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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 months old. Early Intervention. & Other Updates

Hey, remember me? No? 
Ok, well, I'm that one mom with a 10 month old daughter who rarely blogs nowadays. 

Now do you remember? Good.

So ya. Needless to say, I've been missing in action when it comes to this thing. I say that in every post I've done in the last month, but it's true! 

I suck. I'm sorry. 

But for my own memory, I NEED to keep this up. I love blogging & chronicling events & milestones & updates in our busy lives & then going back months from now re-living everything. 

So here we go.

For starters, like I said, I HAVE A 10 MONTH OLD BABY LIVING IN THIS HOUSE. Wasn't she just this little nugget?


Now she's this little {non-crawling} spitfire. 
With my dad in Kansas City

For my memory, let me just take a minute & update with what she's up to:

*Wearing size 3 dipes
*Still in 6 month clothing
*Weighs about 16lbs {5th %tile}
*27" {ish} long. 
*Saying dada, yaya, baba, hi, and the occasional mama.
 *Goes to bed no later than 7pm & wakes up between 7:30-8am
*DEEPEST FREAKING SLEEPER IN HISTORY. She slept through the loudest, most obnoxious fireworks our neighbors set off last week. 
*Has 2 bottom teeth & one top tooth poking through.
*Had her first {high} fever on Father's Day followed by Roseola.
Poor baby!
Stupid Rash!

*Claps, dances, and loves to share her toys & food.
*Still not crawling {more on that in a minute}
*LOVES TO EAT. I swear she eats all the time. And she will only feed herself. She absolutely will not allow me to feed her. Miss independent, much?
*Drinking about 4 {5oz} bottles of breast milk a day
I think those are the the biggest things that have happened this past month. 

Our trip to Kansas City went off without a freakin' hitch. 

Claire did absolutely amazing on the plane ride there & back. She sat on my lap & played the entire time.
She never fails to exceed my expectations.

We had a blast at the wedding, but OHMYGOD it was disgustingly hot. 

Living in such a dry state, it's a rude awakening when you go to the Midwest & try to stay outside for longer than 2 minutes without being drenched with sweat. 

So of course the wedding was outdoors & we were in a park taking pictures for at least 2 hours. My hair looked amazing, let me tell ya. 

But overall, it was such a fun, much needed getaway!

Our little fam after the ceremony.

My friendly girl waving at the guests. 

We got back into town late July 3rd, so on the 4th, we were tired. 
It was rainy the whole day, so we did nothing.  

We attempted setting off a couple of "silent" {I use quotes because we were told they had no noise, but they did in fact scream when hubs lit them} fireworks at our house before Claire went to bed, but she didn't enjoy that very much. She clung to my shoulder for dear life. Poor thing! HA!

Just a few other random pictures to throw in:

The only picture I captured on Father's Day. Claire was sick. And it was approximately 40 degrees that day.

Hanging by the pool with momma.
Now, onto a more serious topic.

When I took Claire for her 9 month Well Baby check-up a few weeks ago, her pediatrician asked me if she was crawling, cruising along furniture, rolling over, pushing up on her arms when on her stomach.

I told her "no" for all of the above. She wasn't surprised that she wasn't cruising along furniture yet, but she was slightly concerned that she wasn't doing any of the other things. 

I told her that I had been a little concerned for a while & that's when the topic of Early Intervention came up.

Early Intervention is a program funded by the state that provides children {that qualify} services to help them "catch up" if you will, to where they need to be by Kindergarten. 

 Hell ya, I was on board.

So, last week, someone came out to our house to evaluate Claire to see if she would qualify for the help.

He performed an array of tests on Claire's motor development & fine motor skills, along with asking me a whole bunch of questions about her.

When completed, he told me that Claire has the Fine Motor Skills of a 12 month old {yay smarty baby!}, but that she has the Motor Development of a 7 month old {not surprised}, and that she would qualify for help from them to get back on track.

Basically all they are going to help us with is strengthening her muscle tone in her tummy, arms & back so that we can get her caught up to where she needs to be in that area. 

Still with me?

So, starting on August 4th, a therapist will come out to our home twice a month & work with Claire.

In between visits, they will provide hubs & I exercises to help strengthen her little body & practice, practice, practice.

I would absolutely not be doing this if there was no need for it. Or if I didn't think Claire was ready to get moving. But? She IS! She gets so frustrated when she cant push up on her little arms & support her weight. It sucks, because I want to do it for her, but alas, I cannot. So, Early Intervention it is.

I know there may be many different views on this, but please, no snarky comments, k? Thanks.

If you're still reading after this 9 hour post, you rock. 

Happy Tuesday, loves! 


  1. I bet the early intervention does wonders!! And Yay for 12 month fine motor skills. Genius!

  2. I've seen Early Intervention work wonders! Go baby C, it will be so worth it :)

  3. I about drooled on the computer when I saw your picture from Steak N' Shake! Haha
    Hoping the early intervention will help out little Claire, I know Ella would get SO frustrated when kids her age were doing things that she just wasn't doing yet!

  4. I have been on a blogging hiatus too! Glad to have you back as well. I cannot believe how big Claire is getting, crazy!

  5. Sounds like an amazing program! I am sure Clair will do wonderful in it and catch up before we know it. Love all the pics of her, and you guys!

  6. First . . You look smoking momma!

    Second - no idea how time goes SO fast with little ones, but it isn't fair! Claire is so darn sweet though!

    Third - I am a preschool special education teacher and I LOVE when I see parents get kids involved with Early Intervention services . . . because THEY WORK :) I'll be praying for you little sweetie but know she'll make great gains!!!!

  7. Hey if the doctor suggested it, its free, and it might help your little girl get going where she wants to go, then no harm done, right?

    Claire is such a doll.

  8. Look how teeny she was :) Love all the pictures. I am sure she will be caught up in no time and then she will be into everything lol!

  9. My older daughter was put into early intervention for exactly the same thing! She started crawling and cruising after just one appointment. I think she just wasn't ready before then (she was only 9 months) but EI showed her HOW to do it and she just took off. And she was walking by one! Good luck to your beautiful girl!

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  11. Good for you mama!! As a school counselor..I have seen early intervention do wonders for kids who are just a bit behind. Claire will be motoring around before you know it :)

  12. What type of exercises do they do with claire? Just outta curiousity. good luck-I think why not use every available resource out there if you have an inkling that something is not right-good for you!

  13. I bet she just needs a little help being showed how to do it and she will be on the go in NO time. Good for you for being proactive!

    Our Growing Garden

  14. I think it's great that there are free programs like that to help!

  15. Don't worry about what others think of your decision to start with Early Intervention.

    You're doing what's best for your sweet little girl. :)

  16. Claire is so adorable, I love reading your blog posts no matter how few and far between they are.

  17. I don't understand why anyone would be snarky about responsibly caring for your daughter. People are ignorant if they have objections to allowing her the help she needs. I'm so glad this is going to work for you! :)

  18. So glad you are back! You seriously have such a cute family!

    And I am so glad you are being proactive and getting Claire the help she needs so she can be on the go! She is going to take off so soon!! I just know it!

  19. I am a director at a preschool and several of our children have had early intervention and it has done wonders for them. I highly recommend it.

  20. With the way her hands are always curled up and her delays in development I would be concerned about cerebal palsy

  21. @ Jessica, thank you for your "concern" but I'm pretty sure she doesn't have cerebral palsy....not sure where you'd even get that from.

  22. Well because most times it isn't diagnosed until a child is 2 or 3 or older, she has low muscle tone and is developmentally delayed, and her hand and feet are always curled and deformed looking get an MRI

  23. I think its a great decision and whatever you decide is best for Claire is the best and everyone who is important will support it!

    also, let's ignore jessica...she's read a little too much web md.

  24. HA! Desi, I love you for this comment.

  25. I've worried about my daughter's upper body strength...she just started rolling over(she's a little over 6 months). We'll see where that goes.

    My first daughter didn't crawl until she was 10 months RIGHT before she started walking. I guess each kid has their own time table.

    I'm sure Claire will love learning to move around better, though! Good luck! :)

  26. I just found your blog, your daughter is precious. I have a family member that used EI for speech therapy and it was amazing. Good for you. You are obviously a terrific mama! Anyway, good luck!!!!

  27. Quinn did early intervention for her feeding issues, and I had a friend use it for a delay in her daughter's speech. It is an excellent program, and I think people are silly to not take advantage of it! Good luck!

  28. There is nothing wrong with early intervention... if anything yay for doing it!! when i was teaching i would get so frustrated when parents would deny help for their kids in whatever area it was... most of the time it was for speech. i am sure claire will do great!

  29. My goodness your adorable teeny tiny baby turned into a beautiful little girl! Like overnight!

    I think it's great that you're doing the early intervention thing - I'm sure she'll be crawling all over the place before you know it. That Jessica broad is a turd for even saying that.

  30. It's great that you have programs like Early Intervention that can help with things like these.In South Africa (where I live) kids have to go to physical therapists if they need help,and they are seriously expensive.

    Claire is such a tiny thing,it's no wonder she has trouble - but I'm sure she'll be caught up in no time,and then she's gonna drive you guys nuts with trying to keep up with her.Good luck!

  31. I think it's amazing that they offer that program! I would take advantage of it, too. I hope it does wonders for Miss Claire!

    Not all Jessica's are created equal... just sayin.'

  32. She's getting so big! I bet the early intervention will really help! It sounds like you've been busy!

  33. My mom told me that I never crawled when I was a baby. I just got up one day and ran off. I'm sure Claire will be up and running in no time! I mean I just scrolled down and saw her standing up in your 39 week post. ;)

  34. you have been missed! But I SO know how hard it is to keep up on things like blogging when you have little ones running around.

    Claire is precious! You have such a cute little fam and I an LOVING your hair. almost makes me want to cut mine :)

    Keep us updated on the early intervention with the crawling. I bet she will be all the place in no time, and you might wish for just a SECOND that you could go back to when she not so mobile :)

  35. Glad there is some free help! What a great program! I am sure Claire will be ALL OVER THE PLACE in no time! Until enjoy it my darling ;o) Glad you are back to posting!

  36. You look amazing... I love that dress you wore at the wedding. And your hair is adorable. And Claire is too big & cute. And I can't wait to see you in 1 week!!!!!

  37. So, two things. First, Arianna (she's 23 months now) didn't crawl until 10.5 months. It just about killed me. I had never heard of any other of my friend's babies crawling THAT late. Then she started walking at 12 months, haha. Our pediatrician never had any concerns though, which I always thought was weird. Second, I work for an Early Intervention program, and you will just love it! I bet Claire will be crawling within weeks! Good luck :)

  38. I want her clothes for our baby girl! What a cutie pie! :) And she can't be 10 months, can she? It goes SO fast! Best of luck with the Early Intervention, I am looking into that for Brayden's speech.

  39. That's what I do! I do Early Intervention for kiddos, I am a Speech Therapist:)