Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm here. & getting all spiritual on you.

So, hi. It's only been a week since I blogged last, which has been my routine lately, so that's nothing new. Anyway, it's been a ROUGH past few days. Emotionally, mentally exhausting.

Why, you ask?

My sweet, 13 year old family Bichon Frise almost died this weekend. On Friday, my mom & dad noticed he wasn't quite acting himself. He had this awful cough, he wasn't eating or drinking & the biggest red flag was that he wasn't eating his treats. The boy loves his treats. So obviously, something was wrong.

Long story short, they took him to the vet on Saturday, they immediately sent them to an animal hospital where they put him in an oxygen chamber, did tests & kept him there for the weekend.

The doctor ended up concluding that he has a heart disease. Told my parents on Saturday that he gives our pup a 50/50 chance of making it until Monday. We thought for sure we would have to put him down. 

We hoped for the best. But prepared for the worst.

Well, that was two days ago and? HE'S BACK HOME!!!! Thriving on his own. Without oxygen. Granted, he's on about 10 different medications & he will never be able to run & frolic around again, but HE'S ALIVE. And HOME. Where he is supposed to be.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am so not a religious person. I was raised Catholic & technically still am, but I haven't gone to church since I was 18. It's never meant anything to me. {that's a WHOLE other post} But, that doesn't mean that I can't be spiritual. I believe in God & talk to Him quite often, actually. We're pretty close, God & me.

I haven't prayed so hard this past weekend since I was pregnant. & I truly believe in the Power of Prayer. God wasn't ready to take our sweet boy. In fact, in 2 days, he did a complete 180 in his health. A serious miracle. Thank you for all who sent your thoughts and prayers, as I was blowing up Twitter with my requests.

Our prayers were answered. & I am forever grateful. 

This was taken last night. Pal looks a million times better than he did. According to my mom.
On a lighter note, my kid pooped in the tub last night.

Complete with the straining of the face & clenching of the fists. 

Thank God for husbands that have no problem cleaning crap up. I laughed & gagged while he did so.

Such a good wife, I am.


  1. I have been so worried about your pup and was so relieve when you tweeted good news!

    And I still can't get over the code brown. But the clenching fist part makes me laugh! Ha!

  2. I'm so glad P-man is doing better! I remember getting that phone call in college, a few days before christmas.. The outcome wasn't as positive as yours and I cried for DAYS AND DAYS when my childhood pup of 18 years was put to sleep. Gah, still makes me weepy! God KNOWS I'll be a basket case if/when anything happens to Sheepie! He's gonna live forever, right?

    And code browns? Add that to the list of my biggest fears.. If i hear anything REMOTELY near the poop-growl, I immediately scoop C outta the tub and check his butt. Paranoid, I know. LOL Good thing you survived your first code brown. Haha!

  3. I'm glad your pup is better, that's heartbreaking! Oh and the poo in the bathroom??? Get ready for more, once they start, they begin to think it's funny. Lidia will scoop it up and say, "Here Momma! Love you!"

    grrrrr.... :)

  4. Totally don't think you need to go to church every week or be open about religion. If you have a thing going on between you and God, that's what counts. :)

    Glad the pup is home! And your lighter note made me CRACK UP! (in public). Love your blog :)


  5. Awwww....glad that your prayers were answered!! I know that doggies are totally a part of the family!!

    And about the poo in the tub....I am just crossing my fingers that I dont have that happen :)

  6. SO good to hear about your puppy dog!

  7. I am so glad he is back home.A family pet is more than that,they are full-fledged family members.I hope you will have many more years together.

    Baby poop in the bath seems to be like some kind of initiation.If you can get through that,there's very little else that can phase you,lol.

  8. Oh no poor Pal! I love him!! I'm glad he's doing better

  9. you have one awesome hub. cleaning poop out of the bath is SO GROSS.

    SO happy to hear your dog is doing better. I had to put down our 16 year old dalmation last year and it was so sad. Now our black lab is nearing the end and again, so sad. What always makes me feel better is knowing that they had a good life while here and are playing with all their other friends in doggie heaven right now :)