Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My first {pointless} vlog.

Zomg. My first vlog. It's so pointless & boring, but Claire didn't want to let me type out a post & when I have had free time lately, I've found more important things to do around the house.

 No offense :)

Well, hopefully this doesn't bore your face off. 
Also, I hope it works

Sorry about the horrible lighting. 

oh, p.s. this was filmed earlier today & we already got our taxes done. 

babies aren't nearly as big of a deduction as I thought. Damn. Haha.


  1. 1.) you are both so gorgeous.
    2.) 'scuse you Claire! Totally LOLed at that!
    3.) I might steal your haircut.
    4.) you should totally be a SAHM.

  2. Yay for VLOGGING! I love monday mingle you should totally do it!

    and OMG how stinking cute is she ! I just wanna squeeze her! LOL

    about the tax deduction ....i think it also depends on your work and whether you are full time and if you qualify for the EIC.....Im not totally sure but I know here in NJ you can get up to $3400 per child depending on your income

  3. So cute! I would be the same way... I don't think on my feet the same way I can write! ;-)

  4. She is such a little doll! I swear the universe wants me to be a SAHM too ;) Great first vlog!

  5. So cute!! Claire is so freakin adorable!!

  6. She is so adorable! Great Vlog!

  7. Love you sweet little one :). Oh and love your haircut, too!

  8. You are such an adorable Momma! I heart Claire, she is so darn cute. We don't get back nearly what some of our friends do that have children, maybe because they are single parents?!?! Who knows, but it stinks when people say they get SOOOOO much back and then you don't. Iknowthefeelingforsure

  9. OMg I totally LOLed at that belch!!! Haha she's taking after her mommy & Auntie Heidi ;)

  10. ok I may be a ratard BUT how do you do a vlog?? I have a webcam on my computer and can't figure out how to use it (besides skype but my hubby set that up!) ok, so yeah again dont think im crazy :)

  11. Loved the vlog! It definitely wasn't boring, especially with miss claire's burp. So cute haha. Thanks for sharing!

  12. O.M.G. Look how adorable you are. :) Such a cute vlog.

    Now I'm all inspired to do mine this week! Yay for vlogs!