Friday, May 20, 2011

You want to know how to torture my child?

Blow bubbles in her direction.

Yes, I am serious.

I bought her this friendly little gadget at Wal- Mart yesterday, thinking it would be so fun for bath time, since she's getting bored of her usual rubber ducky type toys.

So, last night, I ripped that sucker out of its package, had hubs get it all set up, plopped Claire in the tub, turned the bubble machine on, and.... she frowned, then she cried, then she screamed. She screamed like I have never heard in my life. It was like we were chopping her leg off.

uh... ok.

I scooped her little body out of the tub & hubs  I looked at each other & just started laughing hysterically.

Our child is afraid of bubbles? Wow. 

We took the bubbles out of the machine to see if it was the noise of it that scared her. We blew the bubbles & more blood curdling screams. 

Fine. We'll try again tonight.

I kid. Kinda. 


  1. Even as an adult, I'm terrified of bubbles. Lucky for you, Claire will almost definitely grow out of it. But if she doesn't, there are others out there!

    And yes, I am serious. I know this sounds like it can't possibly be real, but you do, in fact, have a blog reader who has a bubble phobia. I wish I were kidding!

  2. Oh- isnt it crazy the weird things that scare our kiddos?? My daughter was terrified of balloons!

  3. Oh no! I just bought bubbles yesterday. Hopefully we won't get the same reaction. Our kid was scared of baths for the first 4 months of his life. Needless to say he use to be the stinky kid. Oh well.

  4. awww haha that's so strange!! poor kiddo!

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  5. Haha!! This morning James hit a button on his horse toy and it neighed like SUPER LOUD and started rocking and he was screaming. It was hilarious. In a totally sad way.

    New Atlanta law says it's a crime to nurse in public

  6. Oh no!!! This is too funny.. Both C and Sheepie luuuuuuuuuurve them some bubbles, but the minute I pull out Dance Star Mickey? Everyone loses their shit.. I won't even tell you how many times I pull him out just to see if....C is still scared. LOL!

  7. Awww....Too Bad....Hopefully, she grows out of it and has tons of fun playing with the bubbles.

  8. Is it wrong that this post makes me want to buy that thing to see what A does? lol. Of course he has been exposed to bubbles in the past with no signs of trauma. ;)

  9. Hah! That's too funny! I have almost bought that exact same thing a number of times! At least she won't be bugging you all day every day for bubble when she is 2 like our little one does :)

  10. ahahaha! ok that is pretty funny. scared of the bubbles. you should get that one on video and let us see :) because you know no one likes torturing her kids more than me :)

    just kidding...

  11. Aww, Claire! Our ped was telling us that at the 6 month appointment, they are interested in and love everything, and at the 9 month appt, they are terrifed of everything! Funny how they grow and learn :)