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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

14 Weeks

Well, here I am, another week down! I can't say that things have been very eventful in the last week. The nausea comes & goes sporadically, my head aches more than ever & my boobs are growing at a rapid rate (which I can't complain about, but they itch constantly).

2 weeks until the big ultrasound & I pray that the doctor is able to determine the sex! Eeee!

We got our taxes done last Friday & I'm happy to say that we will be getting a lot more back than what I had originally thought. So, we will be putting a good chunck of that into the "baby" savings account & I will be purchasing a doppler (finally!)

Survey time!

How far along?: 14 weeks
How big is baby?: the size of a lemon!
Weight gain?: hopefully still sittin' at 7.5lbs
Stretch Marks?: nope!
Maternity Clothes?: I wear my Old Navy jeans every once in a while, but besides that, nope.
Best moment this week?: hmm... probably buying my diaper bag? yes, it's been an exciting week. OH & getting my girl scout cookies finally. Those will be gone in about 3 days.
Food Cravings?: Mexican food, turkey sandwiches & lemon water!!
Movement?: none yet, but I can't wait until I start feeling something!!
Gender?: I say girl, but we will hopefully find out in 2 weeks!
What I miss: My Chardonnay & beer :/
Belly Button?: Still in, but getting weird...
What I'm looking forward to: spring! finding out the sex! getting our $$ from our taxes & my little sister coming home!! Exciting things :)
Milestone?: Making it this far!!

Ok, here's the pictures of the week. I think I look a lot bigger than I really am. OR I am just in denial. I'm smiling funny in the bottom picture because hubbs was poking fun at me for always looking pissed in the other pictures. So, this one's for you toots :)


  1. Cute pj pants, again! Also, I have to ask...what is your tattoo of?

  2. I know your boobs itch, and soon your belly will too, whatever you do...try not to scratch...that will make stretch marks worse (so I have been told) I use Curel Pregnancy Lotion...I love it because it doesnt stink and it lasts longer than other lotions. You can also try CocoButter Maternity oils and lotion (Babies R Us carries a gift pack of it). What do you think your having??? Mother's instinct is usually right on *wink*

  3. Of course I overlooked what you think your :o) Probably what it is :D

    Oh, and I got my GS Cookies too...they didnt last long either. Hehe!

  4. I'd say you've popped! So cute!!

  5. Anne- my ugly tattoo is of a little daisy/sunflower thing that I totally hate. oh well :)

    Mrs. Griswold- don't think my stomach doesn't itch, because it does! It's been itching since about 8 weeks! haha. I have been using the tummy butter by palmers & just recently bought Bio Oil which I love so far :)

  6. Laur!! You look so good!! :] Love ya!!

  7. You totally popped!! Cute belly!

  8. We are carrying the same way! Kind of high! Do you have an gut feeling of what the sex might be?

  9. Oh laur I miss you! Your belly is precious & I can't wait to rub on it LOL
    I felt my first movement at 14 weeks so hopefully you will feel it early like I did :)

    And I totally forgot about girl scout cookies this year! Shit.

  10. You look SO great! Congrats on making it to 14 weeks! And I LOVE this time of year and Girl Scout Cookies!

  11. Thats good that you were able to find something you love...I used this coco butter stuff by Palmers in the beginning and the smell made me sooo nauseaous. Lol.
    I wanted to let you know, I found this way cute counter that I just had to share with the mommy to be's! I think youll love it.

  12. You look wonderful & sooooo adorable!! Congrats on your belly popping!!

  13. You look sooo cute!! 2 weeks till the big us?! That is awesome! Woohoo!!! Happy 14 weeks!

  14. Wow 14 weeks already. Thats crazy.

    Those pics of your bump, it looks like your carrying high? If you are maybe its a girl?

  15. Cute baby bump!!! You are super lucky to get your gender u/s soon. I have to wait until 20 weeks...yup 7 more weeks to go!