Thursday, December 9, 2010


Around this time of year, you see blog posts about how everyone's little one's are getting colds & have runny noses & congestion.

Well my baby is no exception. We in the Davis household are battling colds. Boo. Except, Claire doesn't have a runny or stuffy nose & boogies. She has a runny....throat. Yep, it's as gross as it sounds.

Because of the cleft in her soft pallet, there is nothing that separates her nose from her throat. So anything that is in her nose, goes straight into her throat- making for a lovely mucus filled mouth. Poor baby!! So instead of me sucking boogies out of her nose with the aspirator, I am constantly sticking it in her mouth & sucking out gobs of nasties {sorry is you're eating lunch while reading this :/}

It takes my poor girl forever to eat a bottle because we have to take breaks & suck stuff out of her throat. At least she's a major trooper about it!
I really can't wait to get this problem fixed! We had a follow-up appointment on Monday with the doctor that will be doing her surgery. His main concern back in October at her first appointment, was that she wasn't gaining an adequate amount of weight. At the time, she only weighed 7lbs. 5oz. And she was 6 weeks old! That was when i was still breastfeeding her & she wasn't getting enough :( Well on Monday, she weighed in at 10lbs 14oz!! That's about 3 & 1/2 pounds she has put on in 6 weeks! YAY BABY GIRL!! So we went ahead & scheduled her surgery for March 11th. She has to be at least 6 months old before the doctor will do the surgery. It is an in-patient procedure where she will stay overnight.

As much as I am dreading seeing my girl undergo surgery, I am so excited to not have her suffer anymore with this stupid cleft!! She will be able to eat & breathe normally & I can't wait.

Another problem with clefts is that it is raises the risk of ear infections. So it got me wondering, how do you know if your baby has an ear infection? She had a low-grade fever yesterday & today, the outside of her right ear is red. Just curious. I hope she doesn't have one. She hasn't been any fussier than normal!

Well, Happy Thursday!! :)
Better get back to work! Did I mention I get to work from home a few days a week? That's a whole other post!


  1. Hope she feels better soon! Work from home! Lucky girl!

  2. Your baby girl is adorable!

    Here is a link to another great blog...All Things G&D...her daughter also has the cleft in her soft pallet and just had the surgery.

  3. Poor girl! Maybe she'll start liking the bulb soon James hated it so much then one day he started grinning when I sucked the boogies!

  4. Poor thing! Hope she gets better soon! That sounds like ZERO fun!

  5. I was totally eating lunch while reading this but what mom can't handle a little mucus discussion while eating her salad! Poor Claire! I hope she starts feeling better soon.

    As far as your concern about an ear infection, my daughter has tubes due to so many ear infections. She never got any more fussy when she had an infection and never ran a fever. I always knew she had an infection when she would get REALLY stuffed up and when I put her down to sleep she would immediately wake up and scream due to the pressure she felt in her ears when I laid her down.

  6. Poor little girl! I cannot wait until she can have her surgery.

  7. Poor baby, I feel so bad for her. I hope the appointment goes great with the doc and he can settle on a time to do the surgery.
    I love that picture of her. Her smile is just beautiful.

  8. Lidia has had millions of ear infections and the biggest clue is her sleep. If she's not sleeping as well as normal or not at all usually is the biggest sign because when they lay down there is so much pressure if their ears. Also, tugging on ears (when she gets older) and just fussier in general. Hope that helps!!

  9. She is so adorable & I am happy that you guys have a set day for the surgery!