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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday marked my 11th week of pregnancy.

Good lordy I'm gettin' up there, even though it's going by soooooo slow. I decided to do my pregnancy post today & a vacation post tonight (even though I said I would do it last night, I couldn't muster up the energy to do anything but lay on the couch & eat lucky charms).

All things pregnancy related are going well. I'm *slowly* getting out of the woods as far as "morning" sickness goes. I'm nauseous if I don't eat, but besides that, I've been doing fine! WAHOO!

How far along?: 11 weeks
How big is baby?: a lime. yumm! makes me want budlight lime ;)
Weight gain?: I don't own a scale, therefore don't know how much I've gained since last appt. I sure as hell haven't lost anything
Maternity Clothes?: I received my Old Navy order last Friday & was so excited. Then I opened the box & the clothes looked like tents. The dress (a small) looked like it could fit a small elephant & the jeans? The jeans looked like something from the 70's & WERE HUGE!!! So, I returned those of course & have been living in leggings & long shirts. I tell ya, maternity clothes on a budget are not very cute (at least in my opinion).
Stretch Marks?: I thought I saw one on my side & flipped out, but it was just a line & went away. THANK GOODNESS
Sleep?: amazing. all the time. Except when I wake up at 3am starving then I have to get something to eat or else I'll puke.
Best moment this week?: my wonderful Cali vacation of course!
Movement?: nope, nope.
Food cravings?: just food in general. Nothing healthy though
Gender?: Me thinks it's a girl.
Belly button in or out?: innnnnn
What I miss?: My skinny face & my libido (my poor husband)!!! && Chardonnay (duh).
What I'm looking forward to?: reaching the 2nd trimester!!!
Milestones: anotha' week down I suppose.

Sorry my survey Q's change every week, I am always finding different variations that I like better.

I think I'm finally starting to see something besides bloat...
Sorry, I was in my jammies :)


  1. I definitely see a cute little bump growing there. Congrats! :)

  2. look at that little belly! i LOVE it! i dont see ANY bloat there.. just BABY! :) Um, let's talk about ON maternity wear. I have gone through THREE mail orders and three returns. Dear lord.. their stuff is GINORMOUS! Defintiely stick with an XS in most stuff- and even then, it's a little roomy.. I just figure that eventually, i should start to fill it out more!! But it was definitely nice ordering a size 4 pant and returning it for a 2.. 16 weeks pregnant! Haha! <3

  3. Holy all the sudden baby bump!!! LOL to dress made for a small elephant.

  4. I have been reading yours as well! ha ha. Cannot wait to see your precious babe! I guess the lurker in us is out!

  5. Such a cute bump!! My name is Chardonnay and EVERY time you write that you miss me, I'm caught off guard :)

  6. yayness. Cute bump. Cant wait too see what you are having.

  7. I hear you on the clothes looking huge! I even have a blog about maternity shopping on a budget, but it really is hard to find cute stuff! I'm 19 weeks and just finally gave up on the BeBand and broke down and bought maternity pants.

  8. you are getting such a cute little bump!!

  9. I definitely see a baby bump there! Woohoo!! :)

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  11. Did you say Budlime?? ::runs to fridge:: yes, I have it in my fridge... jealous? ;)
    You look adorable, laur You are starting to show so early!

  12. Oh, and something I learned during pregnancy (especially if you're on a budget) don't buy maternity clothes too early!!! I bought a ton of stuff at like 14 weeks & in smalls & NONE of the shirts fit by the time I was like 22 weeks!

  13. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments!

    Heid, A: am SO jealous about this whole beer situation. I don't like you right now ;) B: That's a good tip about not buying mat clothes too early. I only bought some stuff from old navy because they were having a HUGE sale. All of the shirts will probably way too small very soon.

  14. Being pregnant is definately a one of a kind miracle. I noticed you commented on a friend of mines blog and saw that you are expecting also. Congratulations, and your blogspot is cute. :o)