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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can someone return my baby?

Claire has been kidnapped & replaced with a grumpy, crabby, crying, baby that refuses to eat or sleep. Our house is not a fun place to be at the moment. I about had a mental breakdown earlier today before hubby got home from work.

I'm almost positive it is a combination of teething & the dreaded 4 month wakeful period. Seriously, she did a complete 180 since being home from our trip. She's rarely happy/content anymore (just like when she was a newborn). She only falls asleep if I'm holding/rocking her (just like when she was a newborn). And she's all of the sudden protesting against eating. Poor girl is just plain miserable.

I got the O.K. from her doctor to give her generic Tylenol & baby Orajel. So I just got home from Walgreens after an emergency run there.

We finally got her down after a good 30mins of screaming & refusing to eat. We will see how long that lasts.

I know this is typical in a 4 month old & this too shall pass, but I just want my baby back.


  1. I am usually a lurker, but my daughter was acting this same way when she had her first ear infection. Just something you might want to check out.
    Best of luck!

  2. The same monster has stolen my baby. I haven't slept in days.

    I'm praying this passes quickly for both of us!

  3. Sounds like an ear infections! They are horrible!!

  4. Also if you want try Humphrey's #3 teething tablets. They dissolve instantly on the tongue and babies are like night and day with them. They make them feel so much better :) Hope it gets better

  5. You said that she is a creature of habit. My daughter is the same way. Whenever we take her on a trip it takes her about a week to get her back in to routine. She cries and won't eat and gets scared when I go out of the room. I'd give her a week to get back to her routine and she should be fine!

  6. Ry hasn't been sleeping well since we came back from our holiday trip either. I hope Claire gets back to normal soon!

  7. Thanks for your encouragement & suggestions. I sure hope this phase doesn't last long, because I'm already on the verge of insanity every 45 mins when she wakes up! Silly girl.

  8. Let's blame it on the holidays and know that I have been there with you, am there with you . . .and I think it comes and goes with babies but thankfully they are cute a moment or two in there and I have to focus on that :) Hang in there momma!

  9. Just found your blog...your little girl is precious! My little boy is 3 months old and teething like a mad man. The tooth monster is no fun and I also want my smiley little boy back!