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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She did it.

Last night, Claire officially said "Mama". 

After much encouragement & practicing on our part, she went from "bbbba bbbba" to "bbmmmaa ma". 


Of course I didn't get it on video or anything like that. Which totally bums me out because we got her saying "dada" on video. Oh well.

Tonight, she also figured out that if she shoves a cracker in the doggy's face, the doggy will eat it. So that was a fun little game they played. Not. 

At least she likes sharing, no? 

And last but DEFINITELY not least, Claire is finally showing some interest & motivation in wanting to crawl!!!


For the longest time, she'd just sit and whine & fuss and move her hands because that's all she knew how to do.

But tonight, out of nowhere, she went from sitting to moving her hands to one side & went onto her tummy. That's about as far as she got before getting frustrated & crying, but she's making progress! I'm only this excited about wanting her to crawl because I KNOW she wants to get moving so bad & I KNOW she will be much more content once she figures it out. 

I've had a post full of updates sitting in my drafts for over a week with lots of pictures. I just need to finish writing it so I can post it!

Also, thank you SO much for all of you that gave me amazing suggestions on our upcoming trip! I've calmed down a bit & know it will all be ok! We leave tomorrow! AH!


  1. yaya Claire!! It's such an amazing feeling hearing them say Mama.... and great that she is showing motivation to move... pretty soon she'll be all over the place!

    have a fun and safe trip!

  2. When Grayson gets tired of eating, he now throws his food on purpose to the dogs. He will even hold it up to their mouths! Ridiculous...cracks me up what they figure out so young!

  3. Yay Claire!! She will be all over the place before you know it!

  4. Hope you get a pic of the cracker sharing ;-)

    Aiden was a late crawler as well, but is walking now at 13 months, which seems pretty normal. I was in no hurry to have him mobile, though! You can never go back, hahaha.

  5. Go Claire! Liv was also a late crawler...she was so content and started crawling around 8 1/2 months...and walking at 9!! Now she's hell on wheels :)

  6. Hearing "mama" is wonderful, isn't it?!
    I have to admit that I kinda like it when my little girl whines for me "mama...mama...maaaamaaa". It's so cute. Also, to know that you are needed still as they are becoming so independent! :)
    Crawling is fun, but I really loved when I could just set my girl somewhere and not have to worry about her dissapearing :)
    Good luck to ya!
    Sweet Serendipity

  7. Love this post!! I love all of the new things Claire is doing - is crazy how much the learn/change/develop in such a short period of time!

  8. YAY! Love that she is saying Momma! How exciting

  9. I just found your blog and love it! I added it to my list of blogs. I love the saying you have at the end, so I put it on my blog. I hope that's o.k. Your baby is such a cutie!

  10. YAY mama!!!!!!! The best word in the dictionary, right??

  11. It's the best feeling in the world :)