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Monday, January 24, 2011

My {not so secret} addiction.

I've told you all before about my terrible addiction to Starbucks. I've always loved a good Starbucks iced latte, but when I got pregnant, I suddenly could not stand the smell or taste of coffee in general. This was a good thing. A very good thing. "What an easy way to quit my addiction", I thought to myself!

When I had Claire, I still didn't have a great interest in coffee; but the sleepless nights were catching up with me & I knew I had to bring it back into my life. I started out with just making my own coffee at home for the first couple of months. Which was nothing special & saved us a shit ton of money.

But then, somewhere between October & now, I have re-kindled my love for Starbucks in a very, very sickening way. It started out as an innocent Venti Iced Latte here & there. Nothing major. & then, as maternity leave came to a close, it became an everyday essential. Every morning, people. I would drive my heiny to the nearest Starbucks, order my Venti Non-fat Iced Vanilla Latte & $4.80 later, I would be on my merry way. It became so bad, that even on days I didn't work, I would pack up the babe & drive there to get my daily fix.

My name is Lauren, and I have a {serious} addiction to Starbucks.

As the $5.00 a day transactions dwindled from our bank account, I knew I had to get a grip on this bad habit before it gets even more out of hand {as if that's possible}.

So, when my birthday rolled around & hubby asked me what I wanted {within reason}, I said an espresso maker! That would solve all of my problems! I could just make my lattes from home!Simple!

Well, not quite. When I hopped on my favorite website, Amazon & researched Espresso Machines, I was quickly saddened to find they were hundreds of dollars {but you're probably thinking to yourself, psshh-she spends at least $100.00 a month on Starbucks, anyway}.

After hours of research, I realized that to make an iced latte, I don't need a big fancy machine. I just need a simple contraption that will make the espresso.

So, I decided on this little guy:

Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop

It makes 6- 2oz shots of Espresso. That's all I need! & it was $30.00. I was so happy when realized that I just needed something simple!

I also ordered one of these little plastic tumblers to make it feel more like Starbucks. I think it was like $5.00. A re-usable cup for the price of ONE COFFEE. That's sad. 

So, when I got my little espresso brewer/maker & tumbler from Amazon on Thursday, I was so excited to make my latte come Friday morning! Well, to make a very long story short, I made my drink on Friday tasted and looked like poop water. No joke. It was disgusting. I was so bummed. But determined to make this work!

So yesterday, {I relapsed over the weekend. Go figure} I waltzed into Starbucks & asked the nice little barista to tell me what I needed to make my own Starbucks Iced Latte. She told me exactly how to make it. She even sold me the vanilla syrup they use AND a pump!

So I bought this:
And this: specifically ground for espresso. I bought this exact stuff from Wal-Mart on Thursday, but it was ground for coffee and not espresso. No wonder it tasted like poop!
So, operation Kick Starbucks Addiction to the Curb commenced this morning & I am pleased to announce that my Non-Fate Iced Vanilla Latte tasted  just. like. Starbucks.

Here's what I spent:

$30.00 on Espresso maker 
$5.00 on plastic tumbler
$8.00 on a liter of vanilla syrup
$10.00 on a 12oz bag of ground espresso 
Total: $53 {ish}
All of these will  last me a while!!

Not even the total of what I would have spent in one month on my daily trip to S-bucks. How sad is that?

Now let's see if I can keep this up...

ETA: How silly of me not to tell you how to make these after all of that!
If you want to make a 16oz. Latte, you need:
*4-5 pumps of the syrup of your choice
*3 shots of freshly brewed espresso
*about 1/4 cup of non-fat milk {I just eye-ball it}
First pump syrup into your cup. Add shots of espresso & milk. Add the amount of ice to your liking, stir & ENJOY!


  1. Yay 4 you! I wish i could make my favorite starbucks coffee addiction is the Mocha Lattes .....mmmmmm!

  2. I laughed out loud that it looked like poop water! That is so something that would happen to me :)

  3. Such a good plan! Our nearest Starbucks is in Nurnberg (about 45 minutes away) but I am addicted to the cappuchinos at my local backerei, the BrotHaus. So- I got myself a cappuchino machine here for home. I love it!!! I make my own cappuchino and lattes at home! Saves a fortune!

  4. How nice of the girl to help you out so much. That's great that it ended up turning out just like theirs :).

    By the way, however I never knew this is beyond me but I had no idea your name is Lauren :) I guess I always just call you Mrs. D.

  5. YUM! I need to do that too. I don't let myself go daily, but I'm pretty obsessed too. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. My husband uses that same espresso maker every fact he's on his 2nd one after the first one I bought him a few years ago finally broke.

  7. Sounds like you figured out the perfect combination . . .anything to keep a momma up right :) And of course it doesn't hurt when a sweet little Claire lets you take a break during naps now and then right :)

  8. love it you are too funny I bet Hubbs thanks you for stoping the trips to Star bucks ha they dont call it Bucks for nothing Thanks for sharing

  9. We have this type of one too - I am OBSESSED with coffee after not being able to drink any during pregnancy (heartburn) and then while nursing the first 10 months (reflux with Bella).

    Thanks for the recipe!!

  10. OMG that is absolutely brilliant. I may need to get these things. I would need a milk frother too...but I think I could handle that.

  11. I am a Starbucks addict too! & just like you, iced vanilla lattes are my favorite! Mmm! I may have to hop on this bandwagon and start making my own drinks! :)

  12. We got an espresso maker as a wedding gift and we tried to make the iced white mocha. It is NOT the same unless you have the starbucks brand syrup and espresso!! I agree! I will have to try out this latte recipe! Now that we live in arizona, our water tastes like crap so it makes coffee and espresso taste like crap too, so I have to find a way to use filtered water when I make it. My brita water even tastes like crap! haha

  13. That's so great that you did that! No judging about the addiction here - I seriously had a chicken club sandwich from Wendy's every day for 4 months after I had G. Every. Day. It was nuts. :-)

  14. I loved this post! Good for you making the change to save moolah!

  15. You are so stinkin' funny and cute and I LOVED reading this post. Thanking you for sharing. I have never had a latte before so I will go spend the 4.80 first and see if I even like it and if I do will certainly refer back to this post. You are the best! Much love my dear!

  16. If there was a closer drive thru Starbucks my obssession would be just as bad. But lugging a baby car seat into and out of Starbucks while holding said coffee - not worth it. I might go your route and make my own! Thanks for posting!

    *BTW - my sister's boyfriend is an ex-barista. Needless to say she's SPOILED with Starbucks-like coffee EVERY. FREAKING. MORNING! And she posts pictures of it on she's rubbing it in. Boo.

  17. That sounds awesome. I need to do that - I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but my husband is a Starbucks fanatic, and it'd be great to be able to make it here on the cheap.

  18. Such a good idea to ask how it's made! I'm totally going to try this :)

  19. I'm totally doing this now with rice milk!!

  20. ur too cute!! lov'in the tumbler!

    maybe i should have you make me an iced latte...ive never been one to love the iced it hot...bring it on!