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Monday, June 20, 2011


Sorry this took me FOREVER. But, here is the pumping vlog I promised you. 

I am by no means an expert on pumping. These are just tips of what works for me.

I filmed the stupid thing about 34983403948 times before I was "pleased" with it. I look like a farmer, but whatev.

So anyway, watch if you are interested & comment if you have ANY other questions.


  1. This is great. Very real and down to earth! I think it will be helpful to pumping mamas. Tweeting the link now :)

  2. Yay ! I missed you ! Hope Baby Claire is doing better. I love your hair like that :) You look a little bit like January Jones ;)

    Bisous !

  3. A) you are the cutest. Love the hat.

    B) You rock, mama. End of story.

    C) C watched this video with me and he luuuuuuurves you... ;o)

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  5. hey, thanks so much for doing this. My son is 4 months and my supply has dwindled down to 2 oz a day and i would love to build it so that i can give him some of my milk for another 6 months. One question which you may think is stupid, but i will ask anyway. When you said every 3 hours, do you count your 3 hours from when you began pumping or when you ended the pumping? Also, how long do you pump on each side?


  6. I am just so ridiculously impressed! Pumping is so much more work than nursing (I know, because I do both as a working mama) and I cannot imagine how challenging it can be to arrange your life around your pumping schedule, especially when you did it every 3 hours! Go you. For reals.

  7. loved the video thanks for the info it will become very handy once i have to go back to work this fall

  8. Great vlog! Thank you for posting!

    Can I ask you a few more questions? How long did you pump on each side to build your supply? How did you manage caring for Claire while you were busy pumping (cause you know, these babes don't understand that you need to go away and pump for a little while..)? Lastly, any tips for pumping while being "out and about"?


  9. I love both of these blogs you did on pumping, anyone who is wanting to breast feed should check them out! I'm almost to 11 months of breastfeeding/pumping while at work with my daughter. I've been dealing with some supply issues the past 3 weeks I started the fenugreek caps and upped my pumping sessions two twice a day at work. We've ran through what I had as a freezer stash, I got lazy and decreased pumping sessions when I felt like I had more milk than we would ever need, wish I didn't do that! Hoping to make it to a year, for some reason I have a huge issue with supplementing at this point, not because I have anything against formula just that I feel like I am failing at something when I should feel like I have made a huge accomplishment to make it this far.