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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's been 3 months.

3 months since my (not so wee) baby has come into this world.
I could go on & on about how much I can't believe she has grown & how quickly time has passed, but you all know that! Time speeds up once you have kids. I feel like 3 months of having my baby here is nothing compared to 3
months of pregnancy.

Claire is a completely different baby since the day we brought her home from the hospital. She's so much more than the "lifeless blob" that just slept & ate all day. Now she coos & laughs (even though her version of laughing is coughing, haha!) & smiles & is just the sweetest thing ever. I could have never imagined loving a living thing as much as I love this little girl. It's simply amazing.

At 3 months, Claire:

* Sleeps from 7pm-7am (give or take) in her crib! The transition from swing to crib was a breeze. So much easier than anticipated.

*Wears size 1 diapers.

* Doesn't really enjoy her Bumbo. She prefers to lay on her back flailing those long limbs, rather than being confined.

* Can lift her head like a champ

* Does sit ups if she's sitting on an incline. She hates being still!

* Hates being on her tummy.

*Has rolled from back to tummy & tummy to back, only one day. Last week. And not since then.

* Responds to our voices

*"Talks & tells stories" constantly

* Suddenly enjoys chewing on her hands &blankets

*Only takes a paci when I lay her down for a nap & then spits it out once she's asleep. Fine by me!

*Weighs approx. 10-11lbs. That's just my guestimate. I haven't had her weighed for about 2 weeks & as of then, she weighed 9.8lbs! YAY for baby girl growing!

* Wears 0-3mo clothing, but most of it is baggy on her, but newborn clothing is a bit too snug. Hmph

*Eats 4-5 oz of breast milk every 3hrs through a bottle.

*Takes Baby Prevacid once a day for her reflux. Poor babe.
*Takes 3-4 cat naps throughout the day. She rarely sleeps for more than an
hour at a time. Sometimes she'll be a crank, I'll put her in her swing & she will surprise me with a 2 hr nap. But considering she is sleeping so great during the night, I'll take it!

*Is a creature of habit & routine. Just like Momma.

*Only naps in her swing or car seat (when we are driving/moving of course).
*LOVES her play gym. Seriously, she could lay under that thing & swat at her toys for hours

*LOVES bath time, still. And is very messy while in there at that. Splashes water everywhere!
* LOVES music & t.v. (she's mainly just enthralled with all the different colors & noises of it).

* Her Nana just discovered she loves books. I always thought she was still too young to enjoy them, but my mom read her the 2 books we do have while I was a work yesterday & she said Claire was very content & loved looking at the pictures. Looks like books are on her Christmas list. Anyone know where I can get fun books for cheap?? :)

Hmm.. I think that about covers Little Miss Claire.

How am I, you ask?

Well, at 3 months post partum, I:

*Have lost all 30lbs of baby weight, plus some (yay for pumping:))

*Am exclusively pumping 4oz. every 3 hours. Such a pain, especially at work,but so worth it for me & her!

*Still sleep with my Snoogle. I can't rid myself of that thing. Trust me. I've tried!

*Have a pretty darn good freezer stash of breast milk.

*Can fit back into most of my jeans with the occasional muffin top.

*Still have my stretch marks, but they have faded somewhat.

*Still have zero sex drive. Poor husband.

*& no, AF has not returned. Thank God.

So, ya. Probably more information that you care to know; but I felt like I needed to write that all out mainly for my record.


  1. Baby Claire looks like she is doing awesome and you sound like you're doing well too! That's great that you've been able to keep up pumping and a good supply. Did you end up going back to work full time? Hopefullly you've adjusted well to that too :)

  2. Laur I'm about to cry looking at all gorgeous baby Claire's pictures :( I feel like I love her so much already & I haven't even met her, but I need to soon! The 2nd picture from the top is my FAVORITE!!!!! And Nick said the 4th one looks like a mini Dallas lounging haha :) Oh, and sleeping 12 hours through the night already?! That is so awesome... Gigi didn't start doing that consistently until she was about 7 or 8 months-ish.

    I love you & miss you & I'm so glad she is doing well. Call me when you get a chance!

  3. She is such a cutie! What a good sleeper! You're one lucky mama!

  4. She is so adorable! Love the little hat :) Go you on the weight loss, so exciting to see that stuff shed! I cannot wait to do that all over again, ha!!!! She looks and sounds like a pretty happy little lady, so congrats on that hun

  5. Ohmigoodness you have a cutie! I've followed for awhile, but don't know if I've ever commented. My baby is about 3 weeks younger than yours and I love the month update...on both the baby and you! It's nice to feel "normal" when you read about someone else's similar situation! :)

  6. Oh man your little one is absolutely adorable!!! The second photo of her is absolutely precious! What a true true blessing!

  7. Oh my gosh, she is seriously the absolute cutest. I just love the smiling pictures, what a doll. She sounds like she is right on target and super smart. What a great baby :)
    I'm glad she's doing good and sleeping so well.

  8. She is adorable and it sounds like you have all adjusted to life amazingly : ) Love this post!

  9. She is adorable! :) And I breastfed exclusively for almost 9 months, and AF never came back until after Brayden's first birthday! :)

  10. You're right our girls are extremely similar! Especially the sucking on hands & blanket. I have to change her outfit like 3 times a day because they're soaked from drool, haha.

  11. She is so adorable ans such a little peanut!! Love the pictures of her next to the tree.

  12. Happy 3 month birthday Claire!

  13. great updates :) she is lovely, so cute in the pic on the couch with the dog!

  14. She is so beautiful, and that sock monkey hat is to die for!

  15. Oh my gosh she's so freakin adorable!! And um 12 hours at night?!?! I may just have to "unfollow" you :-P

  16. Adorable. I love how tiny she is.

    If you have a store called Ollies close to you it has amazing books 1/2 off. You can find fun kids books for 1-2 dollars.

    Sorry to say but I think the sex drive is gone for about 9 months post baby. At least for me.

  17. She is so adorable! My baby loved napping in his swing too!

  18. Love all of her little accessories! :)

  19. I love the pictures of Claire! She is such a little cutie :) and I can't believe she is 3 months already! My LO is already a month old & I am getting ready to go back to work.. have any advice? I remember awhile back your post about you getting ready to go back to work and dreading it.

    Also, I tagged you in my last blog post to receive the versatile award & it said to leave you a message to tell you that I did, incase you wanted to take part in it! :)

  20. Hi! I found your blog on the "Top Baby Blog" page- your babe is adorable :)

    I have 2 myself- follow along with my blog? I'll follow yours :)

    I too, am a "blunt" writer! :) I have a whole post dedicated to pictures of my stretch marks :/ ughhh!