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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Does this happen on every honest blog?

Well, I apparently ruffled a few feathers with my post on Monday, and I apologize if I left a few of you fuming, but I don't feel like I have to justify what I write on my blog. If people want to have negative opinions & views about me, that's totally fine. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

By having a public blog, I am taking a risk & putting my life & self out there for the world to see & if I get a couple of side eyes & negative comments, then so be it. It's the risk I take & I'm OK with that. This blog is therapeutic for me. I like writing my feelings & events of my life.

I am who I am. If you don't like that, I'm terribly sorry.

Just thought that needed to be said. Normal blogging will continue on Friday when I will be 34 weeks!! AHH!!


  1. Honesty is a good thing!! This is your blog and you can say whatever you want to say!

    Keep on writing!!

  2. Totally agree with Jennifer, I don't see why people feel the need to post nasty comments. If they don't like what you have to say, STOP READING! No one is forcing them.

  3. Agreed... people need to mind their own business... if I read a post that I do not agree with I just click away... no need to be rude to the writer... we all write blogs from our heart good or bad...people just like to put in their negative two cents which is so annoying!!

  4. Yes, it happens on many blogs. Some people obviously have nothing better to do than troll around *anonymously* on the internet and post mean comments. Juvenile, to say the least! YOUR blog, YOUR feelings, YOUR right to hit delete :)

    And I have to add that my confirmation word was "catfight." Bwahaha> How clever, blogger!

  5. Your awesome!! Just caught up on all your latest entries and you have nothing to be sorry for. Anyone would have those feelings. I hope at your 2nd baby shower, your guests shop from your registry!! Good luck :)

  6. I'm sorry people were beating up on you. I really don't understand the people who feel the need to leave extremely negative comments. How hard is it to click away without leaving one? Geez. If you don't like what you're reading just stop!! Some people are ridiculous.

    Do I think it was the nicest thing to post on your blog? No, not really. Yes it absolutely SUCKS to not get stuff you need. But sometimes you just have to have a pissy moment, with the awkwardly fake 'thanks' smile, bite your tongue, and move on. If you choose to do that publicly, well, you're setting yourself up for some backlash.

    All that said, I really hope you guys get some of the stuff your really need before your little girl arrives. Besides, the cute clothes and such is the fun stuff to buy! I love when people bring me adorable outfits, but I like to pick out her stuff sometimes! I swear I've been given 3 outfits for her to wear on her first birthday. Thanks, but don't you think I want to pick what my daughter wears on her first birthday? I do. :o)

    Hope you're feeling ok this week!

  7. Okay, was totally out of the loop and had to get caught up. Like the others have said, your blog, your rules. If they don't like it, they can go elsewhere. You're getting soo close to the big day :) And i'm sorry that your shower didn't go as planned. Everything will work out!

  8. Yup, it does happen on every honest blog. It's annoying. I think you should keep being honest!!!

  9. whatever you do, don't quit being you..."anonymous" posters suck

  10. You keep being you and don't worry what anyone else says. If they are only around to pick on people constantly than they must have a pretty shitty life.
    Only that person knows? But in my experience that's usually what is going on.

    In church the past few weeks we've talked a lot about judging and how its not our place to judge its God's so I won't judge this person and I truly don't know what's going on in their life. God will judge them, he will judge them and the little attitude that comes along with them. Honestly I would leave it at that. They have to live with who they are as a person. If they are happy with who they are then peaches and cream. But my guess is that they aren't proud deep down inside? Who knows. Maybe they are a really nice person?
    Its hard to tell. I say just forget about it. If they keep leaving hateful comments and you decide you would prefer to keep things peppy and positive you can always do comment moderation and the things they say will be shut out. HA!

  11. Thank you all so much! It makes me feel so much better reading the things that you said.

    @Ashley, thanks for the words of advice. You're so right when you say that I am setting myself up for backlash if I post something not so nice on here. And I'm ok with that. I obviously don't do that very often nor will I. I just HAD to have a hormonal moment & whine to my internet friends. I guess it didn't go over too well with those few people ;)
    But what do you do, right!?

  12. And Melissa, I just LOVE what you said about God being the only one to judge us- because it's SO true.

    "those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." That's the quote that came to my mind when I read what you wrote. Thanks ;)

  13. Pretty much doll but its like you said by blogging your putting your life out there. Ignore those who go out of thier way to make you feel like you did something wrong. People can be real assholes sometimes and be quick to judge.

  14. don't worry about it! if people don't like it they have the option not to read! i'd rather read a completely honest post rather than one that full of shit any day! :) and the majority of people agreed with you, so majority rules, right? off with them!

  15. I get crappy comments on my blog all of the to ignore them and just let people waste their time posting them.

  16. Wowza.
    I think that anyone who had a huge shower and got tons of random stuff and hardly anything off their registry would be extremely grateful, but being a little dishonest to say that they were not at least a little disappointed. If I was you, just keep your favs and return the rest. Usually people are pretty good about including gift receipts, so hopefully you got some of those! Sorry all of that happened. :( Just keep being yourself though...

  17. You would think that most "adults" would know by now that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I don't agree with everything I read on the blogs I follow, but it's not my place to critisize.

  18. I read through the other post and I think there were really only 2 people who felt negatively about your post.

    Unfortunately, when you blog, you open yourself up to the good and the bad. The key is realizing this and not giving a crap because if you feel your post was honest, it is what it is... whether others like it or not.

    and in all honesty, there are bigger and better things to worry about than commenting strangers... like your great little baby that will be here in a couple of weeks.

  19. Tyler's wife,
    Your comment was a wake up call for me. Although, myself, and other the other mothers in agreeance (sp), didnt intend to, I think we got the wrong idea across, and as you said, if my family read that I used the words "disappointed in my babyshowers" I would definitely be mortified. I would feel so awful. I think, "feeling unprepared" is the better way of frazing it. However, after I had my daughter, we did just fine. Mothers always find a way to make things comfortable and healthy for their children. It really doesnt take much to care for them...bare necessities: diapers, clothes, bottles, burp rags, food, and warm loving mommy/daddy arms.

    Mrs D. As far as the commenting strangers...she is also right about that...there are way more important things.
    Not to mention, its so immature, the things that are being said. When you said you remembered Roxy from Mrs. F's blog...I wanted to see what was said, I found the blog you were talking about and the commenting got WAY out of control. My reccomendation, take or leave, is set your blog up so that you have to view all comments before they are published. If Roxy or Roxy's writter-alike Nicole post any more nonsense, you can just delete it. Misery loves company, they are just crazy people who feed off of attention. If drama is what they are looking for, starve them of it by not responding or allowing others to view and reply to their rude comments.