keep our child regardless of what the down syndrome tests may show, just in case you thought that's the reason we wanted it done :)

Ok now onto the fun stuff. I know it is entirely too early to be nesting, but I had a small taste of it yesterday. This weekend, I stayed at my parents' house while they were in Florida to take care of my brother & the doggies; this meant that D lived as a bachelor for 3 days & when I returned home yesterday evening, you could definitely tell that's just how he lived... beer bottles on the counter, plates everywhere, laundry strewn all over the bedroom... I about had a stroke when I walked in. You see, when I'm not around to keep hubby on his toes; he doesn't feel the need to do anything & it's quite irritating, but I'm training him & he's slowly learning. So you can bet that I shoved my little cesar's pizza & breadsticks down my throat & began cleaning like a mad woman. Laundry, bathrooms, vacuuming, (hubbs so kindly did the dishes) and then after all that was through, I whipped out this bad boy:

It's my new love folks, my Haan steam mop/anything you want it to clean. We just got it in the mail from Best Buy on Friday & I couldn't wait to assemble this sucker & clean my dirt infested tile that just screamed "cleaaaannnn meeeee". I cleaned every little crevice of my tile. including the grout which I scrubbed with an attachment the mop came with. It took me 2 hours to clean the small area of tile & it looks ah-mazing.

Granted, today I feel as though I have carpel tunnel & an 80 yr old woman's back; but hey, I have a clean floor.