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Thursday, March 31, 2011



I have a 7 month old.

Hold on. ::has a mini panic attack as she realizes yet another month has flown by::


Now that THAT'S over with, let's get to the good stuff.

Claire had quite an eventful 6th month!
*Got surgery to repair her cleft palate
*Started sitting up all by herself {and now that's all she wants to do}
*Began eating solids
*Mastered the fake cough & fake cry {hilarious}
*GOT HER FIRST TOOTH!!! {bottom right}
*Graduated to size 2 dipes {about dang time :)}
*Had her first photo shoot & we learned that she is afraid of strange men with mustaches with weird hats on. HELLO, Stranger Anxiety.
*Had her first play date{s}. Man, we need to get out more. She doesn't deal well with other babies.
*Learned to wave {SOO ADORABLE}. Even though I don't think she knows she's doing it.

Phew. She's a busy little lady.

We had her follow-up appointment Monday for her cleft. She's healing exactly how she should be & the doctor was very impressed! In May, we have an appointment with the cranial facial clinic at Primary Children's to evaluate her. This will be a yearly thing that we will continue following for the rest of her life. I truly can't express how grateful I am that the surgery is over with. She's a whole new baby, as far as eating is concerned. She eats her bottle with no effort! It's amazing.

That leads me to my next topic. Solids. So far we've explored avocado {loves} banana{loves} pear {loves} apple sauce {hates. I don't know if it's the texture or what, but she just gags. Also? It's not very good. I made it. That explains why. HAHA!} We just tried carrots last night. She loved them. But, I have a confession. Those were store bought, in a jar. {They were on sale at Wal-Mart & I picked up a jar} And I am fairly certain that if I puree my own carrots for her, she won't eat them. But, I'm going to try it anyway.

She feels so big & important now that she eats people food like a big girl! It's the cutest thing ever!

But what's not so cute? HER POOP. OHMYNASTINESS. I'm so used to the "sweet" smelling breast milk poop. Now? It's thick and nasty and...ok, you get it. It's just different & I'm having issues adjusting. HA!!

*She is eating solids twice a day now. Morning & evening. And 7-8oz bottles in between.
*Sleeping like a champ. Took a few days to adjust back into her routine after we left the hospital.
*Napping 2x a day. One at 10am that's about 45min-an hour & one in the afternoon that's about 30min. 
*Weighs about 14lbs. YAY for gaining some weight.

Hm..that's about all I can think of. We are in the market for a high chair & I am beyond overwhelmed with the choices. If you want, recommend  the kind you like! We can only feed her on the couch for so much longer. lol.

As a side note, I'm not sure why all of the photos from my "Cleaning out my Closet" post are not showing up, but I'm going to work on that. I'm also adding a few more things to it today. 

If you see something you like, e-mail me! I'm dying to get rid of this stuff & would rather sell it to my faithful readers than anyone else! 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to those who purchased things! They have all been shipped & hopefully you get them soon :)

For the rest of the week, I'll take 20% off of your order! In the meantime, I'll get those pictures to show up again! 

Happy Thursday, loves!


  1. YAY for weight gain and the healing from surg! I cannot believe it has been 7 months since you were telling her birth story. They do grow too fast. She sure is adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh I'm melting over her little toes in this picture! She's growing up so fast!

  3. 7 months already?! Man times flies! My kids were the same way when they started eating solids-they really thought they were big eating like Mama & Dada! Haha! And I miss that "sweet" breastmilk poop smell too!

  4. That picture is so sweet! Congrats on the 7 months "birthday!"

  5. yay for little Claire! She is getting so big but yet she is still such a little lover. I am so glad that her surgery has made such an improvement for her and you three as a family!

  6. What a tiny little lady! I never realized how tiny she was until this post! I am so so so happy her surgery went well and she's loving some solids! She is absolutely precious.

    Here is a website I used when we were registering for wedding gifts. They have a high chair category- it's just reviewed products etc. so if you're interested check it out ;)

    Much love Mrs. D!

    -Mrs. Bee :):)

  7. She is getting so big! And guess what... I think I'm coming in June so get excited :)

  8. This is the highchair we have. I. LOVE. IT! The design doesn't scream baby, it's cheap, and cleans easily.

  9. I opted out of a high chair and bought a booster seat instead. I bought this Fisher Price one on amazon for $20 (discount with amazon mom) . Cheyanne loves it! Its easy because we just strap it on to a chair and it doesn't get in the way. Plus it has the toy bar on it which keeps her plenty entertained while I get her food ready. Just a thought.

  10. Your little girl is SOOOO CUTE!!!!

    Visit me @

    Your newest follower,

  11. Happy 7 Months!! She is a-dorable!! :)

  12. We have the wooden Carter's highchair and we love it!! Happy 7 months!

  13. Happy 7 months!!! They grow so fast! :(

    Super cutie picture!

    We have the Fisher Price Space Saver that sits in a kitchen/dining room chair. I.LOVE.IT! She sits at the table with us and there's no bulky high chair to figure out where to store it.

    Don't worry about store bought food! We do both too! And for pete's sake Gerber has been making baby food for eons and babies are ok. :)


  14. We got a space saver booster from Target, it was maybe $25? We also had a big fancy Fisher Price high chair. I love the space saver one so much more.

  15. So glad she's healing well & gaining weight : )
    Also, aren't you also afraid of strange men with mustaches with weird hats on? I know I am!

  16. I agree with one of the NOT buy a highchair! Biggest waste of money and space! Buy one of those FP Booster Seats (or space savers). Ours were $30 each and they strap on to a regular chair so you can take them to restaurants or other people's houses too! They are very portable, convenient, the tray is dishwasher safe and they are inexpensive!

  17. She's going on ONE!! Crazy huh?! It just all goes by way too fast!!