Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And just like that, another month has passed by.

My sweet, baby Lu. 
You turned 8 months old on April 30th 
 I'm not even going to go into how unreal this seems to me.
You're growing up RIGHT before your daddy & momma's eyes. 
Time is flying. Like I say every month.
 You're just about outgrown of size 2 dipes.
Size 3's fit just right. We know this because we had to buy you a pack on Mother's day. As your idiot mother only brought ONE diaper with her on our entire day out. 
 You're a very long little lady. And about 15.5 pounds.
You're still in size 6 month clothing. 
 You have zero interest in crawling. HATE being on your stomach. So, I'm not gonna push it.
You just like to sit. And sometimes rock back & forth.
You also like to stand up against things. But only for a minute or two.
 You're obsessed with saying "dadadadada" & "yayayaya". Daddy & I love your little voice. It's just precious.
We're working with you consistently to get you to say "Mama", but you aren't havin' it. 
You also enjoy to fake laugh. It's hilarious.

You love your sleep. You go to bed no later than 7pm & sleep until about 7 or 7:30am. Eat, & then back to sleep until 8:30am.
You take 2 naps every day. At 10am & 2pm. For about an hour. 

 You also LOVE food. However, within the last day or two, you've been resisting purees. 
This is fine by me. Less food to make. Haha.
You're enjoying feeding yourself.
You adore:
*Baby Mum Mums
*Mashed potatoes
*Sweet potatoes

You only drink about 15-20oz of breast milk a day. And no more than 6oz at a time. 
& momma is still pumpin'. 

 You love to wave & give kisses to momma, daddy, puppy & your toys.
You absolutely LOVE the outdoors. Wind & sunshine are your favorites.
We've been taking advantage of every nice day & going on walks. You squeal with delight every time.
 You love books.
 You love bath time. Still.
BUT, we've graduated to the "big girl" bath now. That was a sad day for me.

You have two teeth. Bottom. No more in sight.

 You're a very sensitive little lady. Stranger anxiety has definitely hit you.
That's fine by me :)
 We set up your Jeep Walker last week. Just to see what you would do. As we suspected, you just sit there & want us to push you around. HAHA! You'll catch on sooner or later.
 You love music. Blues in particular. So random. Haha.
 You're just a little love & daddy & I are ADORING watching you grow & learn.

I love you, sweet baby girl. Stay a baby a little longer. Ok?


  1. Sweet and adorable post! Love the last picture, well I loved all of them! She is just growing up so fast, I will stop the clock for you or at least I will try lol

  2. awwww I loved this! so sweet!! and what a good sleeper you have! I two have good sleepers and from what I hear, we are pretty lucky! Most still wake up in the middle of the night way past their 1st birthday!

    She is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

  3. 8 months already?!? She is just a cutie pie! I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  4. She is such a doll. I LOVE love the last picture of you kissing her and she has a big smile on her face. So sweet :)
    Sounds like she is doing great! My older daughter, who was born exactly a year before your little one, started crawling just after her 9 month birthday. Kinda late, but then she was walking just before she turned one. When they are ready, they are ready!

  5. What a such a sweet tiny little lady! I think she will be very dainty when she's older. She is just precious. :)

  6. Shes so stinkin cute! =)

  7. She is so long and skinny! Such a little peanut. You think you are smitten now, just wait til "mama" escapes those little lips ;).

  8. So, so sweet! A didn't crawl til like 10 months. He did the army crawl instead, lol. I miss it now! It really does go too fast... She will love these memories you are keeping for her :)

  9. She is beyond beautiful!

    I "tagged" you in a post of mine today.. check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about!If you don't do it... there will be consequences. I'll steal that hat you showed me on Twitter today because I love it so much!

    hehe :)

  10. happy 8 months to your precious! love all the pictures! she is just adorable... i'm working on the "mama" with Elli too... she just looks at me like im stupid! hehe

  11. Happy 8 months, Claire! Errrm or actually soon to be 9 months?! I swear these months are going by way too fast

  12. where oh WHERE is this headband from?! must have (some)!