Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Double Digits

I am 10 weeks pregnant today!! Eeeeee!!! I just think 10wks sounds so much further along than 9wks; and that makes me very excited. This past week has been fairly manageable. Besides feeling dizzy & nauseous all the time, I feel great. HAHA. I'm finally just coming to terms that this sickness stage will eventually pass & to just deal for now.

I feel bigger this week. Bigger everywhere. My boobs, my hips (or lack there of), my face (OHMYGOSH), and my belly!!! I know it's all bloat at this point and I just wish my tummy would just pop already.

One of my best friends who just got engaged over Thanksgiving called me last week saying that they were thinking about moving the wedding from the summer of 2011 to THIS SUMMER. It wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't in her line!! She asked me if I still felt comfortable being in the line since I would be 7-8months pregnant, I said of course; but that puts a lot of pressure on me. That means I have to do some serious arm exercises between now & July/August if I want to look halfway decent. YIKES.

Ok, moving onto the survey:

How are along?: 10 weeks!

Total weight gain: well as of last Tuesday, I was up 6 lbs. Um, that's really embarrassing

How big is baby?: The size of a prune, still seems so little!!

Maternity Clothes?: Well I just ordered a bunch of summer clothes from Old Navy. They were having this amazing sale, so I couldn't resist. Today on my lunch, I am going to try to find some long shirts/tunics that I can wear with leggings because I cannot stand wearing my jeans anymore & the BeBand is bugging me! So uncomfortable!!

Stretch marks?: Please No!!

Sleep?: I have found myself being SOO much more tired lately, but have a really hard time falling asleep mixed with peeing 3X a night.

Best Moment this week?: I guess ordering my first maternity clothes. Big moment people!

Movement?: Ya, that would be a negative

Food Cravings?: Taco Bell bean burritos with extra cheese please. Seriously, I crave this constantly.

Belly button?: Still innie :)

What I miss: My figure, my designer jeans (I should get used to this one), and Chardonnay (still)

Milestone: Inching my way to the 2nd Trimester! T minus 3 weeks & counting!
Dear bloat, please go away.
Love, me.

Oh & see those jeans I have on? Well those babies used to be HUGE on me. I would have to pull them up past my belly button for them to stay.

Now? I can barely get them over my hips & butt & they are being held together by a hair tie.

Ok, I'm done with my pity party.


  1. Haha oh lovely laur you crack me up! If you think you're big now JUST YOU WAIT. I can't wait to see you waddling yourself through the Taco Bell line ;)
    Oh, and who is getting married??

  2. Congrats on double-digits! Only two more weeks to 2nd Tri...that's huge! You may feel bloated, icky, etc., but you are one of the lucky ones. You still look cute, pregnant. P.S. Pea in the Pod has cute designer maternity jeans. :-)

  3. You look great! I did feel better once my belly was clearly a prego belly and not an "I had too many treats" belly. You'll be there in no time :)Congrats on 10 weeks!

  4. I cant believe that those were your "fat" jeans. Those look teeny tiny. You will rock your cute little bump in that wedding this summer! Yay for 10 weeks!

  5. You look great & there are a ton of pregnant workout video that you can do in the comfort of your own home &/or sofa if all you want to work out is your arms :)

  6. You look good! Don't be hard on yourself. Lately I've been craving Whataburger. P.S. Your little bump is cute!!

  7. Yes for double digits and almost being in the second trimester:)

  8. I'm not just saying this but I can totally see a little baby bump. You look adorable. And how exciting that you got to buy some summer maternity clothes. Its so much fun when you look really prego and you can wear them finally.
    I bet you will have fun at your friends wedding and at least you will have fun pictures as memories of being in the wedding during your first pregnancy. So fun.

  9. I dont think its bloat anymore!! Totally a baby bump! I think you look great!

  10. Congrats on double digits! And I totally agree with everyone who's been saying that is FOR SURE a baby bump! You look adorable!

  11. So cute! I found out I was pregnant at 10 weeks with my last LO! It really makes the time go by when you stay in denial for a little while longer...LOL!