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Monday, June 7, 2010

7 years ago today,

a cocky 15 year old jock asked out a pale, shy 15 year old cheerleader & from that day on; their lives had never been the same.

Through 4 years in high school of laughs, tears, rumors, break-ups, heartbreak & love; we made it out happy & together.

Who would have thought 7 years ago, that we'd be happily married & expecting our first child?

Not me.

Time sure does fly.

Homecoming '03
Sophomore year

In Vegas with our families.
This day was our "5 week" anniversary. HAHA!
I remember that day vividly.
And no, those are not real orangutans ;)

Engagement photo 2007

High School Graduation

Wedding Day, 2008

Also, today is my mom & dad's 24 year Wedding Anniversary.


I will always strive to have a solid loving marriage just like theirs.


  1. How fun that you've been together for so long.
    You guys are so cute in these pictures. Isn't it amazing how you can look back and see the whole reason for things. Look at you two now.

    Oh and happy anniversary to your parents :)

  2. Awwww 7 years! That is amazing :) Loved the trip down memory lane! And does anybody ever tell you that you resemble Taylor Swift? Or that Taylor Swift resembles you? :)

  3. Mrs. Hesson: how funny that you ask that about Tay Swift! There are so many people I know that think that also! Especially in my wedding pictures! I totally don't see the resemblance, but it's a great compliment ;)

  4. High school sweethearts! I love that!! How nice that you still remember the day your hubby asked you out! John asked me out sometime in May 10 years ago. I have no idea what day it was, and he didn't go to my high school so I don't think I can call him my high school sweetheart.

  5. Congrats! I met my hubs in high school...he was from another town - the basketball stud and I was the cheerleader... but never thought I would ever marry him! ha! So funny to look back and remember what you were once thinking!

    Love the pics! You two are CUTE!

  6. MORE WEDDING PICS!!! I need some ideas :) and this post is TOO SWEET! Happy 7 years!

  7. So sweet......Happy Anniversary!! I would also have to agree you do look like Taylor Swift!!

  8. That's really cute. I love high school sweetheart stories :)

  9. Happy Anniversary! That's so neat that you were high school sweethearts!

  10. Who would have thought that us BEST FRIENDS would marry our highschool sweethearts? And that we would still be best friends today :)
    I love you & congrats, laur!!!

  11. I'm looking at your pics and thinking, "WOW! She looks so young! Sophomore in '03?! Surely she's not old enough to be married and pregnant!" And then I did the math and realized that you're only a year younger than I am if at all. I graduated in '04! ::blushes:: That's probably what people think of me :D Congrats on your anniversary!