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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

18 weeks!

I can't decide if this pregnancy is getting slower or faster. In a way, I feel like the weeks are flying by; but the days are dragging. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, I'm 18 weeks today & in a mere two weeks I'll be halfway done!

Looking at my picture this week, I definitely feel like I've grown in the last two weeks. I'm hoping I'm starting to actually look pregnant now. My co-workers have commented that I definitely look pregnant, but I'll let you judge as well :)

This week has been extremely uneventful, so I will just jump into the survey!

How far along?: 18 weeks
How big is baby?: The size of a sweet potato!
Weight gain?: I don't own a scale & don't want to because I'm scared. I'm hoping it's around 10-11ish pounds? ::dies::
Stretch marks?: It's become routine for me to do a stretchie check every morning & I freak myself out because I always think the lines I get from sleeping are stretch marks. So far everything has been a false alarm. Thank goodness!
Maternity clothes: I'm rotating between my only 2 pairs of maternity pants. It needs to get warm like, now, so I can wear my maternity capris & sun dresses. I'm currently in LOVE with the Liz Lange (sp?) maternity tanks from Target. They are very fitted & very long. Besides that, I'm in regular shirts.
Sleep?: I love it. I'm sleeping great ::knocks on wood:: But I have a hell of a time getting up in the morning. It's bad. I feel like a teenager again.
Best moment this week?: feeling baby girl movin' around in my tummy ;)
Food cravings?: still on the spicy/mexican/cheesy kick but I'm limiting myself to that type of food so I don't turn into a whale.
Gender?: Sweet baby GIRL
Movement?: YES! FINALLY! I'm feeling her about every other day. Sometimes it's little jabs & pokes & sometimes it's the feeling that there's a little fish swimming in there. She got angry this morning when I started to wake up. She's obv. not a morning girl like her momma.
What I miss?: my back not constantly hurting, not peeing every 10 minutes & wine. still.
Belly Button?: It's in but stretching & getting wider. It's so ugly. I showed hubby the other night & he started laughing. Real mature.
What I'm looking forward to?:Seeing my best friend & her baby girl this week! Hitting the 20 wk mark & getting the anatomy scan.
Milestone?: looking pregnant :)


  1. I can tell you're pregnant and you look great!

  2. Yay for your baby bump!! Enjoy your fun little bump, soon you will be like me with a box under your desk so you can put up your swollen feet :) hehehe but it's oh so fun!

  3. Super cute! Love your hair in this picture, too :)

  4. You look GREAT! Def pregnant. I'm so jealous that you loko so rested. My face always looks like crap and like I have two black eyes. My under eye circles are insane. That's why I hate posting "face" pictures. lol.

    U look great. Seriously!

  5. You totally look pregnant, I love it!!! I am thinking about hitting up some Mexican food tonight myself....mmmmm.

  6. momma, you look pregnant AND adorable! i love your little bump! i feel like mine has just been out of CONTROL this past week! i seriously can't imagine it getting ANY bigger- and wait, i have three and a half months to go? IN THE SUMMER? oh sweet me... i wish i could drink! haha :)

  7. mmmmm wine! I will enjoy a glass for you. Cute bump, you def look preggers.

  8. you look great! for me the biggest growth came during 20-22 weeks. Don't you just love feeling her move? I miss that!! Have fun this week!

  9. Hey Mrs. D! I'm a new follower. I came acrossed your blog by looking for Clomid successes. I will start my first round of Clomid soon (I have PCOS) and am in need of hope.

    You look adorable!! Yay for your baby bump!! :)

  10. i completely agree with the days dragging but the weeks flying by.

  11. You've definitely grown since your last pic and your looking just beautiful :)
    I'm glad your doing good. Before you know it your little princess will be here.

  12. You all are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words. They make me feel good & happy :)

    Amy, I wish you the best of luck in your "Clomid Journey" PCOS is a b!itch & I hope you can overcome it by getting pregnant :)

  13. Hey, I just saw your comment...I edited
    It was 2.5 lbs, just this week!!! Ahhh!!! haha