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Monday, March 14, 2011

We're Home!

Damn, it feels good to be out of that hell hole. We were all going insane & I may have been admitted to the psych ward if we had to stay another night.

Let's Recap

Saturday evening, we got moved to a private room. Normally, with "well" babies, they hospital makes you share a room with other "well" babies. The private rooms are for the sick babies with RSV & such, but our amazing nurse, Tammy, requested one for us considering how bad our night before was. That made the fact that we had to stay there another night just a little bit easier. 

Yesterday morning, the nurse came in to see Claire in great spirits & totally acting herself, but, she wasn't eating. She told us that we absolutely would not be going home until she averaged once ounce of breast milk an hour. 


Around 5am, we took Claire off of her I.V. fluids so that she would "feel" hungry . While being pumped with fluids, the chances of her wanting to eat were slim because she was hydrated & wouldn't feel as hungry/thirsty. We tried & tried & tried offering the bottle, and she just was not having it.

At noon, we decided to go on a little walk to the cafeteria to get us something to eat & get out of that depressing room. We put Claire in a little hospital stroller & brought her bottle with us, just in case she decided to eat. When we were in line to check out, she got fussy. I offered her the bottle and? SHE ATE IT!!! ALL 3 OUNCES!! We even had to go back up to the room & get her more, because she was still hungry.

I wanted to cry, I was SO proud of her. She didn't even act like she was in pain when she ate it. Praise, GOD!! 

Her sweet nurse was so proud & happy for Claire. She paged the doctor & ordered discharge papers. WE WERE GOING HOME, FINALLY!!

We filled her Lortab perscription & got out of there around 4:30 yesterday evening. 

The night went ok. She was so happy to be home, take a bath & eat her bottle. Bedtime was rough. She cried when we laid her down & I ended up having to rock her to sleep. She slept from 9:30pm-6am, had her pain meds & went back to sleep until 10AM & ate a 6oz bottle!! 

She is already down for a nap. Her pain medicine makes her drowsy.

We are so happy to be home & getting back to our normal routine.

I cannot thank you all enough for the thoughts & prayers. They definitely helped us all get through this hard weekend. I never want to go through something like that again, but am so thankful we got it over with. She will never remember this. Which makes me feel even better.

Her poor, sweet little eyes & face were SO swollen from crying

Playing Doctor ;)
My Little Trooper

Playing Grandma & her Elmo Balloon 


  1. So glad you're home. The hospital is the WORST place for mamas and babies! At least you got good nurses, though. What nurse you have really makes all the difference.

  2. So glad you all were able to come!! Hope Clarie is feeling all better soon!!

  3. Oh poor little Claire. I'm glad you guys are home and I hope the recovery goes smoothly and quickly!

  4. Poor little girl... that swollen face pic breaks my heart! But she looks adorable playing doctor & I know she will be back to normal soon. This surgery was in her best interest & you're right... she will have no idea this even happened in a couple of days from now!!!

  5. I'm so glad things are looking up! What a horrible thing to go through. But now it's all behind you!

  6. So happy that she is well and you are all home!

  7. Glad she is home :)

  8. So, so glad you guys are home!

  9. Yay for Claire eating and feeling better !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. soooo happy you are home and out of "that place." Until you have kids, you will NEVER know what it feels like when your little baby is going through such pain. You handled it well momma!!

  11. Glad you are home! But those pictures make me sad... not sure if I could look at them again!

  12. Poor sweet girl. I am glad you are home now and she is doing better. You will have to update us as to how different/better her feedings are after she is healed.