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Monday, April 5, 2010

This little girl is spoiled already!

I hope everyone had a happy & wonderful Easter! I know Claire did, because all I did was eat. All. Day. Long. & she got some pretty snazzy things from her Grandma (my mother-in-law) & her nana (my mom). My MIL also got me some adorable spring maternity clothes for Easter. They are so cute & I can't wait to wear them, because it's only about 45 degrees here right now. Ack!
I'll show off Claire's new digs in a minute, but first I want to show you my inspiration for her nursery. You can't really tell up close in the picture what the bedding looks like, but it's the same bedding I want for her. It has cherry blossom branches on it with little birds.
I LOVE the color of the walls & how it accents with the bedding so nicely.
I love this room because it's so classy. Nothing over the top.
We would be getting espresso colored furniture rather than white.

Now onto more important things like baby girl's clothes & accessories:

Grandma got her this little newborn tye dye onsie. So adorable!

And this little Ralph Lauren dress...

I picked these outfits at Target the other day. I have had my eye on those little jammies for about a month but just refused to buy any gender specific clothing until I knew for sure!

I also bought this adorable summer dress in size 9mo for $5! How stinkin' cute!

Her Nana (my momma) bought her these adorable ballerina socks right after we found out Claire was in fact a girl.

This bracelet kills me. It's about the size of my big toe (ok maybe bigger).
Her Grandma gave this to her. Too. Damn. Cute.
And I wanted to take a picture of this gorgeous/unique bracelet hubby got me when he was down in Moab for the week. It's a genuine handmade piece of jewelry by the Anasazi Indians.
Cool huh?? I love it!


  1. I love the nursery inspiration. Ah yes, let the fun begin!

  2. Love the nursery picture, that will be so cute! Also, what an awesome bracelet!!!! It is so different and unique, and best of all, you are the only person that will have it.

  3. Oh how fun, You girls are already having a blast! I love it!

    That bedding is really pretty, I've seen it before. I think the espresso crib and furniture will look so pretty with it.

  4. Hi New reader! I love that Nursery! I can't wait to see yours.

  5. ooooooh so when I was reading your blog post I thought of two things that you might be interested in! First, Dwell studio has some similar bedding (from what I can looks similar and they have the bird accents on the wall) has a cheaper brand, just not as many options. I bought Liv's bedding from the dwell collection at target and loved it. And the flowers on the sister bought some of those from urban outfitters, but I looked and couldn't find them. So...I was determined and googled it and found them on Amazon! Here is the link:

    I just remember how cool they looked and my ster telling me that they were magnetic! This was kind of long but hopefully helpful...unless you've already figured it out for yourself and in the case, disregard everything I just wrote in this novel haha.

  6. I love your nursery inspirations!! And the outfit your mom got her is sooo cute!

  7. Love that nursery inspiration too! Good taste! Such an exciting time!! I'm already nesting for my puppy- can't even imagine what it is like for a precious little girl :)

  8. I love the nursery! The colors are so pretty. Great taste :). Claire is going to be such a little princess!

  9. Love those colors in the nursery! Girls are so much fun! And how sweet is that little bracelet?!? Love it!

  10. Thanks for the nice compliment on my dress. I actually got it at Dillards. Its a BCBG dress that was on sale from last year. I really liked it and it was on major sale so I bought it.

    Sorry to hear your weather has been so yuck. I hope it heats up fast!

  11. Thanks all! I'm glad you like the nursery inspiration :)

    Desi, thank you SO much for those links! I'm definitely going to buy those flowers once we get going on her nursery!!

  12. I love the nursery inspiration! And I just got G that same yellow dress from target :)

    I had so much fun with you laur... I will def see you again before we leave!