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Friday, April 30, 2010

So, this should be fun.

Since tomorrow is May 1st (and it's still snowing, awesome), I had this brilliant idea for hubby & I to do a May Money Challenge. Cheesy? Yes. But we need to save more. We are pretty good with our money. Hubby manages all of our bills. I can't do that. It freaks me out. We don't spend on frivolous things. We really only buy things we need, but our problem is that we eat out a lot. Like, 3-4 times per week & I eat out for lunch every day. I suck at planning meals & grocery shopping. That's honestly the last thing I want to do when I get home from work, so; we eat out. It honestly needs to stop. It's a little ridiculous. We are both trying to eat healthier & lead healthier lifestyles, so what better way to save money & eat better than to go on a money diet??

Basically what we're doing is seeing who can spend the least amount of money each week in the month of May. Even though I know hubby will find this very easy, it's more of a challenge to myself to see how much will power I can have to make my own meals everyday. And the results (both physically & financially) will hopefully be great!

So, on Monday; I'm headed to Costco to stock up on veggies, fruit, lunch meat, lettuce & whatever else I need so I can make my own lunches as well as dinners. No eating out.

This is going to be HARD, but I'm up for the challenge & so excited for the results!
Wish us luck!!

If any of you have money saving tips you use in your household, let me know!! I'm so open to suggestions!

Oh, and the crib arrived today!!! Can you believe it? I just ordered the dang thing on Tuesday & it's already at our house! After we paint tomorrow & it dries on Sunday, we'll be setting that baby up! I can't wait!!! I know it's early, but we have it; so we might as well assemble it right??

Have a wonderful weekend lovely ladies.


  1. That sounds like a good idea :)

    When you go to Costco, if you haven't tried it yet, get the Chicken Salad. it's SO good! Especially on croissants. :)

  2. Good Luck and let me know how it goes we might try that Im always up for a challange. We have that problem as well. It seems to be easier to have someone clean up after you.

  3. I don't know if you like to cook at all. But on Sunday night you could cook a meal (double the recipe) and then take left-overs for lunch a few days. Also breakfast at night works. But I craved breakfast food when I was pregnant. Good Luck :)

  4. We started doing "Let's Dish" where you can go and pre-make dinners (which you can use leftovers for lunches) because we were eating out more times than we were at home.

    It's an adjustment but we are slowly getting used to it & it really has helped us save money. & the good is really good too :)

  5. How fun!!! Not the grocery part (that's never fun) but the crib part is!
    Also, I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my latest post. Check it out :)

  6. Awesome idea! You guys will do really great!

  7. You sound JUST like me. I have two kids, both my hubby and I work full-time, and the last thing either of us want to do in our "free time" is plan meals and actually make them! I may challenge myself, as well!

  8. What a great idea turning saving money into a competition....I just might steal this one! Hubbs & I take our lunch everyday but he tends to still eat out :(

    I sit down & plan out the food for our week BEFORE going to the store so I know exactly what we need & what we are having each afternoon & evening which for me is the biggest time saver in the evenings!! Good Luck!

  9. Good luck! I think that is a great plan and it makes it "fun" (as fun as saving money can be) because it is a competition between you and your husband. Definitely plan meals before you go to the grocery store. Also, since you don't like to cook after you get home from work, come up with some meals that you can prepare on Sunday and freeze or that will keep in the fridge for you to use throughout the week - like casseroles, lasagna, even just marinading meats and then freezing them so all you have to do is take it out in the morning so that it will thaw by evening, then just make some broccoli and rice to go with it. I also tend to always make a little extra for dinner, so that all I have to do is throw some in a tupperware and BAM, I have lunch for the next day :)
    Have fun setting up the nursery. Can't wait for pics!

  10. YAY you got your crib, how fun. Its all going to start to come together now.
    I think its neat that you guys are doing this savings game. What a great way to save money. I would so loose if I played that with my hubby.

  11. Hey! My hubs and I are saving too! I HATE cooking. For food I buy a lot of frozen foods and throw them in the oven. Lasagna, frozen pizzas, etc. Stouffers has great frozen meals. It's so easy to walk in from work, pre-heat the oven and throw it in there. I also keep lots of fruits and veggies in the house to keep me eating healthy snacks.

    Another thing we are trying to prepare for our little one on the way is spending only 20.00 on little things each. We call it our allowance. If I spend my 20 on cravings that's all I get. My husband usually spends his at Best Buy. It has worked for us. :) I am also CHEAP so 20 might not work in normal families.

  12. Hi! It's my first time commenting, but have been following your blog for a couple of weeks.

    My hubby and I used to eat out a lot too. And it can be SO expensive and unhealthy.I know you said you don't want to plan meals, and I didn't either-plus I HATE grocery shopping, but it really helps to decide what you'll fix for the week, make a list of things you're going to buy at the grocery store and stick to it. I've cut our grocery bill back from like $150 a week to about $85 just by planning meals and making a list. Also, we've found that when I make meals we have leftovers for lunch the next day, which cuts back on eating out for lunch.

    Go to and order recipes by their rating. I've never ever found a bad recipe on there when I order them by the rating. I also have a few recipes on my blog, and plan on posting more in the following weeks.

    Good luck! It sounds like a fun challenge!

  13. I'm proud of you! And so excited to see the making of Claire's nursery :)

  14. Yay for the crib! :)

    Hubby and I are going to really have to tighten up our budget as soon as I stop working in a month or so here (!!!). Here are some thing we're doing...

    Going down to just basic cable
    No more home phone, only cells
    Plan meals each week and only buy what's on sale; also looking at different stores to see where the best sales are
    No more eating out, movies, etc...just free/cheap entertainment: going out for ice cream, etc.

    I feel like there's more, but I guess I just named what you're already doing. Ha! I hope I at least helped a little...

  15. We came a change jug in our room. That way anytime I find some extra change in my purse, I know exactly where to put it. Hubs always has some at the end of the day in his pockets too. We also throw in a couple dollars here and there when we have them. It really helps to see the money adding up!

    We also get a paper and use the coupons (if it's a good deal) and I go online for free coupons. The paper pays for itself in one trip to the store if you use the coupons right. It really adds up! Cutting back on eating out will be a huge things though!

    Good luck!