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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Literally SICK to my stomach.

I have easily over 500oz of frozen breast milk in my freezer, dating back from the beginning of January.

From what I have read & heard from other moms, breast milk stays "good" in the freezer for up to 3 months from the date it's stored.

Well, Claire thinks otherwise. She refuses to drink any of my milk that is older than a couple of weeks. Back in January, I had to toss everything I had pumped & frozen from October to December. Made me sad, but if she wasn't going to drink it, there was no use in keeping it. 

Donating it had crossed my mind, but I doubt anyone would want it knowing I am on an anti-depressant. 

I have tried mixing the older milk with freshly pumped milk. No dice. Girlfriend is picky.

Tonight, I cleaned out my freezer from everything I pumped in January because Claire won't drink it. It is an entire Target bag FULL of 6oz bags of breast milk. Going to waste. I can't get myself to take it out to the garbage can. I'd take a picture & show you, but you can just take my word for it. I doubt you all want to see bags of my frozen breast milk.

"I've worked SO hard to build this stash. I can't get myself to throw it all away!" I keep saying to myself.

After some research, the only thing I can come up with as to why she refuses the older milk is that I may have an excess of Lipase in my breast milk. Apparently, it's an enzyme in all breast milk. But if a woman has too much, the milk can taste/smell soapy or sour. Bleh! No wonder she doesn't want to drink it. I wouldn't either! 

The only way to lower the lipase count is to scald the milk right after pumping & storing it from there. What a pain in the ass. 

But, I'm gonna do what I gotta do to keep my milk good for my girl. 

That doesn't mean that I'm not sick to my stomach about throwing it all out, though. Boo. 

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Also, I will get Claire's 6 month post up here soon! Promise. Omg. 6 months. unreal.


  1. Call the hospital and see if they will take it! You never know until you ask. You are young and healthy.

  2. You could check out Eats on Feets and see if anyone there would want your pumped milk ... I'm on an anti-depressant, too, but I'm giving some of my stash to other moms. If they're willing to scald it, at least it wouldn't go to waste! Hugs, though - I would cry if I had to throw my stash away, too.

  3. That sucks!!! I hated throwing out even an ounce of breast milk - it would maje me cry. I have heard that about lipase in breastmilk - weird. Good luck. and scald away!!!

  4. I'm a new-ish follower and a new Twitter follower. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Everything having to do with BF makes me so emotional (the things you don't realize until you are a Mama!) and I want to send you a BIG HUG!!

  5. Oh my. That makes me sick for you too!

  6. How do you freeze it? Do you:
    1. Chill it in the fridge (for at least 3 hrs), then
    2. Pour it into a freezer breast milk storage bag, then
    3. put each bag into a tupperware or gallon freezer bag (in the freezer)?

    That is what I had to do to keep my milk from getting that icky freezer-burn!! I have never heard of Lipase before...but it makes sense!

  7. I just read this on another blog too! (Fe 6th post)

  8. I can't believe she is almost 6 months either! Holy smokes! Time sure flies!! I'm sorry about you having to throw it all away- that would make me pretty sick to my stomach as well! It's amazing what mothers will do for their children.. so just look at this as a sign of what a good parent you are :)

    Love and Hugs,

  9. Shoot! All that time attached to that darn pump... hope you can find somewhere to donate it so that you can at least feel better about helping someone out : )

    Looking forward to the 6-month post!

  10. oh no! i completely know what you mean about not wanting to waste it... i've spilled my milk before, or the bag ripped... and even though i have like ten million more in the freezer... i felt like it was the end of the world!

  11. I wouldn't drink soapy milk either & I hope that the new freezing process isn't too time consuming.......6 months; holy crap!!

  12. Pretty sure I cried over spilled milk before so I totally understand :( Sorry! But what a good momma you are all the same to be so aware of Claire's preferences and needs!

  13. I had this happen, Callaway is a picky one too. I made her a bottle that was from a stored freezer back (maybe 1 month old) and it smealt soapy and got thick/filmy right away (she did choke it down) I felt horrible, and ever since then she is picky about which milk she will drink :( I usually have to pump and only use the fridge milk for her from the day before. I hate that you had to throw your out.

  14. I think I read a long time ago about a way you can flash heat if after you thaw it. Maybe on Kelly Mom? Check around before you throw it out. I know that stuff is like liquid gold!

  15. Sad. :( I remember a while back one of my blogging buddies did take a pic of all the milk she lost when her freezer died. It was a total disaster and she was so upset.

    And - you're on my blogroll now. Not that it matters since you are totally rockin' it all by yourself, but just in case... :p

  16. @ Kristin, thank you for this suggestion! I just checked out this site on Facebook & offered to donate my milk. Still waiting for a response :)

    @ Beth- right after I pump, I put the milk in Lansinoh storage bags in the freezer.

  17. I know of a mom in the SLC area that is looking for donated breast milk for her "heart baby", he does better on breast milk than formula. You can see her blog at or send her an email @ The mom's name is Emily.
    Thank you!! :)

  18. Wow I can't believe she is so picky! Gigi would drink milk that was in the freezer right up until that 3 month mark. Laur, I'm seriously so proud of you for continuing to pump... you are such a dedicated mommy!!!

  19. Man that sucks! I know it's so hard to throw that away! I've almost cried over having to throw one or 2 bags away that I pumped at worked & forgot to put in the freezer there! Ugh!