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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

21 weeks.

ETA: Thank you, thank you to those who offered info. on my "very important question" yesterday. I realize it was a dumb question & I figured it was that she was just measuring big, but I just wanted to make sure :)

Wow. It seems like I just did my 20 week post. That last week went so fast! I hope the rest of the time does too!!

Things are going well on the pregnancy front. Nothing really new & exciting except that HUBBY FELT CLAIRE for the first time last night! She was movin' & groovin' for a good 30 minutes & I finally put his hand on my lower abdomen & thump, thump. She kicked him!! It was seriously so sweet! His face lit up. At first he thought I was tricking him & thought I made that thump. Uh, no. That was baby girl! Yay!!

Ok, survey time!

How far along?: 21 weeks!!
How big is baby?: Approx. the size of a large banana.
Weight gain?: Since I'm exercising & cutting back on the horrible foods, I weigh the same as last week! Thank goodness.
Stretch Marks?: None yet. I hope none ever!
Maternity Clothes?: Yesssir
Sleep?: Honestly, no complaints-once Clarie stops kicking me. I just hate waking up in the mornings. It's damn near impossible
Best moment this week?: Ordering the crib! & Definitely yesterday when hubby felt baby girl kick!
Food cravings?: Nothing new. Still MEXICAN! Oh & french toast. I love how I crave all the healthy things.....
Gender?: Baby girl!!!
Movement?: Yes. Everyday now. She's very active either after I eat or when I lay down on my back.
What I miss?: Being able to stand or walk for more than 30 minutes without my shins killing me. Oy.
Belly button?: pretty much completely flat. I HATE how there's just a big hole in my shirts. I'd rather it be out than all flat & deep. haha.
What I'm looking forward to?: Getting the crib in & painting the nursery this weekend!
Milestone?: Buying the crib? Claire kicking her daddy :)

21 week belly. Please excuse my hair, kthanks.


  1. Yay for the hubbs feeling Claire!! That is awesome. I can't wait for that, I know it will be soon! And Lauren you are alllll baby!! Great pictures!

  2. You look great girl! Such a cute belly!

  3. YAY for hubs feeling the baby! You look precious!

  4. That is one thing I really miss...feeling my baby moving inside me. It is truely a miracle. Your bump is so cute. Enjoy every moment, it goes by so fast!

  5. How exciting that your husband got to feel the baby. Its so amazing when you both get to feel her.

    You look great!

  6. Your hair actually looks cute in a pony and messy like that!!! And isn't it the best the first time your man feels his creation?? Awww! Yay for both of you!

  7. I am glad you asked that question about measuring big! I am exactly 4 weeks behind you and check this blog religiously to see what I should expect in the weeks ahead!

  8. Gorgeous as usual! And yay for hubby feeling claire!

  9. Just found your are such a cute pregnant lady! Good for you! I measured big during several drs appts and Gillian Grace came right on time, actually 3 days early but I had a scheduled c-section. Looking forward to reading more!