Tuesday, May 31, 2011

39 weeks in. 39 weeks out. {LONG}

OH MY DEAR LORD. Claire has been here with us on the outside world as long as she was in my womb.

That is just mind blowing.
She does weird things with her hands...ha!

Naturally, 39 weeks carrying her inside of me completely draggged.

Random pictures  taken on my iPhone. Ya, I got an iPhone for MOTHER'S DAY! I guess I really have sucked at blogging.

But 39 weeks with her here with us? HAS FLOWN. I absolutely cannot express that feeling. Obviously all of you moms feel the same way, I'm sure.

Anyway, our Claire Lula is NINE months old yesterday. Like Lindsey stated on Twitter, "too close to being a year old for comfort". So true. I can't even stand the fact that she will be a year old in 3 short months. Oy.

Even though I just did her 8 month update like two weeks ago, because I was lazy & neglected to update. I will jot down a few of the things she is up to as of late:

* Weighs approixmately 16 pounds. Give or take a few ounces
* Just barely in size 3 dipes. They are a tad big, but more comfy on her than 2's.
* Wearing 6 month clothing & size 1 shoe.
* Eating 3 solid meals & drinking four 5-6oz bottles a day.
*Will not eat purees anymore. She's 100% into feeding herself. Miss independant.
*Takes 2 naps. At 10 & 2. Always an hour or less.
*Loves to mock us. WE ARE IN FOR IT.
*Still sporting just her two bottom teeth.
*Sleeps 12-14 hrs a night. Always in bed by 6:30-7:00. We have tried to push back her bedtime, but she always dictates that she MUST be in bed by then. Or else...
*Still no interest in crawling, but we can tell she WANTS to get moving. She just isn't quite sure how.
*Enjoys standing while holding onto something. She feels very big.
*Says "dada" and can smack her lips & makes the "B" sound. That's about it. Ha!
*She poops in the tub at least 4x a week. GOOD FREAKIN' TIMES.
*Taught herself to play peek-a-boo. MOST ADORABLE THING!!

One thing we've realized in the past month, is that Claire MUST have her naps & MUST be in bed by at least 7pm. There have been a few instances lately that we've been out & about at her naptime/bedtime, and she is just a complete GREMLIN. And the sad thing is, she refuses to nap or go to bed anywhere BUT her crib. So, sleeping in her stroller? Not an option. I really hope this changes in the next month, or else the trip we are going on is going to be a nightmare! She's by no means an easy going baby, & that worries me. HAHA!

That's about all of the updates I have on the baby front. She brings so much joy, and laughter to our family. It's just amazing to see her little personality continue to come out every day. She's so sensitive & sweet. I love her.


Now, since Claire has offcially been out as long as she was in, I thought it would be fun to do a comparison of how momma looks now & then.

9 months ago, I was huge, swollen & miserable with 3 chins & cankles:

Now? I'm about 57 pounds lighter & much more comfortable & happy {duh}.

In all honesty, I have never been as small as I am now. {not bragging, or complaining} Granted, it has taken about 7 months to get here, and I attribute most {if not all} of that to this:

I never realized how much of a "workout" pumping is. I'm enjoying my body now & eating whatever the hell I want, because let's face it, when Claire hits a year old & I retire my old friend, I'll be sure to gain some weight back. Shoot. I've been slowly weaning myself from the pump. Going every 5-6hrs between sessions. It feels so weird to have that much free time!

I pray that my metabolism stays as speedy as it is now when I quit pumping. I know, it's wishful thinking. 

Anyway, here I am 9 months post partum. I look pissed. But, I'm not. Promise.

So ya, that's where we're at on this 9 month update. 

If you're still following along, bless you. 

That's all I've got! 


  1. Looking good momma!!

    And, I love that your included C's bathtub pooping in to 9 months stats!

  2. Did you ever look at that party site for Claire's bday?? I can't believe she is so big!

    And holy crap... you look AMAZING, laur. Seriously you are so tiny!

  3. That is crazy! They grow up too quick! You look amazing!!! I have plateued with my weight I think even though I'm still nursing/pumping. Maybe I should start pumping more? lol

  4. you look soooooooooooo amazing!!!! I'm jealous!!!!!! UGH! totally ruined my morning now looking at you. You may not be pissed in those picse, but now I am.

    anyway, ADORABLE little girl. cutest face ever. and I am kinda sorta glad to hear that she poops in the tub 4 times a week, ONLY BECAUSE my 1 one year old does the same and I HATE IT! It is SO gross. so since you are so skinny and amazing looking, I am happy that at least your girl poops in the tub. haha!!

    just kidding. Kinda, but not really.

  5. hi there! Claire is absolutely precious! Isn't this a fun age, I have a 10 month old little girl and I just love this time so much.

    I'm curious about what you are giving Clair to eat on her own? My monkey has started resisting purees and while she does eat some finger foods, I worry that she isn't getting full meals out of them. Any tips you can give would be much appreciated!

    All the best to you and your lovely family!

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  7. That is so great that she is already feeding herself table foods. Makes meals easier, I think. She looks so cute standing up all by herself!
    And you look amazing! So practically disappear when you stand sideways!

  8. New follower here! Hope to see you around my blog sometime!

  9. As much as I hated pumping, I sure do miss the benefits!

  10. Time sure does fly! Too funny about Claire pooping in the tub, she will love that one when she's older ;)

    And you look great! Super jealous, breastfeeding did nothing to help me in the weight loss department.

  11. oh yeah, you are so tiny (grossly skinny), you look AMAZING says the girl with the ED!!!

  12. She is sooooo cute (even if she is a bathtub poo-er :))....time goes WAY too fast.

    You look awesome mama!!

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  14. Thank you, ladies who left such sweet comments!

    & those who didn't? I'm sorry you feel the way you do.

  15. @Grace's Mummy-

    Some fave's around these parts as far as finger foods go are:
    *string cheese
    *cut up green beans
    *cut up {steamed} carrots
    *pieces of cooked chicken
    *Lima beans

    I hope this helps!

  16. So is so adorable and looking so much like a little lady every day!

    I always wondered how your exclusive pumping worked with just the single pump. Does it take twice as much time as a double? What's your routine like with a single?

  17. Happy 9 months, Claire! Enjoy every moment, because it truly does fly! I vividly remember the day I had my son, and he's graduating kindergarten in a few days!

  18. How is it that it's totally NOT ok to tell someone they look fat, but people think it's ok to tell someone they're too skinny?

    You look incredible, laur... seriously you should be proud to say you are a mommy & look like a hottie!

  19. My baby is nearly 2 now, I found it much easier in toddlerhood to be more flexible with the schedule, I think since they are more mobile and "into things" it isn't so rough on them to tweak the schedule when you want to be out and about.

  20. Look at you hottie mama!!! & of course Claire is adorable too :)

  21. You're missing the point...the issue is that you think someone who looks anorexic looks "amazing"
    And before you get all dramatic, I said "looks" anorexic

  22. I can comment now!!! Wahoo!

    Anyway, you definitely don't look anorexic. Not even close. You talk at least once a week about you eating ice cream, so that throws anorexic out the window! :) You look great! Sad when people want to ruin that for you...

    What's this party site Mrs. F talked about? I need help with the girls' bday party coming up in a month!!! What are your ideas my love?!

  23. I love your iphone pics on twitter. They make me smile! Oh how I wish A would sleep on a schedule... but at the same time flexibility is nice. And you look amazing! :)

  24. I have tried emailing you for your raid my closet. Did you get it?

  25. Sent my email again, hope you got it! :)

  26. love your blog! We are your newest follower. be sure to stop by and check our our baby/kid boutique!

  27. Wow, happy 9 months! And you look gorgeous.

  28. you look amazing! i didn't realize breast feeding/pumping really works that well to keep the weight off.

    your LO is so adorable :)

  29. You look amazing & Claire is A-DORABLE!! She is going to crawl/walk all in good time & then you are really in for it :)

    B didn't ever crawl; at 10 months he just decided that he was going to skip it & walk!!

  30. Hey, I wanted to ask you a question about pumping and forgive me for asking you things that you may have already talked about in previous posts. I have a 4 months old who never took to breastfeeding (was in NICU, then had heart surgery, etc etc). I try to pump every 3 hours but my milk supply has gone down to a couple ounces a day. Does Claire breastfeeds as well? If she does not and you exclusively pump, how do you maintain/increase your milk supply. I will greatly appreciate your response or any tips that you can send my way.


  31. Thanks so much for the suggestions, I'll definitely try some of those! Our problem right now with finger foods is that they get thrown right on the ground. I have to feed her piece by piece otherwise I'm in trouble. She's such a little monkey.

  32. Girl, You look AMAZING. Seriously. I'm jealous. I hope I can start to look that way again in the next few months.

    Claire is just as cute as can be also. What a doll baby. I can't believe how big she's getting.

  33. I get all stabby when I see how adorable and THIN you are in your pics. Even preggers you were all stomach!

    So cute.

    And happy 9 months of being a mom!