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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sometimes, I think men were born yesterday.

Well... my man at least.

We went to Babies R Us on Saturday to pick me up the famous Snoogle (wow, that thing is amazing). While we were there, we browsed a bit at the carseats, strollers & cribs. I wanted to show him the ones I liked & get his opinion.

Well, let's just say he loved the car seat & stroller I picked out, but when he saw the price tag of $189.99, he about died. I tried telling him that that's actually a great price for a travel system, but he wouldn't listen. He just kept griping on how expensive baby stuff is. uh, derrrr.

I'm not even going to tell you his reaction to the $400.00 cribs they were selling.

I ended up finding an espresso color crib & changing table/dresser on JcPenny's website that he liked, so I suppose we're making progress?? ::crosses fingers::

Now let's just see how long it takes him to put that 62" fugly big screen TV up for sale, which is in our child's room & he insists it needs to stay in there.
"What if the baby wants to watch TV?" He says.

I'm really diggin' this Safety 1st Travel System, very simple & gender neutral.

But I love this Chicco Travel system that sits at a pretty $299.99. Maybe our family that really loves us will pitch in?? (HI MOM)!


  1. lol. Yep. Men are ALL the same! Good luck with your DH!

  2. Haha my husband is the same he has banned me from buying anything until after the baby shower because he is praying our family will be generous with the bigger items!

  3. I showed DH the Pottery Barn crib I was drooling over first...that way, when it came time to actually pick a crib, the price tag didn't seem so bad compared to the other one ;)

    As for the travel system, I have the Chicco one in green/grey and I absolutely love it! Good luck! I found that creating our registry was a bit stressful since it's the first real parental thing you get to decide on. I researched (and reasearched & researched) every single item on my list. Remember to take a deep breath and do it in spurts so it doesn't get too overwhelming. :)

  4. LOL I did the same thing as Nikki!!! I show my husband super expensive stuff so when I get ready for what I want he doesn't think it's that bad :) As for a travel system, I have mixed feelings. I had one for the infant stage but as soon as my son outgrew the need for the car seat I went and bought an expensive separate stroller and have an unused $300 travel system at my house after 6 months.

  5. Haha, these comments are so girls are so tricky! I wanted an Uppababy Vista which is super expensive and doesn't even come with a car seat. So when I took my husband to see it and he saw the price tag, I just told him that all strollers were that expensive...duhhh??? It's not like he has ever bought a stroller before, so he just believed me and bought it :) LOL!!

  6. One of my family members had the Chico set and they absolutely loved it! Very durable too!

  7. I'm in LO-OOVE with the first travel system pic you posted. So cute.

    I completely understand what you mean about the hubby and the griping about prices. I finally told my husband. "You know what, I don't care how expensive it is. I've waited for these moments all my life, DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME".

    HAHA he quit talking about prices after that pregnant outburst. He was an angel ever since. I guess sometimes they don't realize how much of a damper it can put on picking out these fun items. And hey thats what registries are for :)

  8. Girl you should have know that already hehe by the way you have an award waiting on you at my blog

  9. I guess its true that all men are the same, just have interchangeable bodies!