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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things that make me happy: Momma Edition

* A helpful/supportive husband

* A flexible /supportive job & co-workers

* An understanding, patient pediatrician

* Claire's bath time

* A temperature less than 100.4

* Baby burps

* Monthly dates with my husband

*Diaper coupons

*Helpful, loving parents.

*Carter's Mix n' Match outfits

* Insurance

* Hot showers

* An easy hair style

* Poopy diapers

* Bobby Brown creamy concealer

* A good deodorant (for days I don't get to shower)

* Fischer Price Lamb Swing

* Baby coo's

* A freezer full of breast milk

* Diapers that don't leak

* The way my husband loves my daughter

* The way my daughter loves my husband

* "What to Expect the First Year" Book. aka. My Bible

* Johnson's Baby Lotion

*Christmas music on a snowy day

*Starbucks Venti Iced Lattes

* Anti- Depressants (duh).

* Nuk Paci's

* Naps

* A glass (or 2) of chardonnay at the end of a long day

* Frozen Dinners

* Pumping (not the actual act, the results)

But most of all, my baby. My baby makes me happy. My baby fills my heart with joy, love & happiness. Whether I get a shower that day or not. Whether I get my coffee fix or not. Whether she doesn't nap or not. Whether she's fussy & grumpy or not.

My, how my list has changed since I've become a parent. Who would have thought poopy diapers & coupons & milk from my boobs would have ever made me clap & jump up & down for joy??

Not me.

What as a parent makes you happy/makes your life easier?

Also, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your advice on my last post. I am no longer losing sleep over traveling with a 4 month old. I will definitely use all of your advice!!


  1. Good post!!
    -Poopy diapers and the noises she makes while creating them. HA.
    -Blogging about my girl.
    -Tons of photos everyday.
    -Seeing her learn new things.
    -The Baby Book (my baby bible) :D
    -Friends who are my age with babies!

  2. -Gummy smiles and sweet, soft cooing
    -Sleepy cuddles
    -The smell of baby hair/heads
    -Aden & Anias swaddle blankets
    -Grande Skinny Vanilla Lattes
    -Really, any kind of coffee...ha :)

  3. -soft & warm baby cheeks after naptime
    -naps that are longer than 30 minutes
    -formula coupons
    -online shopping with free shipping
    -my Keurig
    -a daycare that I really trust

  4. This post is so beautiful! It is so true that we do value WAY different things now that we are mommies. Baby burps and poopy diapers- these are things that make me happy too :)