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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Please bear with me.

This week has been a doozie.  

I'm not going to sugar coat it- Reality sucks sometimes.

Being an adult & worrying about adult things sucks sometimes, too.

I'm in the process of getting my head out of my ass bucking up, so bear with me.

I'll be back to my "normal" blogging schedule hopefully next week.

Anytime I need to put things in perspecitve,
I just need to look at this sweet face & thank God for her.

AND, she'll be 5 months on Sunday. So not cool :)


  1. Oh she is adorable! Hang in there, can't wait for your usual blogging again hun, until then just enjoy Miss Claire!

  2. I agree, being an grown up is not fun! Hang in there!

  3. We all have days/weeks/months like that so I totally understand! Keep your head up and yes your little one is tooo cute!

  4. I had the same day a while back. ((hugs)) It will get better.

    If it helps, I just found your blog not to long ago and LOVE IT.

  5. Yeah I've been having one of those weeks or months really....hope things look up for you......Claire is getting so big and adorable!

  6. My little one will be 6 months on Sunday...HALF A YEAR ALREADY!?!?! un-believable how fast it goes

  7. Sorry to hear its been a bad week. I hope it gets better fast!

    This picture is so absolutely adorable of Claire. What a sweetie!

  8. thanks, ladies! Things are already turning around! Just have to stay positive ;)

  9. Laur, you need to call me when you are having a tough day/week! I'm always here for you... even if you just need to vent my ear off :)
    I love Claire's outfit!