Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If my daughter is anything like my dog...

...then we aren't buying her any toys. We'll let her play with socks & cardboard boxes.

Seriously, our puppy has an enormous bin full of all kinds of toys. Granted, she does have her favorites & plays with those. But if she could choose just one thing to play with, it would be socks

These are all the socks that were downstairs the other night. Belle gets into the laundry baskets & pulls the socks out & brings them downstairs. She loves socks! So funny.

If babies are anything like dogs & want to play with everything BUT their toys (and I know they are), then I ain't wasting my money ;)

We'll toss her some tupperwear & boxes & call it a day.


  1. Our puppy does that too. He'll steal socks and run them into the backyard (we keep our patio door open when we are home). The other day I went out there to scoop poop and there were a million socks. Oh and some of my thongs. I bet the neighbours love living by us and waking up to that every morning.

  2. hahaha, Oscar our dog, loves socks too, but when you are wearing them. He tries to rip them off your feet. LOL @Rachel for thongs being in the yard! That's great!

  3. AMEN SISTER! Babies love their toys but would prefer other inconvenient things like YOUR cell phone, or YOUR spaghetti dinner, or YOUR HUBBS remote, or the 50 inch flat screen that could fall on top of them at any point...

    gotta love our babes!!

  4. Thats funny...kinda like at christmas or birthdays when kids open all these cool things then spend hours playing with the boxes and wrapping paper...might as well wrap up empty boxes, they'd never know the difference

  5. Its sooo true. Lol, people spend hundreds of dollars on toys for their pets and children, and the majority of the time, they play more with the packaging it all came in...makes you think, why do I insist on spending all this money for nothing. LOL

  6. Ummm yep Claire will probably like to play with anything EXCEPT toys!

    Gianna has TONS of toys & only likes plug outlets, cell phones, fragile picture frames, her night light (which we've replaced 3 times!), wallets... pretty much anything besides real toys :) And they all go straight into the mouth.