Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes, I use bullets.

When blogging, that is.

Just because I feel like I have so much to say, I'll just bullet point a few things. 
  • Claire's pre-op appointment for her surgery went well. She's on track with her weight gain {which was the main concern}& is all set for surgery on March 11th. Post on this coming soon.
  • Hubbs outdid himself for V-day. After work on Monday, he came home with a heart-shaped pizza, chardonnay & a giant blanket. We had a picnic in the living room. He also bought Claire an adorable tutu outfit & a cute toy for our dog. I was blown. away. 
  • A few have you have asked about the adorable headband she had on in my last post, I got it here. Stay tuned, mamas with little ones, because I'm doing a giveaway for a chance to win a gift certificate from there!
  • Our money diet is going really well. Staying strong & not eating out {besides Monday, oops} has been easier than I thought! I proved to myself that I'm still a rookie at this couponing thing, but I'm determined to get better! Also? I haven't been to Target in over 2 weeks. This is huge.
  • I'm still going strong with making my own lattes every morning. I got a gift certificate to Starbucks from my mom for Valentine's Day & went there on Tuesday. And? I actually prefer mine!! Maybe it's just because I'm used to my own, I make them stronger & think they are yummier. 
  • I gave into all the hype & bought Claire Sophie the giraffe the other day. She had been gnawing on her hands as a teether because she hates the regular teethers I had for her. The verdict? She loves the silly rubber giraffe! No, I did not spend $22 on it. I refused. I had something to return at BRU & ended up spending $10. yay me. 
  • C is napping less & less. I'm not quite sure why & how I feel about it. When she does nap, it's in her swing or car seat & never longer than 30 minutes. I'm in so much trouble when she out grows her swing.
  • The rec- center behind out house is opening next month. I can't WAIT to join & get some exercise in. This winter weather is killing us!
I think that's about all I got. 

Just had to add this adorb picture of my little Lu.
Look at that gut :) oh & that smile? ::melts::

Happy Thursday! omg, it's already Thursday??!


  1. OMG CUTEST PIC EVER! You should host a review & giveaway for Fifi's Closet (my etsy store) if you like :)

    My son has to get a re-circumcision surgery :( and I keep putting it off because i have until age 2 (hes 1 now) but I want to do it soon rather than traumatize the kid even more as he gets bigger.....Im just scared because he has to get put under for 20 minutes .........Im sure claires surgery will be fine ....but i know its a scary thing :(

  2. I've been reading your blog for awhile (subscribe on reader) but never comment...only lurk...sorry!!!

    Anyway..I have a 5 month old little lady and thought that she NEEDED Sophie too (which she did...obvi...she LOVES)...anyway...maybe you already know about Amazon shipping and 20% off all baby products! I got Sophie for 6 dollars after finding an Amazon coupon in a parenting magazine in a doctor's office and using Amazon mom.

    Its great for diapers too.

    I hope C's surgery goes well!!!

    Thanks for keeping such a great blog!!

  3. Holy adorableness! I love her little face. I will have to cave and get a sophie too I am sure when that time comes. Sidenote, how do you like the nosefrida, I am very tempted to buy one but do not want to waste my money.

  4. What a dollbaby!! She is so cute and petite!! Glad your lattes are turning out well I just ordered a new espresso decanter because ours hit the tile and shattered! While I was at it on amazon I ordered some starbucks espresso roast! I can't wait to get them in the mail and start making lattes at home again!!

  5. Love her silly little smile! and yay for meeting goals. There is no target in Canada that kind of fixes that whole problem for me. I do have withdrawals though :(

  6. How is Claire doing on putting herself to sleep? Ryann didn't really start taking good naps until we got down to two around six months. We started off trying the 2-3-4 schedule. The two hours in the morning didn't end up working for us. It didn't seem quite long enough for her, but at six months going three hours between each sleep time seemed to work the best. If I'm remembering right...

  7. She is so stinkin precious!! James is on my lap and said Claire is pretty :) The hype about that giraffe is TRUE. James is obsessed with his!

  8. That little gut is to.die.for! Also, your hubby did AWESOME on Vday!

  9. I loved reading your bullet points ;) & baby Claire is sooo incredibly cute !!

  10. Don't bullets make life/blogging so much easier? You don't have to worry about transitions :)

    I love that hubs outdid himself for v-day- y'all deserve it.

    I will pray for some longer nap times- all Mama's need a little more than 30 minutes at a time to get their own stuff done.

    She is so sweet and adorable- thanks for posting the new photo! Love watching her grow!


  11. I am dying over the cuteness of that picture!!

  12. I'm a new follower and I wanted to say I love your blog! Claire is so sweet!

    We are HUGE Sophie fans around here. Trey doesn't go anywhere without her. I also used a coupon and a store credit for mine (lol) I just couldn't justify the $22!

    That heart shaped pizza sounds SO good! We are also trying to get into couponing and Sbux is my weakness as well!

    Look forward to reading more of your posts!! :)

  13. Pizza & a picnic on the living room floor sounds like my husband & I! We never have really played up Valentine's Day. Love that picture of Claire! She is just too cute!

  14. Love the photo of Claire...She is adorable!!

  15. I just had to tell you that this is possibly the cutest picture ever taken. Ever.

  16. Oh my gosh that photo is BEYOND ADORABLE! Off to google sophie the giraffe... I am so easily influenced, lol.