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Monday, January 31, 2011

5 months!!

My sweet Claire Lula turned 5  months old yesterday. 5 months old. I say this every month, but I absolutely cannot get over how quickly time is passing by. 

She grows & changes so much every day. I love it & hate it at the same time. Time needs to slow down.
 I simply do not have the words to express how much I love this girl. It's indescribable. I know I am preaching to the choir, but I never in my life imagined loving a human being as much as I love Claire.
She still looks a lot like her daddy, but I can see the shape of my eyes coming out. She's also got my long limbs. I'm still holding out that she'll have my blue eyes, but they are looking more like hubb's hazel color. Who knows.
It's so hard to get her to smile for pictures now! She used to cheese it up as soon as she saw the camera & now it's the opposite! She sees the camera & the smile disappears. She definitely gets that from her dad. 
Here's what the Lu is up to:

*She's still in size 1 diaps.
*Eats 5 oz of breast milk every 3 hours. Waiting to start solids until after her surgery in March.
*Wears 3-6 month tops.
*0-3month bottoms.
*Rolls from back to belly & belly to back. When she wants.
*She's definitely an assisted sitter. 
*Has zero interest in bearing weight on her hands during tummy time.
*Loves to "stand". Maybe she'll skip crawling all together? Hehe. 
*Sleeps from 7-7 in her crib. Wakes up occasionally at 4am to eat. 
*Reaches & tries to grab everything. & then it goes straight to the mouth. Namely her feet.
*No signs of teeth.
*Has discovered fake coughing to get attention. So funny.
*Responds to her name & looks for us when she hears our voices. 
* Loves music & books

& yes. i'm still exclusively pumping. Go me ;)

One thing I have noticed, the older & smarter Claire gets, is that she is getting "bored" with her usual toys, i.e. her playmat. She lasts maybe 10 minutes on there these days before getting bored. 

Those with babes around Claire's age, what have you found that keeps your little one entertained? She does love her jumperoo, but I can't just have her sit in that all day! I feel like I need to find some other little things she can keep herself busy with. She also gets bored with me pretty quickly, too. HA!

I think that pretty much sums her up for month 5. omg. She's going to be a half year old before I know it.  Time, please stop slow down!!

Thank you for all of the responses to my previous post! I definitely can't complain about not having anything to read now! I am going to work on following all of you! So don't worry! 


  1. OMG...I can't believe how long she is! She is so tiny and her legs are so long! I love her silver flats!

  2. She is absolutely the cutest little thing ever. And her pink outfit is to die for!!! She finally fits in the shoes I got her haha :)

  3. She is so cute and I love love love her shoes!! The Baby Einstein Jumper was a life saver for us! No more than 30 min twice a day, but boy did I get a lot done during that time. And M loved it.

  4. AWWW she seriously gets cuter and cuter every month. I love her little tutu onesie and ballet flats.

    A toy that Liv absolutely loved was this around we go. I'm not sure if Claire would be a little young for it, but prob. not if she likes standing. Here's the link:

    One thing I really liked about this was it got her walking and the seat detaches and it can be just a play table for when she's older! Honestly best toy we had.

  5. I love her silver shoes! So cute!

  6. She is soooo adorable!
    We just got my little guy a sit to stand toy (Fischer Price) and it seems to keep his attention for a decent amount of time. I'm always looking for new ideas to keep him busy, too!

  7. Look at her skinny little legs! She is so cute!

  8. omg she is so freaking cute I love her pink outfit....

  9. such a pretty little petite girl! And go you for sticking with pumping momma:)

  10. I love that pink tutu outfit! She is beautiful! :)

  11. So cute, love the shoes! I cannot believe she is 5 months already!

  12. She is just a doll!!
    I love that first picture, her outfit and shows oh my!!!!

  13. OMG how stinkin cute is she!

  14. love her little tutu outfit. so cute!

    ryann likes when we read to her. when she was around that age she also like staring at herself in the mirror all the time. i wish i could think of more exciting things to tell you, but I've got nothing! sorry :o(

  15. I have 8 month old twins and we keep them entertained with alot of toys that have lots of different textures, they love to scratch and touch everything, also sensory balls are awesome!

  16. Grayson just started doing the fake cough too! It cracks me up!

    He has grown out ofnthe playmate too. I now lay out his quilt and let him sit with the help of his boppy. He loves playing with his vtech toys because they light up a lot and make noise when he touches them:) he will sit and play with me on his quilt for an hour!

  17. I love her little shoes..she is such a cutie!!

  18. Her outfit is soooo cute! I love her cute little legs!

  19. Oh my gosh she is ADORABLE! I LOVE her outfit- and it's hilarious that she has started doing a fake cough- where do kids pick up those things? It's so hilarious! Happy 5 months Claire Lula you are an absolute doll!!

  20. She is so adorable! Henry caught did the fake coughing and it was and still is hilarious! Now, that he's's a little more obnoxious, but still so funny.

  21. she is just SO sweet! I bought those numbers to use for after my son is born in april :)

  22. Hello! I gave you an award over on my blog, come check it out!! LOVE your blog.

  23. Oh my goodness that outfit and the SHOES!!! Too much cuteness :)

  24. Love those cute silver shoes! And awesome job on the pumping. :)