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Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's the little things

Everyday at work, my hubby & I chat over I.M through out the day to make each other laugh & to keep each other sane.

This morning, I was put on cloud 9 when he said this to me out of the blue:

"and I want you to know how much your really doing for me. and how appreciative I am for it! Carrying that baby for us is beyond words that i can express how thankful I am"

That made my entire day. I love that he loves me for carrying this miracle that is our child.

There is a smile permanently attached to my face :)

oh, p.s. I'm so happy you guys liked the paintings my sister & I did for Claire's nursery! For those wondering, we just used regular acrylic paint & it worked great! Nothing fancy!


  1. That is SO is nice to hear you are appreciated especially when it is said randomly!

  2. I'm playing catch up today.
    First of all. That is such a sweet thing that your hubby said to you. What a wonderful man. He truly loves you :)

    Also I just saw your pics you did on your last post and they are PRECIOUS! You did a fabulous job. You could totally sell those on an etsy page. Not that you want to but they are super cute.

  3. What a sweet hubby!