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Thursday, February 4, 2010

9 Weeks!

I was 9 weeks yesterday but was in sort of a funk with not feeling well & just feeling down, so I didn't feel like blogging. BUT, I'm better today!

Things are going well on the pregnancy front. I have my first pre-natal appointment on Tuesday & just got a bunch of blood drawn, peed in a cup & my favorite part of all... THE ULTRASOUND!!

Baby has grown so much since last week. It's actually starting to look like a baby now instead of just a blob! S/he was moving their little arms up & down & flipping all around. It was SO cool! We found the heartbeat right away just a beatin' 173bpm. The dr. then put the doppler on my tummy to see if by chance he could hear the heartbeat this early on. And, he could! It was seriously the sweetest sound I have ever heard in my life. AMAZING.

Here is a (not so good) picture of baby. Can you see the head & the torso?!?
SO cool!
Now for the weekly survey:

How far along: 9 weeks!!

Total weight gain: I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I have gained almost 6lbs! REALLY?! In my defense though, I feel like it is all water & bloat. God, I hope so. I need to slow my roll

How big is baby?: the size of a green olive

Maternity clothes?: nope, just rockin' the BeBand

Stretch Marks?: Nope

Sleep: This has been ok. I wake up at least 3x a night to pee.

Best moment this week?: Seeing my baby of course!

Movement: Uh. No.

Food Cravings: Unfortunately, anything that's not healthy. I made DH make a 10:30 run to Taco Bell the other night because I needed a bean burrito or I may have died. I guess that explains the weight gain. hmmmm....

Labor Signs: I am going to remove this question because it is so irrelevant

Belly Button: Innie.

What I miss: Chardonnay. Still. Feeling pretty & good about myself

What I'm looking forward to: Entering the 2nd trimester in a few weeks!!

Milestone: Anotha' week down :)

I'm sorry but this body is not cute
I just want a real baby bump already instead of looking chubby


  1. look at that baby!!! SO absolutely adorable!! Hubs and I kept referring to ours at this stage as a gummy bear! something about those short little arms and ginormous head! Haha! So stinking cute.. Just wait another two-three weeks and when you see little babe again it's going to look like a real baby!! its so incredible. i cant get over it! :) Yay!!!

  2. What are you talking about!! You are SO cute, and it is totally starting to look like a bump to me!

  3. Very cute bean, and baby belly! I am so glad things are going well.

  4. What a cute little "peanut"! Are yall hoping for a boy or girl? By the way you do not look chubby, I think you look amazing and defintley a cute baby bump!!

  5. You look great! I am not showing like you are. I am jealous! I also had my prenatal appointment yesterday! I am so excited I found someone here close my due date! Hope you feel better.

  6. I hope your having a much better day today :)
    The baby pic is soooo sweet. The heartbeat is fast. What did I guess it was before???
    Well I think its a girl. I can't remember if thats what I said in the very beginning but I say it now.
    We found out Coop was a boy at 10 weeks. Can you believe that? It was SO early.
    It was sort of a fluke though, Not normal.

  7. so cute, your little gummy bear :) and your belly pic looks GREAT!! yay, happy 9 weeks.

  8. You look great and ur little bump is so cute if you think thats blah you should see me it looks like im 30 weeks pregnant :( your little baby is so cute how is the morning sickness going are the pills still working

  9. Thank you guys!! Well I'm going on the record & saying it's going to be a girl because I completely believe in the Chinese gender chart. Seriously, that thing is never wrong... but we'll see.
    *Meant to be a mo-- how in the world did you find out Coop was a boy @ 10 weeks?!? that's CRAZY!

  10. Mrs. D, the chinese gender chart has been wrong for both of my boys!!! But hopefully it'll be right for you!!

  11. Derr... It's totally a girl ;) You look adorable laur!