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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Randoms

Since I royally suck at composing posts lately, I'm going to just put a bunch of random thoughts/updates all into one!

* Claire is going to be 1 in less than 2 weeks. Can someone please explain to me where the last year went? I've been all sorts of nostalgic as of late, with "this time last year" comments every other day

*Speaking of the girl, she still isn't mobile. But we are making progress in the Early Intervention. Her therapist is awesome & is teaching me great exercises to do with her. She actually bears weight on her arms while on her stomach now. I have no doubt she will catch on quickly.

* I am still pumping. I figured I've made it this far, why not go 'til the river runs dry? Unfortunately, my body is all sorts of confused. First I take Sudafed to dry up, now I'm popping fenugreek every 2 hours. Sadly, I'm not getting nearly as much milk as I had before, but I'm getting enough to satisfy Claire.

*In preparation for her turning ONE, we've cut out 2 bottles during the day. She now only has her morning & evening bottle & drinking from the greatest transition sippy cup EVAR in between, thanks to this lady for the suggestion.
*Party planning is well underway. & I have no choice but to be creative & frugal. Would you expect anything less from me? HAHA!
*The party is set for September 4th. I was originally going to have it August 27th, but, your's truly couldn't get her act together & plan a party in a week & a half. I am the epitome of procrastination. 
A preview of what I've been up to:

*I took this picture Tuesday afternoon. 
Doesn't she look like she's 3?! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY?!

*Speaking of being frugal, while I was nosing around Target last week, I stumbled upon E.L.F {eyes. lips. face} brand make-up. Everything is less than $4.00. So, I picked up a liquid eye-liner pen & some rosy lip gloss. 2 things that I have been needing, but not wanting to spend the $$. Both things cost me $4.00. FOR BOTH OF THEM. 
I would totally recommend!!

*Last Thursday night, Hubs & I did something we have never done before. We put Lu to bed, packed up the car, had my momma stay at our house & we went to St. George/Vegas for the weekend {spent one night in Vegas & 2 nights in St. George}. It was fun. But holy cow. I didn't know I could ever miss Claire as much as I did. By the second day, I was totally ready to be home.

This was taken at the Paris Hotel. We went & saw a hypnotist. No, we didn't participate. It was HILARIOUS, but I'm still trying to figure out how that shit is NOT fake. 

*Since July, I've been working from home for my dad about 30hrs a week. SUCH a blessing. Granted, it's difficult at times with Claire, but I couldn't ask for a better set up. Yesterday, she was very whiny after her nap, so we passed some time with good ol' Photobooth.

Err, at least she looks cute!
 Oops! She found her clip!
 Look what I have, ma'

Well, that's all I got. 
Hope your Thursday is off to a great start!!


  1. oh how i have missed you guys... loved the update! i cant believe little one is going to be one in no time!

  2. Claire looks so big! She also looks like she's soo close to crawling.

  3. Claire is getting so big! Love hearing form you! Don't be so MIA!

  4. Claire is adorable, as usual. :) Thanks for posting about the sippy cup...I can't get G to take one for the life of me, so I literally hit amazon 2 minutes after you posted. Fingers crossed!

  5. Ditto to Mrs. Mama! And I also bought the cup on Amazon the second I read your post. Baby Girl may not be on the move, but she holds her own bottle/cup! Lucky mama!

  6. She looks so close!! She'll be on the move in no time and then you'll be missing the days were she just stayed put! :) My friends little girl had delayed motor skills and within in a few weeks of PT she started crawling! So keep it up!

  7. Yay for updates!I love reading your blog about you and your adorable fam. Glad you and your hubby could get away for a little even though it's hard to be away from the little one! I can't believe Claire is almost one. She is so beautiful!

  8. We have the same highchair! I love the print!

  9. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe she is turning 1! She is getting so big. Great job on the pumping!! Good luck on the party planning, so exciting!

  10. She looks bigger and stronger already! What kind of exercises are they doing with her? Just curious because my first was a late crawler and I'd like to help my 2nd out a bit if possible. Although kids seem to just do things when they are good and ready, right?!