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Friday, September 9, 2011

Back by popular demand :)

So, since so many from Twitter wanted me to update, I figured I'd get my lazy ass on my laptop & do it. 


So here's what's up:

*Claire is ONE. 12 months. Over 365 days old. {wearing 6mo pants, 9mo tops, 12 mo jams} Ha!

*Still going strong with the E.I. {Early Intervention}. She's making SO much progress! SHE PULLED UP TO STANDING ON HER OWN THE OTHER NIGHT! AND, she's actually getting into the crawl position on a regular basis. HUGE PROGRESS. You may think this is nothing for a 1 year old, but for her, it's big! 

*We have her 12mo check up on monday. No clue how much she weighs or how long she is. 

*Since she's 1 now, she thinks it's ok to throw temper tantrums and refuse fruits & veggies & eat only crackers, cheese & bread.

*Speaking of Claire, she has had *the* nastiest diapers lately. Teething? The cow's milk? Whatever it is, it's naaaasttyyyy. 

*We are one day THREE of no bottle!  She's drinking a mix of breast milk & cow's milk out of sippys now. YAY! It was a hell of a lot easier to cut the bottle than I thought it'd be.  

*Fall is just around the corner, and I am SO not ready for it. I normally crave the autumn weather, scents &  comfort food, but this year? I'm not. I honestly think it's because I was in such a hard place this time last year {dealing with the post partum}, that I want summer to stay forever. 

*Her birthday party was this past Sunday. And, it was AMAZING. Just how I thought it would be! But one thing I learned? I much prefer being a guest over being a hostess. That shit is stressful. Also? My kitchen isn't big enough for 20+ people. You know, since that's where everyone hangs out ;)

*I've been suffering from a weird stomach thing since Saturday. NO, I'm NOT pregnant. 
 I haven't really been able to drink or eat anything for 4 days. EVERY TIME I take a bite of anything, I feel like I'm going to explode. I am SO hungry, but can't eat. I had blood work & an ultrasound done yesterday, so I'm hoping I get some answers today. I wouldn't be surprised it's ulcers. I have been SO stressed about everything lately. Don't ask why. Just very high strung. 

*I'm so over my blog design. It's super outdated & boring. But? I don't have the time or money to make it cute. So, I guess I'll deal with it.

*I *will* have a Birthday Party Post up by Monday. Swear. Hold me to it. Plenty of pictures for all.


  1. Has Claire been fine with adding regular cow's milk to her diet? Grayson HATES it and it's making me frustrated. We have tried mixing it with his formula & giving it to him plain in his sippy...he gags and spits it out. What was your method?

    I can't wait to see her party pictures!

  2. Claire is getting so big. I can't believe she turned one...its craziness. Also, I just went to a simple layout on blogger and then jazzed up a picture with a title on picnik....I got bored of my layout too and didn't want to pay anything :)

  3. Have you tried cutest blog on the block? They have really cute layouts and they're free :-) That's where mine is from since I don't really have time or money to put into it!

  4. I think your blog is adorable.

    I hope you get to feeling better and happy belated bday to baby girl!

  5. yayaya for update!! you have greatly been missed... and yaya for Claire's big progress! she'll be crawling soon, i'm sure :)

    hope your stomach stuff works out... keep me updated.

  6. So many yay's!! Claire's progress and no bottles! Seriously, before you know it she'll be asking for the damn keys to the car and wearing mini skirts and uggs!! :) Sorry to hear you've been not feeling well lately! Hopefully you hear something today- being hungry and not being able to eat just sounds like the worst thing in the whole world :( I can't wait to see these party pictures! i bet it was AH-MAZING!!! Hugs!!

  7. Yay for her progress and cutting out bottles! :) That is fantastic! Brayden went through a cracker/bread/cheese thing only too- it's ok! :)

  8. New follower! Love your blog! She is so sweet and precious! Congrats on 1 year!!!