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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I think I'm due for a whiney post

because I haven't done one since I was pregnant & I'm feeling especially whiney today.

So here's my random complaint list, because everyone has one every once in a while, right? RIGHT?!

*This damn cold I have will not go away. I am constantly coughing & hacking up a long.
*I really hope my baby doesn't catch it
*I'm a walking zombie today. But not because of Claire. Because I was coughing all. night. long.
*My hair is greasy & needs to be colored
*I don't really have the extra cash for it though
*I miss my baby & don't want to be at work today
*I'm stressing about traveling with Claire next week. Even though I know it will be ok.
*My breath stinks & tastes like cough syrup.
*I'm starving
*I miss my baby
*I wish there was such thing as women's Viagra. I'd so try it. My sex drive needs to return to how it was when I was 16...STAT
*My house is a disaster but have no desire to clean it
*I miss my baby
*The medical bills from Claire's birth have been sitting on my counter since October & I have yet to set up a payment plan for them. Responsible much?
*I'm listening to Christmas music but feel like Scrooge today
*My eyebrows need to be waxed. Bad.
*I found out one of my "best friends" was engaged via Facebook this weekend. Niiiice.
*I miss my baby
*I wish I had the money to buy my family Christmas presents this year
*I wish I had the money to buy Claire the world for Christmas. A jumperoo will suffice.
*I wish my parents weren't financially struggling so badly. Breaks my heart.
*I wish I weren't such a NEGATIVE NELLIE TODAY!

Phew, I feel a lot better actually. Thanks for letting me vent. Now I shall go channel my inner Positive Polly while I eat a Lean Cuisine & tell myself that my life really is GOOD.

Did I mention that I miss my baby? Didn't think so ;)


  1. Aww! Hugs sent your way! I'm having a whiny day today as well. My hair and eyebrows are also a mess, my house is a mess and relatives will be coming from out of town when Bunny is born (so I SHOULD clean up), and I feel like a pregnant whale.

    But guess what? Even with all the things that aren't going right, you are STILL awesome, and you are still the best mommy ever to Claire. It'll be okay, let it out! :-) I hope you feel better!

  2. Sending hugs your way today. Everyone had bad days once in a while!

  3. Big hugs!

    And, my flight with Kate was super easy. I was so stressed but she did awesome! I even managed security and the airport/ gate check with a diaper bag, carry on, my big UppaBaby stroller, and Kate all by myself.

    She took her bottle during take off and fell right to sleep - she woke up right before she needed another bottle to land.

    So - know that all of the worry (which no matter how many good stories you hear you will still have - I know I did) really is for nothing! Good luck!