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Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby shower #1...

was... a complete bust. We had our family shower yesterday & literally got nothing that we need or asked for. I am bitter, bummed & quite honestly, disappointed.
I know it's my hormones that are speaking right now but seriously; what is the point of a registry if no one gets you anything you need from it?!? I wanted to tell everyone at the shower yesterday that we are having a baby not a doll. We need things that are essentials in taking care of a child, which does not include CLOTHES, CLOTHES, & more CLOTHES. Oh, and what am I supposed to do with 600 size 2 diapers? Just wondering. I am definitely taking a box of those back to Costco to get some newborn & size 1s.

I feel like such a brat for acting like this, you guys; but even if someome spent $5 on an outfit for Claire, could you have at least put that $5 towards something we actually need from our registry? Like, binkies, burp clothes, bottles, etc...

I am very grateful for everyone that came out for us yesterday, don't get me wrong. I just wish they would have gotten us things we actually need.

Oh, and did I mention that beer pong was being played at the end of the shower? Ya. Like I said, a complete bust.

Say what you want about me & say that I'm a greedy pregnant bitch, but at least I'm being honest. Right?

Me and my sister

Hubby & I

I didn't think I had "pregnancy face" but I guess I do.
My momma & I

I had to capture this moment.

Who plays beer pong at a baby shower?

My family


  1. I'm so sorry your shower was a bust:( Are you having another one? Maybe you'll get more stuff you need then. Also could you return some of the clothes and get things you need?

  2. So sorry your shower was a bust! It's so disappointing when it's something you have looked forward to. The beer pong was unacceptable. Maybe you can take some clothes back and get things off your registry you need.

  3. Ahh sorry Laur! I was going to text ya to see how it went! Hopefully everything turns around for ya! No reason to feel guilty for it! I'd be a little t.o'd myself!

  4. I totally agree with you and think that it is so inconsiderate for people to not buy off of your registry. I just told my hubby the other day that I would take everything back that I didn't like if it wasn't on my registry and not think twice about it...sounds harsh {it's the hormones} but gosh just buy what I suggest not to your own taste please!

  5. so sorry, momma. i had the same fears when it came to my shower (mostly because nothing was showing up on the registry as having been bought!) i only had ONE shower, too.. so i was a complete wreck. are you having another one? this way, maybe at least there's some hope?! definitely look into returning some of those clothes. i know it's a complete BIOTCH to return stuff- but if push comes to shove.. at least you'll have a few things you'll need before Little Miss arrives! believe me, you are NOT greedy, nor are you a bitch! i had the SAME feelings you did... you have a registry FOR A REASON!!! haha

  6. Oh no! You have every right to feel disappointment....I sure would. My only shower was a bust too...but you win.

    Keep your head up! You'll get lots of gifts when Claire makes her arrival!

  7. The same thing happen to us. When you have a girl that's what happen unfortunately. Everyone goes crazy over the clothes...

  8. The same thing happened to me. To date, we have received 7 things off our registry. We are left having to buy all the important stuff ourselves like the swing, pump, carseat, bottles, etc. It sucks.

  9. OMG! I had a family shower this weekend and had the SAME THING HAPPEN!! We got 1 thing we registered for and I was soo bummed! We got tons of clothes and I was trying to think positive and say that we need them but we need other things soo much more!! Hopefully my friend shower will be better!

  10. That's not being a bitch, that's saying what thousands of women everywhere are thinking! I fortunately got a lot of things off of my registry but the things we absolutely did not want or could use (not safe,duplicates,horribly ugly) we were made to feel guilty about not using it! There should be a baby shower gift giving rules/proper etiquette blogspot.

  11. I was shady and told Mom to tell everyone we didn't need any clothes! My Mom told everyone no clothes because a lot asked her what we needed! We did get some random things but I was able to take it all back. Also, not sure if you did...but register at Target! Everyone that bought anything..bought it there. NOTHING for the shower was bought at Babies R Us. Hope that helps!

  12. Return Return Return!!! :) That is what I did... and I know it is bitchy but I typically do not like a lot of the stuff people think is "cute" for my son! I am very picky about what he wears! He is not wearing a damn sailors outfit! haha! Try to return as much as you can for store credit and put it towards what you do need... I feel bad for you... that really stinks but trust me you you will continue to get things you do not need once that first birthday and Christmas come along lol but like I said return it!! :)
    Hope that helps! Good Luck with all the clothes! Hopefully they at least picked cute stuff! :)

  13. What a bummer! I hear that happens a lot when they know is a girl, they go crazy with the clothes!

  14. My shower isn't until Sept. but I'm really hoping I get gift reciepts so I can take back anything I don't want. We shall see. Hope baby shower #2 is better.

  15. Every girl feels the same way! DO NOT feel bad about it! Can we just get some diapers please?!?!?!

  16. Return what you do not want and get what you need! It's a complete hassle but at least you will be able to get the things that you actually need off of your registry! Hopefully shower #2 will go wonderful.

  17. I had 2 baby showers when I was pregnant and at the first shower only ONE person bought off my registry! So I had my SIL, who hosted my 2nd shower, to make a point to tell people when they RSVP'd that I still had a lot of things on my registry that I needed. That shower was a million times better as far as presents went.

    PS I came across your blog through Heidi Foreste's blog.

  18. I think it's OK to be disappointed while also feeling grateful. I just hosted a baby shower with 6 other girls and there was a KEG!

  19. i totally hear you on that one! seriously, what's the point of registering if no one is going to get anythong off of it? i was SO angry about that! i did lots and lots of exchanging and returning and didn't feel bad about it one bit!

  20. Not bitchy or bratty at all. I found myself saying the same things you did. We put together a registry and I emphasized that to EVERYONE! Kept saying, don't forget to check out our registry...hint hint, we really could use this, or that, or these...please don't get a bunch of baby clothes because we already have more than enough outfits for her already...(by the way, when people say you can never have too many clothes because they go through them...that's not true unless you don't do laundry at least once a week...we only go through maybe 9 outfits a week, so there are some she has never even worn, and will probably be grown out of before I even try to put them on her LOL, seems like a waste of money) apparently I wasn't blunt enough because I got sooo many outfits...some that were adorable, and some not so adorable *wink*...we didn't even get gift receipts, so we ran around trying to find out where everything came from and see if we could exchange for things on our registry...but a lot of people bought from Costco...really??? We don't have a Costco card, so we couldn't go return those things. We ended up spending half our savings (that was meant for a down on a house) buying all the necessities we needed for our newborn on the way. We got a decent selection of diaper sizes which was nice...however, I discovered I absolutely HATE the Parents Choice diapers from Wal-Mart. I'm a total Huggies momma! *giggle*I don't know why people feel the need to go clothes crazy for little girls...I know baby girls are adorable and fun to buy outfits for, but hell, if that's what people wanna do, great, but buy one outfit and then something useful from the can never have too many burp rags, or bottles...diapers...need I go on? LOL! And Beer Pong...REALLY?!?! I'm so sorry your first baby shower didn't turn out the way you would have hoped. Best wished to your next one.P.S. For $30 at K-Mart or Target...Bottle Warmer...greatest invention EVER. Its so awesome...Totally recommend checking it out if you haven't already. We have two, one for her room upstairs and one in the kitchen downstairs.

  21. Sorry to hear that no one got anything that you truly needed. I agree with everyone else though (HA I totally read theirs!) I think you should take some of the clothes back. Especially if you got a lot in one size.

    And the beer pong. Priceless. Your cracking me up girl.

    Its nice that you had great friends and family to come out and celebrate but yah it would have been nice to see a few items you need.

    You look gorgeous in your pics!

  22. You look great & I love that dress you have on! I am so sorry that you didn't get what you needed; can you return some of the clothes & get a store credit or actual things that you needed? I know returning/exchanging is a pain in the ass but I hope that is atleast an option!

    Beerpong at a baby shower that is a first for me :)

  23. It's normal to be a little bummed about people not getting things off your registry but then again you shouldn't be having a child if you're relying on your family and friends to buy the things you NEED for YOUR child.
    Some people don't even have ONE shower, you're having 2. Be grateful and appreciative for anything you got, because it doesn't sound like you deserve to get ANYTHING.

  24. First of all dont pay any attention to this comment above mine. I cant believe someone would say that. Dumb lady cant even leave her profile..
    It stinks you didnt get much, i think people can get carried away with clothes especially for baby girls. Maybe you can take some back and get something a little more essential. I wouldnt be so quick to take back the dipers though. I thought the SAME thing but my boy was in newborn dipers for like a month, size one for a very short time as well. It seems like he was in the 2's for much longer than the smaller two sizes. You can always use them for nighttime as well(smaller dipers seem to leak all over at night). You will definately use all 600 of those size two dipers. Good luck with everything! Almost there!

  25. Langley, I suppose if not leaving my profile makes me dumb then you are also an idiot because yours isn't available either.
    I think saying this, "We had our family shower yesterday & literally got nothing that we need or asked for. I am bitter, bummed & quite honestly, disappointed." Then saying this, "I am very grateful for everyone that came out for us yesterday, don't get me wrong." makes you look dumb, among other things. I wonder what your family members would think if they read this. Although, you sound entirely too selfish to care if you hurt their feelings.

  26. Well thank you everyone for your opinions! I do plan on returning some outfits, problem is; I just don't know where most of them came from! Oh well. I'm not going to stress too much.

    And as for you Roxy, ::waves hello:: I rememmber you from Mrs. F's blog! I guess I've really made it big to have my first negative comment on here! I guess you are the odd one out on this one since everyone pretty much gave the same kind advice. I'm very sorry you think I am selfish. But for the record, we are NOT relying on our family to buy us everything we need! I just thought MAYBE instead of buying us an outfit, they could buy us a bottle.

    If you want to stick around here, you are more than welcome. But "trolling" opinions have no weight or effect on how I feel. But thanks for stopping by!

  27. I guess I am the odd one out if you consider 20-something comments to be an accurate representation of society as a whole and their thoughts on social etiquette.
    It's one thing to think the way you do but it's totally another thing to say it, and say it the way you did. You sound like a whining bratt.
    Don't put your life on the internet if you don't want people to comment with their TRUE feelings. Also, I'm not trying to have any "weight or effect on how you feel", that would be like trying to talk to the wall.

  28. roxy, do you have a life? or do you blog stock people you don't know all day and try to put down there life?? I think instead of telling people how to live there lives/and what they should be thankful for all day, you shoud really look into a new hobby...Just throwing it out there..

  29. Sorry, but I have to agree with roxy. I understand that you are disappointed, but you should be nothing but grateful. Your guests spent their time and money to honor you and your baby, and then you are mad because they didn't get you the right things?

  30. @Kaylee: Well said!

    @Roxy: She never had a problem with your comment, she actually thanked you. She also never said she was sided with the normal etiquette of society, but with the representation of this ARE the odd one out.

    You logic is severely flawed and its obvious you around to just pick a fight.

    Rock it out Laur

  31. Yeah, I have to agree with with socca8 and Roxy. When did it become ok to dictate to others what they voluntarily give you?

  32. I'm so worried about this happening to us! I am trying to stay ahead of the game and get some important stuff, but I'm worried that some people are just going to buy clothes, clothes, clothes! It's so frustrating when you get gifts that you don't want or need...

    *haha! I feel sorry for Roxy. Does she ever leave a POSITIVE comment on anyone's blog? I don't think she knows what that is...?*

  33. @Roxy again: Shes on here to express what she cant in the "real world" as an outlet to say things she cant out there. She could care less if she had 0 followers. Shes writing this as a release.

    So you can comment with your "TRUE feelings" but she cant blog about them? Like you said you cant change how shes gonna feel, cuz thats why she writes.

    So again your logic is flawed and derogatory. GTFO.

  34. Yay Roxy is back! ::rolls eyes::

    Like I said, Laur, return & return! That's what I did with the MANY shower gifts we didn't NEED & I got things that we did need.

    And no matter what people say... EVERY pregnant woman who is lucky enough to have a shower & registry definitely feels a little annoyed when people ignore the whole registry thing. If you register somewhere it's normal to expect people coming to the shower to bring a gift from the registry. If someone says "you should be happy with what they give you & if you're disappointed then you're selfish"...

    that means they've never been pregnant or had a baby shower WITH a registry!

  35. Actually Mrs EFFF! I said it was normal to be upset that people didn't give gifts from the registry. However, it's pretty sickening how ungrateful she was, her post made me cringe.

    It's fine to think those things to yourself but there is something wrong with you if you don't see anything wrong with writing them out for the world to see. How distorted is your view of yourself if you don't see something wrong with portraying yourself as an ungrateful bratt?

  36. Oh, dear Roxy; have you NO life? Poor, poor soul. Please stop trying to get your point across that I'm an ungrateful brat. It's not working. I'm not going to try & justify what I have written because it's what I think. I have this blog so that I can write what I can't say in real life. So get off your high horse. YOu obviously have no idea or concept of what it takes to take care of a newborn.

  37. "YOu obviously have no idea or concept of what it takes to take care of a newborn."
    What does this have to do with anything? Nobody was disputing the need for certain items, just your attitude towards not receiving those things as gifts. I understand that this blog is your forum for you to say what you want. But you can't expect people to not voice their opinions. If you are really bothered, maybe you should consider privatizing your blog.

  38. I have no idea what it takes to take care of a newborn?? That got a big chuckle out of me, I'd love to know how your little mind made the connection between me telling you that you sound like an ungrateful brat and translating that into me having no idea how to care for a newborn, bahahhaha!
    I assure you I KNOW how to care for a baby and I assure you that you are ungrateful, the two have NOTHING to do with each other.

  39. I'm de-lurking to offer my support to Mrs. D...

    Hear hear, you cute little prego! That IS what a registry is for, just like a wedding registry or a new home registry... How else are people supposed to get you things you'll actually USE instead of an ugly gold candleabra or something that magically appears when the giver of said gift comes over?!

    Good for you for venting your frustrations and feelings, which is what a blog is for, too!

    Obviously Roxy needs some assistance in figuring those things out, since it's been explained to her several times and she STILL doesn't get it.

    Best of luck, girl!

  40. I am de-lurking as well to show support. Mrs. D, I have been following your blog since the beginning and I adore your blog. Your excitement about motherhood is contagious and I hope others see that as well.
    Keep up the blogging and honesty :)

  41. Wow, People really do this crap to get a rise out of you and that is sickening! Trying to speak you TRUE feelings to a hormonal pregnant lady is ridiculous! I can promise that I will be grateful shower gift that comes my way when God blesses me with child but will probably be disappointed if the same thing happens to me! Mrs. D keep rocking that bump and blogging how you feel I love to read it!!

  42. Oh, please Mrs. D., don't go private! I've been reading your blog for a while now and I love it :)
    I've never thought about the presents I give, but then again, here in Belgium people rarely sign up for a registry...
    Because of your post I will now make sure to buy something useful! You've learned me something I didn't know before and probably saved some mommy a whole bunch of clothes haha!

    So don't be bothered by people that have a reputation of writing negative and mean comments...
    I love to read what you write and I expect to read what you think and feel!!

    Good luck :)

  43. Wow, after I read your latest blog I was like, what was said that is causing such a riot...then I read the posts published after my comment...and Im in awe.

    Im not here to continue any drama...I hate drama, but it is like me to kinda throw my 2 cents out there because Im an opinionated one too. Lol.

    I just had a baby girl 2 1/2 months ago...I also created a registry, and like my previous comment states, I was disappointed as well...and YES I was fortunate enough to also have 2 babyshowers.

    Blogs are not meant to be critizied in such a manner, weather they are public or not, they are simply a public diary. There was absolutely no reason for anyone (Roxy) to post negative comments on anyones blog. Other people see what you write, and you made a complete ass out of yourself by harrassing Mrs D like you did. It was uncalled for and immature. That kinda of trash talk should have been kept to yourself. No one is telling you that you dont have a right to feel the way you did, but putting it on her Public Blog was very untasteful, and Im shocked that you would stir things up the way you did. You may not have intended to do so, but you offended a lot of people you dont even know. Doesnt that make you feel like an idiot? Cause it certainly made you look like one.

    Again, Im totally not trying to get involved in this dramatic soap opera that was started...I just had to say something.

    Mrs. D...*laughing so hard* Wow...I dont get hardly any comments on my blogs, so I just assume that my friends and my self are the only ones who read it...but now Im thinking thats a good thing...I would hate to have someone attack me personally the way this person did. Kudos to you for standing up for yourself. Pregnancy hormones can make words hurt like sticks and stones...but remember...your going to be a momma...thats the best feeling in the world, and no one can take that away from you. *hugs*

  44. I think it's okay to be disappointed. However, people aren't mandated to buy from a registry. It is there to act as a guide. But, when people are spending their own money the kind and grateful thing to do is accept what they've given you, and say thank you.

    Hopefully, you have gift reciepts and can return as you see fit. I worry that although you say this on your blog, that you might be mortified if some of your guests read this.

    Hang in there... there's always shower #2.

  45. If you want to buy something that is not on the registry, then it certainly should be a gift certificate for them to get something they need on the registry! :)