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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

15 weeks

Happy 15 weeks to me & happy St. Patties day to you! I hope you all are wearing green, if not; I am going to come through the computer & pinch you really hard :)
I'm slowly movin' towards the mid-mark in this pregnancy & am so excited about that! But that doesn't mean my worries & anxieties have gone away & that's a hard thing to deal with. I think once I start really showing & feel baby moving, things will feel better & more real. Until then, I'll keep worrying myself sick & having dreams of miscarriage (fun stuff).

Ladies & gents, one week from today we will find out if baby D is a tiny dancer or a little line backer!!!! I AM PEEING MY PANTS WITH EXCITEMENT. I absolutely cannot wait for this day & have a feeling this next week will for by verrrryyyyy slooooowwww.

Tonight, mom is having her annual St. Patties day dinner at their house complete with corn beef, Irish soda-bread & lots of green beer & she's going to buy me O'Douhls non-alcoholic beer so I can get in on the fun too! Also, my sis gets in to town tonight & cannot wait to see her!

Survey Time!:
How far along?: 15 weeks
How big is baby?: according to The Bump, baby is the size of a naval orange. Whatever that is.
Weight gain?: gosh, I hope still about 8lbs. That's so much!
Stretch Marks?: no thank you.
Maternity Clothes?: no. I wear my ON jeans once in a while, but still just my reg clothes that are slowly shrinking on me
Sleep?: I have my good nights & bad nights. Last night was a bad night. D was snoring & I couldn't turn my mind off.
Best moment this week?: probably getting my hair done. I feel like a new woman.
Food cravings?: MEXICAN!! I cannot get enough of the cheesy goodness.
Gender?: still feeling girl. But we will find out in 7 DAYS!
Movement?: still anxiously awaiting that part :(
What I miss?: my freakin' libido! I'm waiting for that "second trimester friskiness" to kick in & still really missing wine! I can't get over that for some reason!
Belly Button?: innie, but looking different.
What I'm looking forward to: finding out the gender!!!!
Milestone?: I guess making it another week :)

Looks like my butt is growing right along with my belleh :/

(15 wk bare belly) I seriously look smaller than last week. What's up with that?

Hope everyone has a happy St. Patties day today/tonight! Drink a couple brewskies for me!!


  1. You look so cute, look at your belly. Congrats on the 15 weeks your almost halfway there.Bet you cant wait to find out the sex of your little D.

  2. Congrats on 15 weeks!!! Seriously you look awesome. I hope I look as good as you when I am KU!

  3. I felt my first movement at the end of my 15th week. Just three light taps. Maybe it won't be too long for you!

  4. You look great & keep on eating that yummy mexican food.....

  5. Awww I LOVE your green dress, so cute! And I am jealous about getting your hair done. I want to do that soon but I am holding out for a little while longer. :)

  6. Your bump is so high. I really thought boy at first but I'm so thinking girl now. I'm sticking with girl. I'm so excited you get to find out next week.

    You look great, Your bump is adorable.

  7. So funny, I havent really craved anything, but Mexican food was definately on my menu a lot...kinda still is. I ate a lot of Chips and Salsa in the second trimester.
    Cute pictures momma! Only 25 weeks to go *wink*!

  8. Haha you know I'm jealous of your butt. And thanks alot for making me crave nothing but mexican food. Seriously it's all I've been thinking about since yesterday!

  9. Oh you are so cute! I wanna know; boy or girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!