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Thursday, March 25, 2010

16 weeks

Yesterday I hit the 16 week mark & was obviously so pre-occupied with what sex baby D is that I didn't do my weekly post!

As most of you well know, I went & had my 16 week appointment yesterday where my doctor would attempt to determine the sex. Well the baby was so difficult to see & couldn't quite get a clear view of the parts. From what he did he did (&didn't) see though, (and us too) his suspicion & guess was that it's a girl. Which was what I also thought. But, I'm no expert.

I scheduled my 20 week Anatomy Scan for April 21st, which in reality isn't too far off but it seems soooooo far away. So, me being the anxious type I am, scheduled an U/S for next Thursday at a fetal studio to determine the sex. It's nice because if they can't tell on the first visit, they let you come back the next week for free!

I left the dr's. office feeling good. I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I'd be not knowing for sure. All that really mattered was that I have a healthy baby growing safe & strong inside of me & I thank God for that everyday.

Sorry so much rambling, yesterday was eventful, you know. ;)

Survey Time!

How far along?: 16w1d
How big is baby?: The size of an avocado ::runs to make some guacamole::
Weight gain?: The scale at the Dr's yesterday indicated I gained another 2 lbs within 3 weeks. So... 9.5lbs? YIKES
Stretch Marks?: I am religiously rubbing my oil & lotion all over my midsection & thighs & have been lucky thus far...
Maternity Clothes?: I'm slowly accepting the fact that I just can't wear my normal adorable designer jeans anymore. I'm pretty much exclusively in mat. jeans/leggings & regular tops
Sleep?: Absolutely awful. My lower back aches all. night. long.
Best moment this week?: Obviously seeing baby on the u/s machine & sort of finding out it could be a girl!!
Food cravings?: anything spicy & turkey subs
Gender?: pretty sure it's a girl!!!! We'll hopefully know for sure next week. But I ain't holding my breath :)
Movement?: A couple of days ago I was sitting at my desk & felt a little something... it was like a bubble popping. It happened twice in a row. But who knows if it was baby.
What I miss: again with the wine... still missing it. & my skinny face
Belly Button?: Innie but getting wider...ew.
What I'm looking forward to?: Next Thursday for my u/s!!
Milestone?: inching further to the half-way mark!!

16 week belly
Slowly looking pregnant, I hope?


  1. Laur!! You look SO great!! I can't wait to see you next week!! We need to go shopping STAT!!

  2. You look wonderful.........I swear that the reason I didn't get stretch marks is because of my water intake & oil/lotion applications 5 times a day!! Stay very hydrated!!!

  3. you look great! love that little belly, momma!! Did someone say "guacamole?" YUM!

  4. Love your bump....but I LOVE that shirt! Very cute. :)

  5. Oh, hun, thats so exciting! YAY! Unfortunately, the lack of sleep and achey body...only gets worse, and wishing you could dress cute again, that feeling gets stronger, especially with spring here...Oye...but its so worth it :D

  6. A girl!!! So exciting! Now you can start buying little clothes and accessories for her :)

  7. Why do you always have to give me cravings? You're going to make me fat when I get to UT in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS aren't you?!

    And of course you are getting the cutest little belly ever! It's totally a baby belly now... no bloat there!!!