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Monday, November 15, 2010

Wow, some people...

If you're going to copy & paste MY work/blog post to your blog & use it as your own, try a little bit harder to be conspicuous & make sure I'm not following your blog as well. I'm going to see it, durrr.

Seriously, if you want 50 free Christmas cards, write your own damn blog post. You're a grown woman. I think you can handle that.


Vent over.

(sorry, I'm fuming right now. I realllly don't like cheaters & don't believe in letting them get away with it.)


  1. Wow... I would have been so mad to see that! Good for you for calling them out!

    PS. Claire is adorable and I loved the Christmas card you posted that would also work as an announcement. My son was born October 09 and we did a combined birth announcement and Christmas card...worked out great@

  2. OMG!! That is terrible! I signed up for the blog card deal - do they send you an email afterwards or do I just blog about it????

  3. I am with you, I can't stand cheaters! that's terrible.

  4. Wow, I'd love to see the comment you left her!! That's so lame, and not sneaky at all

  5. This happened to me with one of my Pear Tree reviews. Someone (who's blog I followed at the time) copied my review. Pissed me off so freaking much.

    So sorry you are dealing with this too.

  6. Lame, lame, LAME! I'd say something cheesy like "imitation is the greatest form of flattery" but... I know that wouldn't help right now!

  7. Link us over to the cheater! :-P

  8. here's a link to the cheater: lame is that person :(

  9. Heh, thanks ladies. It's a sucky feeling knowing somebody stole your work. I feel like I'm in 3rd grade again when the boy in my class earased my name from my paper & wrote his name on it. HA!

    Shelli Ryan- I recieved an email from Shutterfly after I registered my blog telling me to write a blog post & have yet to hear back from them

    Melissa- HAHA! Thanks for the linky. I didn't want to have to link her myself ;)

  10. Just so you know, I havent been on my blog the last couple of days because I am being a single mom. My sister in law has access to my acct and she is the one you need to call names not me. She is the one who wanted the free cards not me. Calling people names and calling them a cheater is childish too. Maybe you should ask the source first before calling names to the world on why it was done. BTW- there is a post explaining all of this too.

  11. this is effin weird (on both counts. Get back to raising your babies, both of you. I'm kind of embarassed that you both thought this needed a blog post, are y'all 12?

  12. Roxy- Are YOU 12? You can't seem to do anything better with your time but put people down. A little hypocritical, no?

    And FYI... as you already know... I'm still moderating comments before posting them on my blog. I see that hasn't stopped you from commenting anyway, but just wanted you to know that I don't even read your comments anymore so if you're trying to be rude still... I wouldn't know. If I see either 1 of your 3 personalities I delete the comment without reading any of it. You are wasting your time.

    Sorry for posting this on your blog, laur haha! Love you :)

  13. I am with you all the way on this, Lauren. If she allows other people to post on her blog, then she needs to be held responsible for it.

    If she doesn't want to be held responsible, then she shouldn't allow access to her blog!
    I'd be just as pissed.

    Also, this is YOUR blog. You can rant about anything YOU want!

  14. It is annoying to be copied, but maybe it would be more gracious to send her a message directly asking her to contact you for permission before copying you instead of posting an angry comment on your blog.

    Of course this is your blog, but bashing someone else who was thoughtless is also a thoughtless action.

    Furthermore, (although I don't need to understand because they're your feelings and not mine and you are entitled to feel the way you feel), I don't share your frustration about the fact that she copied this particular blog post. It's not like it was a personal story that she is passing off like her own life story or another type of creative entry. It's not like she is getting money or a grade from using your stuff. She was simply sharing information with her readers, and cutting corners to do so (perhaps in an inconsiderate way).

    Let's think about other people before acting on our feelings. She should consider your reaction before copying your work and you should consider her feelings before bashing her on your site. I'm not saying it's easy to be mature (or that I am the example of maturity in all situations), but as adults, we should at least aspire to act maturely.

  15. Furthermore, every one makes mistakes - no one is perfect. We should all remember this fact when we are critical of the mistakes that other people make. Sometimes we come down really hard on other people and forget that we sometimes mess up too. When we do mess up, it is always appreciated to have some compassion from the person we offend.

    Remember ladies that posting an entry whose sole purpose is to criticize someone else publicly (and with the result that other people join in too, calling the person lame etc.) is cyberbullying.

    I hope that your blog is a positive and supporting community for women - to share about your baby, motherhood, marriage and not a place where women get together to bring each other down.

    In keeping with the spirit of my message -I am not judging you. I think you probably posted the message when you were angry...but if you think about how your post and the subsequent comments may have affected the other blogger (your reader who probably had enough interest in you to follow your blog in the first place), you may feel differently.

    We all make mistakes, but it's what we do about them- how we learn from them, and the steps we take to correct them that counts.

  16. HAHA! Thank you for that lecture on how to structure my blog, Mrs. C.