Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can I just say...

that I am going to be a blimp before I even hit my second trimester because all I do is eat & sleep. No, really.

Since I can't blame the baby because it's only the size of a blueberry (mmm, blueberries!), I blame these guys :

GRRR!!! Notice how the entire large box of fries is empty?? um, ya.

Furthermore, I need to start eating my greens, fruits & fiber asap! because I am freaking out

(that is a wreath behind my head people, not a headdress)

On a happier note, we get to go see our little blueberry in 1 hour!! I will update you guys later :)


  1. Oh girl! I LOVE LOVE chil fil a!! I am excited to hear the update on little blueberry! XOXO

  2. Hah, No worries, I was the same way. And no I have not lost the weight yet. But oh well, I have a sweety baby instead of a hot curvy bod. :) I can't wait to hear how your appointment went. I hope all is going great.

  3. Chick fil a is soo good though! I can completely understand!!! Gl on your appt today!

  4. Hope the appointment went well! I totally understand and it is okay to only eat and sleep :)

  5. Bahaha OMG I seriously thought that was your new hairstyle for a second!

  6. i agree...don't worry....4 babies later and cravings that would make a cardiologist freak...the weight didn't pack on....(what did pack did have to be worked off though) and baby thanked me for it....awwww i still love my spicy wendy's chicken sandwiches!

  7. Holy cow that picture scared me :)