Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update on yesterday!

I know this is absolutely horrible quality, but, see that little blob inside the little black thingy?? THAT'S OUR BABY!!!!! with a strong heartbeat of 166 might I add. Praise God! So needless to say, the appointment went well. Except for the fact that my doctor made a douche bag comment. Again. The very first thing he says when he comes into the exam room is "Hey, you still pregnant?" WOW. This guy just doesn't get it. I am a hormonal, sensitive pregnant woman. DO NOT MAKE THOSE COMMENTS TO ME! EVER AGAIN.
So yes, I am still in fact pregnant & fully intend on staying that way for a long time.
He performed the ultrasound on this 1940's machine, which didn't have sound & had horrible picture quality, as you can see. When he first put the wand on my belly, he said "oh, I think I see 2 sacs." SAY WHAAA?! Then he said "never mind, just one I think." Oh, that was reassuring. HAHA! For the record, he highly doubts it's twins.
As of yesterday, I was also measuring at exactly 8 weeks. squeee. That means I am that much closer to being out of this 1st trimester. I asked the doctor now that we have seen the heartbeat, if my chances of miscarriage are pretty much gone, but to my dismay, he said I am not out of the woods until 12 weeks; but that my chances are definitely lower. Thank God, since that is my hugest fear. But, let's not focus on that. Let's focus on the fact that I am pregnant with this huge miracle & am doing just fine :)
I go in next Tuesday for my very first prenatal appointment & cannot wait!


  1. Adorable picture of the new little one, even if it is not great quality! I am so glad that things are going well!

  2. Thank God it went well... and yeah, I'd be pretty pissed/annoyed with all of those rude/inappropriate comments. Well, God bless you with a very healthy pregnancy and baby. Being sick with morning/all day sickness is a very good sign of a healthy preg so embrace those moments :/

  3. Congrats on seeing your little one(s) again! haha ;)

    But should probably ask your doctor to keep his douchetastic comments to himself. Unless, you know, he enjoys being throat punched!

  4. Yeah for being pregnant & getting picture of your LO; isn't it just a wonderful feeling to see them?

    You should tell your doctor that those comments are not funny & in the future to please refrain from any comment like are a better woman than I am I would have made a complete ass out of myself & then just blamed the hormones :)

  5. WOOHOO. Thats good news. I'm glad your baby is doing good and is growing and has a great heartbeat. I don't want to put anything into your head. But I am picturing you guys with a girl. I just have this feeling. My feelings are sometimes way wrong but I feel it. I always just new I would have a boy first. I wonder what yours is??? I can't wait to find out. Have you guys been talking names?
    Don't worry you don't have to tell me any of them. I out of all people completely understand the constant worry and waiting of the first tri-mester to be over. My prayers are still with you and your sweet little blueberry.
    Oh and btw, I think what your doc said was soooo wrong! Seriously what is "douche" is so true.

  6. What great news! How exciting to get to see your child!! Congratulations.

    ... Also, though, I can't believe the doctor--what a completely insensitive and douchey thing to say. I hope he was kicking himself after and will never say that again.

  7. Congratulations! 12 weeks will come soon enough :)

  8. Yay for your ultrasound!! Isn't it exciting?! Just think...4 weeks ago we were barely finding out we were pregnant, and in 4 more weeks we'll be past the worst part! Woohoo! Good luck on your appointment tomorrow!