Friday, June 11, 2010

28 Weeks!!

Am I really 28 weeks pregnant? Is this real life? When did this happen?

Seriously, I cannot believe that baby girl will be here in (give or take) 12 WEEKS!! It seems so far away, yet so close at the same time. I can't wait to meet this little lady. She is going to turn our lives upside down & I am so freakin' excited!

How far along?: 28 weeks
How big is baby?: about 2.2lbs. Keep growing babe!
Weight gain?: I'm up 2lbs since I weighed myself 2 wks ago. So, I guess I'm staying on track even though I've been eating like arse. I *think* that puts me up about 18.5lbs?
Stretch Marks?: NOPE! But, my belly has been SO itchy this week. It's so hard not to scratch it. It's obviously stretching.
Maternity Clothes?: bottoms, yes. Dresses & most shirts, no.
Sleep?: meh. It depends on the night.
Best moment this week?: Having one of my best friend's come visit me for the day!
Food Cravings?: Nothing really. Just food.
Gender?: still a girl...
Movement?: duh. I have a gymnast living in my womb. Constant movement!
Belly Button?: totally not there anymore! It's completely stretched & flat. I don't know if it will ever pop. But it's SO weird looking
What I miss?: being able to take my puppy on walks without getting severe stomach cramps. I can't walk anywhere without getting a cramp or 5 in my stomach :(
Labor Signs?: NOPE! Maybe in 9 weeks... AHHH!!
What I'm looking forward to?: Having my husband come home tomorrow!! My gosh it's been a long week!!!
Milestone?: I can no longer see my lady bits. Yep. definitely a milestone to celebrate. HA!

This was taken Tuesday when my sweet friend Melissa
came to visit me all the way from Georgia :)
Sorry about the grungy look.
This was taken last night when I was being a bum See, no belly button!


  1. Wow! Your belly button really did disappear! You still look great though!

  2. You look huge in a 'I'm very pregnant and still cute" kinda way! You look great! Give that bellybutton a few more weeks, my bellybuttons transformation to outie was quite disturbing.

  3. Wow your pregnancy really is flying by!

  4. You look great! Love your dress, again! Hilarious that your belly button is gone! :)

  5. Look at you! I can't believe your so close. It does sound far and near all at the same time. Crazy!

    You look so cute. I hope you have fun with your hubby now that he'll be home.

  6. You look GREAT :) I can't believe we're 28 weeks pregnant!

  7. Haha OMG where is your belly button?! And I'm so jelous that Liss got to see you, but I'll be there next month woot!