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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

17 weeks

Happy Wednesday folks!

Today, I am 17 weeks pregnant & feel bigger than ever. Not pregnant, just fat. There's a difference. I'm still waiting to pop and make everyone in the world aware that I am in fact, pregnant, not just 10 lbs heavier than normal. I constantly have a headache & my face looks like a snake's skin shedding. It's so dry!

This week has been quite uneventful. However, we're going through some things regarding my husband & his health, so please keep him in your thoughts & prayers. We're both pretty sure he's going to be fine, but we're going to get him evaluated just to be safe... This is me trying not to worry & stress :)

He's going to Moab today until Sunday for work, which means he won't be here for the ultrasound I scheduled; which means I can't decide if I should go. He's perfectly fine with me just going with my mom since he wanted to wait until our 20 week Anatomy Scan anyway, both for money reasons & "personal preferences" he says. Damn him being the rational one. My girlfriends say I should just go & get it done since it's pretty much just confirming the baby is a girl. So, I'll probably go. But that's how I feel today. Who knows how I'll feel tomorrow. HA! Either way I'll let you know what I do & won't just leave ya hangin'.

This is random, but I snapped this picture while D was packing. Our puppy has this obsession for socks. So when she saw him putting socks in his suitcase, she took them all out and rolled on her back doing this:
Silly pup!

Ok survey time:

How far along?: 17 weeks
How big is baby?: The size of an onion!
Weight gain?: crossing my fingers it's still under 10 pounds. pshh. wishful thinking.
Stretch marks?: nope nope
Maternity clothes: exclusively pants & still wearing reg. tops
Sleep?: I was sleeping like a rock with my Snoogle until last night when MY HUSBAND SNORED ALLLLL NIGHT. I finally just went on the couch at like 5am.
Best moment this week?: Probably laughing so hard with D until I peed my pants. Minus the peeing part. That was weird.
Food Cravings?: Still anything spicy!!
Gender?: Girl? Hopefully finding out tomorrow.
Movement?: Little teeny movements here & there. But it's probably just gas. hmph.
What I miss?: not peeing every 30 minutes & my skinny non-flaky face & MY LONG HAIR
Belly button: in but wide. Like, you can see the indentation through my shirts. That's gross.
What I'm looking forward to?: Possibly finding out the gender tomorrow & having Heidi & G coming next week!!!!! I can't wait.
Milestone: almost 20 weeks??
Excuse the ugly face & hair. It was early & I didn't sleep

Oh & I was going through the pictures on my phone & saw this one from last year when I had very long hair (for me) and it made me miss it! I look so much older I think. You may beg to differ.


  1. You DO NOT look fat one bit. You have a cute lil tummy :)

    And I like your hair both ways. I just cut mine off (gasp!) and now am praying for it to grow already... Eeeeee!

  2. You don't look fat at all; you have a very cute bump!!

    I think I have posted this here before but drink tons of water; I mean TONS.....I swear this is why my skin stays healthy & why I didn't get stretch marks!!

  3. You look ADORABLE. My husband snores all night long too. I am mean and kick, slap, and punch him now. He sounds like a freaking bear. I hope everything is okay with your hubs.

  4. About 3 months ago I cut my hair short too and have been missing my long hair ever since! It is growing SOOO slow!!!

  5. Ok, first you do not look "fat" at all! You are all belly!

    I had to laugh at the belly button thing. I know exactly what your talking about! That was me last week. Now I feel like a little piece of belly button is coming out (mostly the top) weird huh?

  6. You are crazy! That is clearly a little baby bump :) It is adorable too. I had the same problem with dry skin and still do. Everyone is different, but save your money because depressingly nothing works!!! Ahhh pregnancy. I hope you get your ultrasound tomorrow and know "girl" for sure!

  7. I agree no "fatness" there! You look like all baby to me!!

  8. Awww you have an adorable little baby belly! I promise you don't look "fat" at all. I hope your hubbs feels better soon and that it's nothing serious.

  9. Umm you are the complete opposite of fat! You look gorgeous & I can't wait to see you NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! Maybe I can convince Dall to love the Chicco. We have a Chicco & Nick actually loves it!