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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sometimes, "Me Time" is a Necessity.

I didn't like last Friday. It was a weird day to begin with & I felt like a dark cloud hung over my head all day long. Not to mention the week felt like it drug on & on.

It was difficult to get out of bed & get moving. I just wanted to crawl back under the covers & not deal with anything. {I sort of miss those days every now & then where I could do that}

I held back tears as Dallas left for work, fearing that I wouldn't be able to handle Claire on my own. Fearing that I'd have to call him home from work again. {that's a whole other post}

For some reason, I just felt defeated from the moment I opened my eyes. Feeling overwhelmed by every little thing. I guess it didn't help that I slept horribly the night before. Little sleep + me= not good.

The first thing I thought when I felt those heavy feelings was, "Oh my God, please do not let this be my depression peaking. I do not have the time or energy to deal with it!"

As the day moved forward, I pushed myself to get through it & be strong. Shove those negative feelings to the side & focus on being a happy momma. But you know what? Sometimes that doesn't always work. Sometimes you can't always pretend everything is ok when it really isn't. Sometimes you need a break.

I called my mom when she got off work. She knew something was up. "I'm just in a funk today & need to get out of the house." So, we met at the mall. Surely shopping would cheer me up! Wrong. I had zero desire to shop once we got in the mall. In fact, I cried while we were in Express. No clue why. Probably because a single shirt was $39.95 & shit if I could afford that. HA!

Driving home from the mall, I broke down & had a little pity party for myself. I hate when I have pity parties, so pathetic. I called D & just whined. "I don't know why I feel like this. I just DON'T KNOW!" After asking if I had been taking my meds, he said "You need a break". A break from being a mom." 

WHAT? But, he was right. As much as I hated to admit it, I needed a break. Time to myself & nobody else. But why did I feel so incredibly guilty for admitting that? I AM A MOM! I can't take a break from that!! 

But I did. And it felt so good. Saturday, my amazing husband surprised me by telling me I was going to the Lady GaGa concert that night. "You need to go & unwind, I'll stay home with Lu".

He melts my heart, that man.

So, Saturday night I got all prettied up, which is SO rare & {semi-reluctantly} went to the concert with D's mom & little sister. {I felt guilty leaving. I don't know why. Claire was already in bed by the time I left.}

I look pissed. But I really was excited!
And? It was a lot of fun. That Lady GaGa is a freak. 

Also, I got to sleep in until 10 yesterday. It was glorious & I feel like a whole new woman {& mom} today.

Sometimes, it's ok to take a break. Right? Right?!


  1. Never feel guilty for needing to take a break. I get into a funk sometimes and desperately need a girl's night every once in a while. I think it helps me to regroup and it makes me miss my little one while I'm gone. A Lady GaGa concert sounds fab! :)

  2. For sure! You deserve it, you are a GREAT mom, and Claire will never look bad on you for taking a break. :)

    BTW, I never comment, but I love your blog!

  3. Every mom needs "ME" time. Do not feel guilty !! Hugs for you.

  4. Hell yes you do!!

    So jealous of the concert too!

    Glad you had fun mama!

  5. A necessity!!!

    Sometimes it's even an hour at the grocery store...ALONE!

    Send away that guilt!

    Glad you had fun!!

  6. Never feel bad about needing you time. Everyone does, mom or not. I"m glad you got out. :) And you are an amazing Mom.

  7. I think that it is totally a necessity and completely ok to have "me" time, being a mom is exhausting its a 24/7 gig, not to mention you just got back into somewhat of a routine after your little ones surgery which is mentally and emotionally exhausting in its own. You DESERVE to just be able to let loose sometimes and do something for yourself!

  8. It's completely necessary!
    Don't feel guilty-You can't take 100% care of someone else until you take 100% care of yourself. :)
    It certainly does not make you a bad mom; you are doing a great job!

  9. This past month that Chris has been able to watch Ry for an hour in the morning so I can workout? Amazing. I'm a much much better person when I have a little me time. Sometimes it sucks that I'm sweating it out during my me time, but I feel great.

    He has to go back to clinic in April, so hopefully I can still figure something out!

  10. Yep. It is more than ok. Glad you got a chance to be yourself and not just a mom for awhile!!

  11. It can usually i can usually tell when I'm getting to the breaking point and I shove my boys outside so I can get a little peace and quiet and possibly craft something. it does wonders for the soul. Don't feel bad!

  12. I love those nights too. They don't come around too often and sometimes they end too soon, but just for that little time its nice to relax and unwind.

  13. Abso-Freakin-lutely! Just last weekend I told my husband I needed a day out on my own. I had a spa gift card to use, and I got my hair done and ate lunch all by myself. It was so refreshing!

  14. Right. I must make that my new mantra over here.

    You look amazing btw - love the sleek hair.

  15. You're so pretty!!!! I love your hair! And your clothes! Will you come dress me?!?!

  16. you look great! no need to feel guilty, you deserve some YOU time! every mom does :)

  17. Oh sweetie YES it is MORE than ok! You need it, you will be a BETTER mom for it. (Please remind me of this next time I get in a funk myself)!

    I am so glad you had fun at the concert - I bet she puts on such a crazy show!!! :) And you look gorgeous!!!!

    Hope you are having a much better day today! xoxo

  18. good for you! and what a wonderful hubby! and how beautiful do you look in that picture. well done momma, "me time" is always important, never feel guilty about that!

  19. It is most def ok! Good for you!

  20. Me time is so important! I have made sure that I have grocery shopping every week to just me haha! It's a little thing but it is nice to have an hour or so alone to think haha!
    Kudos to your awesome hubs!! I am glad you had fun and also slept bonus! Have a good weekend!!

  21. I never post comments but I love your blog and had to just chime in on your post. This is a big issue with me too. I NEVER take "me" time because I work full time and the time I am not at work I am determined to spend with my son (8 mos). Kudos to you for being able to do it. Its so hard to actually want to have time to yourself when we have little ones we adore so much. You have a great partner who is super supportive-that helps! :) Glad you got some "me" time in there

  22. RIGHT; just because you are the mommy doesn't mean that you have to be or are "on duty" 24/7.....for your sanity it is a good thing to have "me time"

  23. oh but I don't think the guilt thing ever goes away........

  24. Oh sweetie - I feel the same way every once in awhile too. And its okay...I think. In fact I recently felt these same feelings and after a night out with friends and running errand alone, I felt better. Glad you're feeling better!

  25. You cannot feel badly about having "me" time - it helps us to become better mothers. The guilt is there and sadly I think it always will be, but it does help make us a better person in the long run. When we become mothers, we don't just curl up and die, we become something utterly AMAZING! Embrace the time with your wee one AND your "me" time when you can get it!

    BTW, your blog is great! I just stumbled on it and am glad I did. ^_^

  26. Ugh... I am the worst at this. I always feel guilty, and I don't have anyone close enough to distract me long enough to really have fun. I am so glad you took the time to recharge. Yes, you absolutely need that! :)