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Friday, July 2, 2010

31 Weeks!

Sorry I've been such a crappy blogger this as of late. It's been an emotionally draining week.
Wednesday morning, I was on my way to my parent's house to drop off our puppy because we were having some photographers come & take pictures of our house (it is now for sale). I pulled into their driveway & just started bawling. Uncontrollably. My sweet mom opened the door & I ran into her arms like I was 5 years old. I managed to say"I'm so done being pregnant & so sick of feeling sick". She hugged me so tight & told me I needed to take a mental health day for myself & Claire.

Best idea ever. I lounged around my mom & dad's all day, she cooked me some breakfast & I managed to get a 1hr nap in (I have NOT been sleeping well lately & I think that had something to do with my meltdown). It was so nice to just take a day for myself & do nothing. I feel a lot better now.

Between being 7 1/2 months pregnant & looking for a house, it has really taken a toll on me emotionally & physically. (I'll do a post next week on this whole random house hunting business)

So, that's what I've been up to...

Survey Time:
How far along?: 31 weeks!!!!!
How big is baby?: She weighs about 3 lbs now!
Weight gain?: I actually weighed 2oz. less at the doctor on Monday than 2 weeks ago. haha.
Stretch marks?: nope, nope.
Maternity clothes?: Just bottoms. I live in dresses pretty much though.
Sleep?: Well when my pubic bone & hips aren't throbbing, then I can sleep...
Best moment this week?: Probably hearing baby's heartbeat & knowing she's growing big & strong at my Dr. appt on Monday
Food cravings?: All the bad carbs that I can't have. THIS IS TORTURE!
Gender?: girl!
Movement?: Consistently kicking my ribs & bouncing on my bladder.
Belly button?: I have no belly button....
What I miss?: Not crying everyday.
Labor signs?: Nope! But maybe in.... 6 WEEKS! OMG.
What I'm looking forward to?: So many things! Getting my nails done today, going house hunting on Sunday, baby shower on the 18th & another one on the 1st!!
Milestone?: Making it another week!
Whoa, baby.


  1. I love your blog, and you are so adorable pregnant! Good Luck with the house hunting!!

  2. You look adorable. I really think our belly looks about the same size. Don't worry about your meltdown. We all have those days. Hang in there love!

  3. You look great! Your belly is adorable! I can't believe you are 31 weeks. Claire will be here SOON!

  4. I've recently stumbled upon your blog and really have enjoyed reading it. You look great and congrats on your baby girl. Im a first time mom-to-be to a baby girl as well. What an exciting time for us both!

  5. We sold our condo, bought a new house, and moved when I was 9 months pregnant, so I know how you feel. It sucks. Just keep thinking of that beautiful little princess you will get to snuggle in just 9 more weeks!!!

  6. good luck with the house hunt! you look great :)

  7. I remember for a good month towards the end probably my 7th month I cried almost every day I had many breakdowns and had lots of anxiety. It seriously left me as fast as it came and I was back to my normal happy to be pregnant self. Good luck with everything, only 9 more weeks of that GD crap and then it is beautiful baby girl time. They are seriously a gift from God and proof of miracles it will all be worth it.

  8. Hope you find your dream home and things quiet down before the bebe comes! You are blessed! :)

  9. That's a lot of big life changes happening at once. I would have a meltdown too. But you look beautiful!!

  10. Laur you are such a beautiful pregnant woman!!! Seriously. Seeing you makes me miss being pregnant, but I know how miserable you must be.

    You need to call me when you're feeling sad... I love trying to cheer you up with poop talk ;)

  11. Sorry to hear your having such a stressful time. I hope things get let crazy and your bod starts to enjoy the pregnancy a little better. You can always hope at least :)
    You look great and it sounds like little Miss Claire is doing good and growing well. She'll be here before you know it.

  12. Despite everything you have been going through, you look absolutely amazing. <3