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Monday, March 15, 2010

I think I have a problem

Oh who am I kidding?? I know I have a problem.

Guys, I'm talking about food. I am 100% completely, positively addicted to food. I'm talking horrible-for-you-clog-your-arteries-&-form-cottage-cheese-on-your-legs-food.

I realize that when you are pregnant, you get away with eating a little bit worse & a little bit more. But I have taken it to the next level. I eat the most horrible things. Cheesy, spicy, yummy things like this:


I must eat this at least 3x a week in order for my ever growing self to be satisfied. Don't even try to get me to eat my veggies. Just thinking about healthy food makes me want to vom. And that is a problem, for me, my wee one & my husband. Because let's face it, he's gaining weight right along with me.

My little child is going to morph into a smothered burrito with cheese if I don't change soon.

HELP! How do you healthy ladies make sure you get a balanced diet. Because I don't know how to change! ::runs off to get a smothered burrito while I wait for answers::


  1. you sound like me when I was prego! I couldn't get enough of cheetos when I was first prego so we called the baby, "baby cheeto". I would also wake up in the morning craving a hamburger. ugh. But once you consume it you are so satisfied!

    You'll go through waves of what your craving, some more than others but veggies grossed me out too. It's probably because if you don't eat a lot of them they aren't satisfying.

    I don't have any advice for you because I was so bad as well!

  2. That is making my mouth water! I am the same way, though (and not pregnant, so I don't have an excuse) I was just telling my sister the other day that I really am addicted to food, to eating. I love it!

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  3. Veggies grossed me out until about 14-15 weeks. All I wanted in that time was pizza!! If you are still feeling sick at all it really is just about survival and your prenatals will have your back for nutrients! I actually craved a lot of fruit in the last few months, so hopefully you will get better. For now, don't worry about it too much :)

  4. Try not to worry about it :) I ate whatever I wanted and gained 33 pounds. Not great, but not terrible. It only took 3 months to lose it without trying and I only pumped for the first 3 weeks. You'll be fine!

  5. Thanks; I am not one to EVER pass on mexican food but it got 10 times worse when I was pregnant. I wanted mexican for breakfast lunch & dinner but settled for only one "crappy" meal a day the other 2 meals HAD to be healthy for me & little man!!

    You can do it & believe me you will be able to tell a difference in how you feel & your energy level too!!

  6. Haha, don't worry too much....I have that same problem, and I'm not even pregnant yet! :P I'm sure this crazy eating stage will pass, and even if it doesn't, well who're eating for two!

    I'm a newer follower to your blog, by the way...and I love it. Check out my blog if you get a chance! I hope someday SOON it will become my pregnancy blog...but for now it's TTC with lots of randomness. :)

  7. I am the same as everyone else, eat like that BUT not preggo! Which is not exactly the most ideal situation. I hate veggies and healthy food, I try to like them but in all seriousness they just are not good! At least you have a great excuse that you are feeding for two, so I think you're justified.

    Unlike me...I just wrote about my new "healthy" life this morning actually! haha I am determined to stick to it...for the most part anyways ;)

  8. Oh the cravings. I can't give you any good advice, I ate like a pig when I was pregnant and I have some fabulous back fat to prove it. =) I didn't work out and I ate any and everything I could. Except pop. I was trying to steer clear of caffeine if I could.
    I hope you figure out a way to control the cravings, I never did.

  9. Ummm.. if you don't want to eat it, give it to me! I will! Yummm. That looks so good.

  10. GO FOR IT! That's my motto! Which may not be the best one to have but as long as you are getting your little bebe some nutrients in them, enjoy eating whatever you like while you can!

  11. OMG is that from La Frontera?!?! Give it to me!!!

    Just try & balance the healthy from the artery cloggers. I know it sounds tough, but I was able to eat healthy & still cave into cravings like 3 times per week! Have you tried Chipotle's vegetarian burrito bowls?

  12. Yes heid, it is La Frontera & yes, I had it for lunch today :/

    I have yet to try the veggie burrito bowls, I always just get the fajita burrito b/c I NEED meat. HAHA! I do need to try it though!